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A Simple Water Manifestation Technique For Weight Loss

Have you heard that you can manifest weight loss with water? Well, you can, and if you’re curious about how weight loss manifestation water rituals work, you’ve landed on the right page! Today, you’ll learn the sweet n’ simple water method for manifesting your dream body goals.


A Simple Water Manifestation Technique For Weight Loss

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Do you doubt manifesting will work for you?

The truth is, it’s not uncommon at all to doubt whether or not manifesting can work for you.

Especially for weight loss.

The thing is, this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy if you’re not careful.

If you doubt that manifesting will change your current situation, then it won’t.

Then when it doesn’t, that confirms your belief that the law of attraction can’t help you.

So you never make it to the point where you experience all the benefits!

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Find a quiet place without interruption

Okay, so here’s how this water manifestation method works for weight loss.

It’s so simple.

All you need is a water bottle, water, and positive intentions!

I want to preface this by saying I like to do this ritual in the shower.

You don’t have to do so if you don’t want to, but I love doing this ritual in the shower for a few reasons.

First, it’s a definite amount of time each day where you know you won’t be interrupted.

You’ll be speaking aloud so the shower is a safe place if you don’t want anyone to hear you.

Second, it’s easy to make it a ritual and part of your day so you can do it most days.

(I don’t do it every shower, but maybe 3-4 times per week.)

Third, it involves drinking water, which is automatically a healthy thing to do for weight loss.

So, taking showers each morning and getting that drinking water in is a great start to a day anyway.

Finally, the energy of “cleansing” as the shower water runs over your body is beneficial and I believe it enhances the water manifestation process.

That said — shower or no shower — you at least need a few minutes where you’ll be in a relaxed space and you know you won’t be interrupted.

It’s your choice!


Fill a water bottle with water

Before you start, you’ll need to fill your water bottle with drinking water.

There’s no specific size water bottle that you need.

I have a 24-ounce bottle that I drink from all day anyway, so that’s what I use.

But you can do 16 ounces or whatever size you have on hand.

Just fill it with water and bring it into the shower with you or wherever you’re doing the ritual.


Speak your intentions into the water

The next step is to speak your instructions into the water.

Hold the bottle in your hand.

Then, pull the water bottle close enough to your lips to where the vibration of your voice and/or the air from your breath would “move” the water.

This is important because it’s where the intention is transferred into the water.

You can start by giving direct instructions.

Say something like “I want you to help me release extra weight easily and effortlessly.”

Pause for a few moments and imagine the energy from your hands going into the bottle as well.

And envision the water accepting your request.

Then you’re ready to drink.


Drink the water and continue to speak

The next part is that you’ll drink the water, but not in huge gulps all at once.

You’re going to continue to speak to the water and about the water as you drink.

So, after your initial instruction “I want you to help me release extra weight easily and effortlessly,” you’ll drink.

Then, imagine the water trickling down your throat and filling your cells with energy, clarity, vitality, and high vibrations.

You would literally say that in between sips.

Then, I like to imagine the water “collecting” fat from my body as it works its way down.

Sucking the fat from my cells and helping them shrink.

You would say all of that as you drink!

I also talk about how I imagine the water reaching all corners and edges of my body.

All of the cells “accept” the message and instruction and are pulsing with energy and excitement.

And maybe as you go about your day, your body feels so good that it wants to move, stretch and bend in ways that feel amazing.

And your cells feel so fresh and energetic, that you now crave nutritious high vibrational foods.

You feel so excited to eat leafy greens, fresh, colorful fruits, and filling whole grains with colorful herbs and spices.

And, now, you’re so motivated.

And you’re looking forward to moving through your day inspired, lighter on your feet, and ready to create an incredible day!

You just envision this reality for your day ahead and keep talking yourself through what the water is doing for you until the water is gone.

And that’s it!


Follow your feelings

I promise if you make a habit of doing this ritual at least a few times a week, you will experience noticeable changes in your body and in your lifestyle.

It’s almost impossible not to feel your best once you clean your body inside and out.

Then, involve your mindset and your spirit in the process as well!

You will go out into the day and follow that intention that you set.

You’ll eat cleaner, move more, have more energy, and feel so confident.

All of which will help shrink your body, boost your metabolism, and help you thrive!


Final thoughts

me in my wedding dress after manifesting weight loss

I hope you’ll try the water manifestation method soon and that you experience the lasting benefits it has for weight loss.

As I said before, it’s something I do regularly.

And often, it’s the little actions that you take every day that help more than the one-off rituals or practices that you do once and then forget about!

Oh, and if you’re experiencing resistance or disbelief that manifesting weight loss works (or at least works for you), don’t forget to get your numerology reading!

People tell me all the time how it helped them get unstuck and release negative beliefs that were holding them back.

They say that they’ve been able to manifest not only weight loss, but other improvements in their lives, too!

Imagine being slimmer, more attractive, more confident, and having more money in your pocket?

Not bad, eh?

Get your numerology reading now and experience the difference!

It only takes a few minutes, and it’s free!


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