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My 50-Pound Weight Loss Manifestation Success Story

If you’re looking for weight loss manifestation success stories, you’ve definitely landed on the right page!Today I’m going to share my entire weight loss manifestation success story so you can see for yourself, step-by-step, what using the law of attraction to reach your ideal weight really looks like.


Let’s dive in!

weight loss manifestation

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Does manifestation work for weight loss?

Manifestation absolutely works for weight loss, but you have to have the right mindset for it.

Sometimes people think manifesting means you’ll go to sleep one night and magically wake up ten pounds lighter the next day.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way.

You can never defy the laws of nature.

That’s not really what the law of attraction and manifesting is all about.

Manifesting simply means to “make real.”

But you’ll still need to ultimately take in fewer calories than you burn each day, over time, to manifest weight loss.

Weight loss manifestation actually works in many subtle ways that get you to your desired body weight.

It elevates your mindset and shifts you from feeling poorly about and endlessly criticizing yourself.

It takes that hopelessness you may be feeling and gives you confidence that you can reach your goal.

And some of the techniques also have you visualize your end result in a fresh, new way!

At the end of the day, using the law of attraction makes it easier for you to lose weight faster, and at least in my case, it did speed up my weight loss much more than before.

Also, if you pay close attention to your intuition and different intuitive “hits” or nudges you get after doing one or more weight loss manifestation methods, techniques, or rituals, you will receive highly personalized ideas and instructions that will work amazingly well for you.

Now I’ll share how I manifested my dream weight, and you can too!

*This post contains affiliate links.


1- Clarify why you want to lose weight

The first thing I did was to clarify why I wanted to lose weight in the first place.

I think on some level most of us think we understand why we want to lose weight, but at the end of the day, it’s never really about the actual pounds.

There is always a strong emotional reason somewhere underneath that we need to identify and address.

Because if it was just about the pounds, it would already be so much easier to make the lifestyle choices and changes that support our weight loss, would it not?

Wanting to lose weight just for the sake of seeing a smaller number on a scale isn’t enough of a pull to get you to make the changes you need to make.

Having a strong reason why is the most important thing, because it is your compass, your guiding light, your north star!

When things get tough, those reasons will pull you back to your center.

And activating the law of attraction based on a deeply felt need is the most powerful way to manifest weight loss.

I hadn’t really understood this was what I was doing at the time, but I wrote a scripting letter to the universe, dated it for six months in the future, and got really into the process!

That exercise opened my mind to the reality that yes — I wanted to lose weight — but I wanted to feel visible again.

I wanted to feel small in my husband’s arms, and some other things that I won’t get into now.

But the beautiful letter I wrote really pulled those emotions up to the surface and let me know what I wanted to experience and feel as a result of being slimmer and lighter.

It wasn’t as much about the actual pounds of weight loss as I thought.

That clarity was priceless, and without it, I don’t think I’d have been as successful.



2- Remove limiting beliefs

The next thing I worked on to manifest weight loss was to ruthlessly eliminate negative beliefs around weight loss.

A huge problem for me was that I’d been trying to lose weight for a decade!

A whole ten years!

Up and down — and still never made it to my goal weight!

It was demoralizing, and I felt really awful about myself and my body.

Over all those years I had built up subconscious beliefs that I would never really lose weight.

That other women somehow were “just lucky”, and that I might as well eat what I wanted because I would never be slim.

All of those thoughts — first of all — weren’t true.

But I had to consistently and relentlessly work on eliminating them.

I did this in three major ways (and some more subtle ways too).


The three major methods I used to eliminate limiting beliefs are:

1- Positive affirmations every morning while looking in the mirror (mirror work)

2- Subliminal audio as often as I could (try “Lose Weight Fast” for free! )

3- EFT Tapping whenever I needed

And the minor methods included practices like eliminating things that made me feel worse about myself.

Sometimes, seeing too many super hot women or celebrities on Instagram would make me feel bad, so I would take breaks from looking at those types of things to shield myself.

Maybe that’s not an issue for you, but I struggled in a subtle way.

It’s important to fill your time and days with things that make you feel good, or you won’t be able to manifest.


3- Repeated future-self visualization

Next, throughout the six months, I would do different manifestation exercises from time to time to stay focused on the future me!

Throughout that time (and still to this day,) I performed manifestation rituals such as the 369 method, sometimes other loosely-related scripting exercises, creating a digital vision board for my laptop, and more.

Now, you may be tempted to just look at the surface action of writing things down to manifest weight loss on paper, and think it’s about the writing.

The writing does help, but it doesn’t work if you don’t visualize your ideal outcome.

Part of the reason repetitive writing manifestation exercises (like the 369 method and the 55×5 method) work so well is that if you’re doing it right, you’re literally engaging your mind, body, and spirit plus your subconscious mind every single day (no days off) for an extended period of time.

You are reinforcing positivity and your end goal over and over again and anchoring yourself into that reality.

If you don’t visualize your ideal outcome including how you’ll look and how it feels to be in that slimmer body, while you’re writing, it doesn’t work.

The visualization and connecting with that future ideal you are critical toward manifesting your dream body.

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4- Look for signs & synchronicities

Okay, so now for where the real magic took place for me — the signs, synchronicities, and nudges I got that I actually paid attention to!

The biggest example was that I had been considering going on a detox cleanse to lose weight for a while but didn’t really know-how, and I was too lazy to learn for myself!

Then, one day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw one of my friends from high school posting about how she just completed the 21-Day Smoothie Diet and lost 14 pounds in just three weeks.

Right then I felt a zing.

I can’t explain it, but there was this definite inner knowing that I should probably follow that thread… so I did!

I wound up researching the program and then trying it out, and I loved my results!

I started losing weight within the first few days (which was exciting), and by the end of the first week, I was down a whole five pounds!

Beyond the smoothie diet, I also received different nudges and pushes to move my body more.

One of my visualizations, for example, was to get really good with yoga poses.

So I wound up trying different handstands and things (I sucked at first), but I realized I had so much fun learning!

And my heart rate would get so elevated while practicing.

I eventually started turning on music and practicing handstands and other higher-intensity poses for fun, and that helped me slim down too!

I naturally became a more active person in a way that felt exhilarating to me, and it made a difference!

Another huge push I felt was to improve my relationship with food overall and start to select foods that were closer to the Earth. 

There were many other synchronicities and nudges that I got to make gentle changes, but over time, they all added up to me losing weight and feeling good about it!


5- Let go and flow

Finally, it was so important for me to actually focus less on the weight loss experience as a whole and more on feeling good every day.

It may sound hokey, but all these things I was doing from steps 1-4 led to an increased sense of self-love and the higher value placed on myself, in a way.

Prior to this experience I would ruthlessly count calories and try to restrict myself from living a pleasurable life in certain ways.

I would do workouts that felt miserable and would make my body hurt really bad afterward.

I would weigh myself every day, feeling excited and happy if I lost weight, but allow a bad weigh-in to make me feel down for the whole day.

After doing all these weight loss manifestation practices, I chose to trust that all the positive energy, mindset work, and effort I was putting into moving toward a more beautiful future overall meant that I could let go and flow toward my goal body.

And it worked!


me in my wedding dress after manifesting weight loss

I am now down over 50 pounds and I feel so incredibly happy, beautiful, light, flexible, and I enjoy my life every day!

I don’t do grueling workouts that I hate, and I eat high-vibe foods that I truly enjoy.

If I need to, sometimes I’ll do a round of The Smoothie Diet just for an energetic boost, cleanse, or to drop a few extra pounds fast if I feel a little “off”, but other than that I don’t have a highly restrictive diet.

I do choose to eat close to the Earth most of the time, but if I want a pizza, burger, or ice cream I’ll simply have it, enjoy it, and know that there’s nothing wrong with that!


Which story do you tell yourself?

If you’re new to the idea of using the law of attraction for weight loss manifestation, you have to get real with the story you’re telling yourself.

Starting with a mindset of “oh this won’t work for me” means it probably won’t.

But even if you have your doubts, you can still approach it from a point of curiosity.

Treat it like an experiment!

“Let’s see how this can work for me” is a better point of view than “the law of attraction is fake and manifestation won’t work for me.”

You always want to be open-minded because you never know that one thing that might tip the scale in your favor.

The most important traits you can have through the process of weight loss manifestation are to a) be realistic b) be open-minded and c) pay attention.

If you do those three things, you’ll wind up with a powerful weight loss manifestation success story of your own.

And I hope you’ll consider sharing it so more people can see and believe in the magic of using the law of attraction for weight loss.

Good luck, and happy manifesting!



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