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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings & Symbolism

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card (X) is the 11th Major Arcana card in the standard Tarot deck. Generally speaking, the Wheel of Fortune represents changes that will affect the entire course of your life. The Wheel of Fortune can be one of the most confusing and upsetting cards in the deck because it doesn’t really give specific advice. Instead, it means a kind of generic “what goes around comes around”, and everything will eventually settle back into the place it’s supposed to.

It’s the ultimate card of destiny, fate, and karma. But, since there’s no way of knowing what destiny holds until you actually get there, The Wheel of Fortune may present more questions than it answers. That said, let’s explore some of the meanings of the Wheel of Fortune with respect to specific situations in your life.


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Keywords

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings & Symbolism For Manifestation & Law of Attraction

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Upright: destiny, change, karma, circle of life, fate, chance, luck, pivotal moments, bad luck, positive direction

Reversed: upheaval, loss of control, disruption, unpleasant change, setbacks, delays, external forces, bad times


Wheel of Fortune Card Description

Wheel of Fortune

The imagery on the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is a giant wheel with three creatures on its outer edges. 

On the wheel’s face are four Hebrew letters – YHVH- the name of God, along with the letters “TARO” (for tarot). 

At the center of the wheel are alchemical symbols for the building blocks of life and the four elements. 

The creatures on the outer edges of the wheel are a snake, the god of evil, and the Anubis.

The Sphinx sits at the top of the wheel. 

The corners of the card hold four creatures, symbolizing the fixed signs of the zodiac: an angel for Aquarius, an eagle for Scorpio, a lion for Leo, and a bull for Taurus. 


The Wheel of Fortune as Feelings

Upright, this card is a reminder to stay alert and accept changes with grace, as they will ultimately lead to your success. It can also be a sign of positive growth or unexpected luck in the near future. Reversed, this card can signify bad luck, stagnation, and even illness. Rather than wallow in self-pity, try to use your circumstances as opportunities to learn and grow.


The Wheel of Fortune as How Someone Sees You

Upright, this card is a symbol of the public’s perception of you. They may see you as someone who is capable, determined, and lucky. Reversed, this card suggests that your achievements have gone unnoticed or are misunderstood by those around you. It can also indicate that people don’t feel very connected to you. 

The Wheel of Fortune as What Someone Wants From You

Upright, this card suggests that someone wants your help with a project, or is looking for guidance in order to achieve their goals. Reversed, this card indicates that someone could be taking advantage of you—manipulating you for their own gain. Be mindful of those who seem too eager to take from you without truly understanding the value of what they are asking for. 


The Wheel of Fortune as Advice

Upright, this card advises you to take a chance and trust that luck will be on your side. Reversed, it is a warning not to rely too heavily on luck or external forces for success. No matter what challenges you face, remember that the only way to reach your goals is by taking decisive action and enduring the hard work that comes with it. 


The Wheel of Fortune as an Outcome

Upright, this card indicates that an unexpected opportunity may be coming your way soon. Reversed, it suggests that a previously positive outcome could be overturned due to external forces beyond your control. No matter the outcome, remember to stay focused and take action towards your goals, as this is the only way to ensure success. 


Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

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When The Wheel of Fortune appears upright in a Tarot reading, it symbolizes major changes that will occur in your life.

The upright Wheel of Fortune is a positive and good omen, indicating everything is falling into place for you to fulfill your destiny.  

While it’s a sign of positive change, keep in mind that even positive change isn’t always easy.

You may still find challenges ahead — such is the way of life.

The upright Wheel of Fortune also signals that you are in a position to make the most of any good fortune that comes your way.

When The Wheel of Fortune appears upright you should seize the day, and allow yourself to experience new opportunities as they arise.  

The main thing to do now is to keep your intentions pure and focus on what you want to manifest into your life.

With this focus, the universe will bring you all that you need to achieve your goals and realize your dreams.

Try not to worry about how these changes may come about or what lies ahead; instead, take pleasure in the knowledge that everything is falling into place.  

Above all else, remember: The Universe has a plan for you, so have faith.


Upright Wheel of Fortune Meaning For Love

wheel of fortune card


Wheel of Fortune Upright For Relationships

If you get the Wheel of Fortune card appearing upright and you are currently in a relationship, it could mean that your relationship is going to move into a new phase.

For example, if you’ve been seeing the same person for a while but you aren’t yet in a committed relationship, The Wheel upright could indicate that it’s time to move to the next level.

On the other hand, if one partner is ready to move to the next level and the other is not, the Wheel of Fortune could signal the tipping point.

Where it’s time to make a decision.

Either move forward or step away.

If you’ve been unhappy in your current relationship, this card indicates that the situation isn’t as stable as you thought and that any movement will be positive for both of you.

The change could be an upheaval, but that’s not always bad – it depends on how things go from here.

For example, the upheaval could be a breakup, and you will be better off as a result (even though it may not seem like it at the time.)

You may not realize how unhappy you are in your current relationship until after it’s over.

Another interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune, particularly if things are going well, is that your current partner could be your soul mate.

Remember, the Wheel of Fortune is the card of fate and destiny.

It’s your call to look within and be brutally honest about what you feel, where you think your relationship is going, and trust your intuition and your gut.


wheel of fortune tarot card meaning



Wheel of Fortune Upright for Singles

If you’re single and the Wheel of Fortune appears upright in a love reading, it is a sign that the universe is working to bring you the love you deserve.

However, even with good fortune coming in love, you have to work with the universe – don’t sit around and wait for love to fall into your lap!

Make sure that you are discerning about exactly what you want in a partner.

If you are clear and firm about what you want, the universe will most definitely bring you a partner who is absolutely perfect for you.

You have good fortune coming in love so now is the time to put yourself out there, get out, and meet new people.

Again, make sure that your intentions are pure.

And be honest with yourself about what you most want and need.

If you’ve had many painful relationships in the past, make sure you aren’t attracting the same kind of person.

Now is your chance to level up in love because you have high manifesting potential when The Wheel of Fortune shows up.

Furthermore, remember The Wheel can be a literal circle.

If you are considering getting back with an ex, you must use discernment.

It could be that The Wheel is telling you your ex is your soul mate (as this card frequently is the card that represents such.)

However, if you’ve had a toxic relationship, the message could be that you’re just re-entering the same circle or cycle and this time won’t be any different.

Again, trust your gut and intuition.

It will rarely steer your wrong if you listen.


Upright Wheel of Fortune Meaning For Money & Career

Deck of Tarot cards ; WHEEL of FORTUNE.

The Wheel of Fortune is a great sign for venturing out on your own in business if that’s something that’s been on your mind.

The Universe is on your side and supports you in big ways so now is the time to go for it!

If you’ve been considering a career change, the Wheel of Fortune indicates that the Universe will be guiding you toward a better career path.

For example, if you’ve been stuck in a dead-end job and have been unhappy for some time, now is your chance to make a move towards doing something you love.

The universe will guide and support your endeavors so just go for it.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears upright in a career reading it means that the Universe is helping you toward your goal, even if it doesn’t look like things are happening immediately or easily.

Again, this card also indicates that change may not always be pleasant at first.

For example, if you want to leave your job for a new one, it could take time to land the perfect position, or even to get up to speed with the new job once you get it.

However, the universe has big plans for you so everything will work out perfectly in the end.

If you are happy and stable in your career, The Wheel of Fortune upright indicates things are still going to shift and change for the better.

Though this still doesn’t always mean it will be smooth sailing necessarily.

For example, you might get a promotion at work that brings more income, but the increased responsibility could take some getting used to.

Or if you’re in business for yourself, you could get an influx of new clients, which is good, but it could temporarily overwhelm your current systems and you may experience stress until you upgrade or smooth things out.

Either way, feel confident that you are on the right track and that your hard work will be rewarded.



Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

Wheel of Fortune rev

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card reversed is an indicator that all your hard work may not pay off in the way you’d hoped.

A reversal usually means there’s an imbalance or disruption in your life, and things are definitely changing, just not in a way that feels good.

The Wheel reversed could be telling you that your plans aren’t going to work out, or even worse, things are just continuing down the path of failure.

This card may also indicate a time when you’ve been struggling with something for some time but now have given up on making changes and are resigned to the idea that your life will not be improving.

You may even feel completely powerless as if there is nothing you can do to change your situation.

You may feel tempted to shift blame to outside forces working against you, but so much of the time when there are such blockages, the source is internal.

Let’s explore more specific meanings of the Wheel of Fortune card reversed.


Reversed Wheel of Fortune Meaning For Love

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Reversed Wheel of Fortune for Relationships

If you’re in a relationship and the Wheel of Fortune appears reversed, it means that things feel a little dry, bland, and like that spark seem to be gone.

If you feel stagnant with your partner or that the relationship is lacking something, now may be the time to talk about it and try to get back some of what made things exciting and new for the two of you.

What’s also important here is that if you’ve been struggling with a certain issue in your relationship for some time but feel resigned to the fact that it’s not going to change, now is the time you have to break down those walls and choose.

Do you accept your relationship for what it is, or do you move on and search for better.

Remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

You have some soul-searching to do.

But more importantly, see if there is anything that you can change about yourself or your approach to improve your situation.

Much of the time, if you generally feel secure and committed, this is just a phase and it will pass if given enough time.


Deck of Tarot cards ; WHEEL of FORTUNE .



Reversed Wheel of Fortune for Singles

If you’re single and the Wheel of Fortune appears reversed, this is an indicator that your search for love may be taking a turn in the direction you don’t want.

You’re seeing fewer results than you’d hoped and feel like all your efforts have been fruitless, or worse yet, are attracting more wrong people into your life.

What’s also important here is if you’ve given up and are resigned to the idea that you’ll never find someone worthwhile, that your life will never be better, and things will just continue down this path of emptiness.

Right now, these feelings are red flags.

You may need to make a change if you don’t want to see your life continue in this direction and would rather embrace the possibility of new love in your life.

Do some soul searching and be clear on what you’re looking for, or even just more positive energy flowing into your life.

Consider lessons of the past.

Do you have baggage you need to release?

Are you still traumatized from old hurts and pains?

Could these be preventing you from moving forward in your love life?

While many of these changes may seem simple, oftentimes they are the hardest to make, and if you don’t take steps now, you’ll continue along this path of unhappiness.

Try to find positive, healthy, uplifting ways to improve your situation and most of all — your mindset.

It will help lift you up out of the funk and turn your bad fortune to good.


Reversed Wheel of Fortune Meaning For Money & Career

wheel of fortune card

If you’re currently working and The Wheel of Fortune appears reversed, it means that even though you are putting your heart and soul into this position, your efforts may not be paying off.

This could mean that you’ve been struggling with a certain task or project for some time now but can’t seem to break through and make any progress.

As you do this work, be sure not to let yourself become disillusioned or discouraged.

It’s easy to feel stuck here — something that can happen when you don’t have the right motivation or inspiration.  

If you find yourself in a repetitive cycle of boredom and waking up each day feeling like you’re not getting ahead, it may be time to make a change.

Whether or not you stay where you are at work, if the Wheel of Fortune is reversed here, there are changes that need to be made in order for things to get better for you.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears reversed, it’s a sign that you should not take major risks or rock the boat too much right now.

It’s generally a sign that good luck is not on your side.

So if you’re considering gambling or taking a “leap of faith”, or even making a large investment or financial decision, the advice is to wait.



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