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5 Best Tips To Visualize Your Manifestations Like A Pro

You’ve finally read enough about manifesting and the law of attraction, and they all have one thing in common.  Visualization.

You’ve decided that it’s your time, your chance, your turn to manifest like the boss queen you are, and ultimately live the life you crave and deserve. So what do you have to lose? Time to give it a try!

You light a candle, burn some incense, and grab your gorgeous, brand new set of crystals and sit down with the purest intentions.

You’re going to visualize your dream wedding to your dream man. And you’re so excited!

Just one problem. Once you get started, all that happens is, well, nothing!

You feel so stupid.

All you “see” is black behind your eyelids. There’s no picture in your head! You want to give up.

Is this weird “new age” visualization, manifestation crap even for you?

First of all, I’m here to tell you that yes – it’s definitely for you. But beyond that, I’m also here to calm your fears and let you know that what you’re experiencing is completely normal.

While visualization sounds easy enough, it does take a little time to finally find your groove.

Today, I’m going to share 5 of my best pieces of advice if you’re new to using visualization to manifest.

Hopefully, by the end of this piece, you’ll feel more confident that you’ll see the results you desire in the future.


5 Best Tips To Visualize Your Manifestations Like A Pro

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5 Best Tips To Visualize Your Manifestations


1- Manage Your Expectations

First and foremost, I think it’s so critically important to know what to expect. It’s worth mentioning that something as abstract as what visualization means or looks like to different people is really hard to explain.

For me, it doesn’t show up as a literal physical picture when I close my eyes. When I close my eyes, I just see black. I mean, if the lights are on or it’s sunny outside, then it looks reddish, or there’s a sensation of brightness. Still, in all the years I’ve been using visualization as a manifesting tool I’ve never actually seen images like a real movie.

However, you may actually find some people experience the opposite. I, personally, can’t relate. So if you can’t either, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken. And you can still benefit from visualizing!

In my experience, visualization is more of an awareness, an imagination.

If I tell you right now to think of a red apple, what happens? You don’t even need your eyes closed to imagine a red apple. You just “see” it.

That’s what visualization is. So if you never make it to the level where you see actual movie scenes playing out in your mind’s eye? Don’t trip.

I can’t say what’s normal or not.

But if you can sense or imagine the things you want to manifest the same way you can visualize a red apple, you’re doing just fine!

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2- Practice Makes Perfect

Second, I want you to know that much like anything else you want to get good at, you’ll have to practice!

For that reason, it’s best if you don’t take it so seriously and do many shorter visualization exercises more frequently than one big one every blue moon.

One of the best ways to manifest super-fast in your sleep is to make it a nightly ritual to lull yourself to sleep by visualizing what you desire.

Try doing that every single day for like a week and see how your world starts to change!


3- Allow It To Change With Time

Equally as important is to allow your visualization process to change with time. That includes everything about it, really.

For me, when I first started, I jumped into ALL the manifesting exercises and techniques (including visualization) and was just doing a lot. It was really exciting!

I went hard in the paint and eventually burned out. I took a period where I didn’t do any visualizations and kind of turned my back on everything to just come up for air.

I felt guilty at first, worrying if I was undoing all my hard work. I grew afraid that maybe this path wasn’t for me if I couldn’t stay consistent every day for years and years.

But you know what? Things turned out fine.

You’ll come to find that learning to access and use your power to create the change you want to see in your life is a process. It’s a journey.

Sometimes you’ll be on, sometimes not.

Sometimes you’ll feel super spiritual, and your manifestations will come quickly, sometimes you’ll get frustrated. This is normal.

So go with the flow and know that it’s okay to change your mind.

If you fall off visualization or start to feel like it’s time to pull back? Do so.

Take what you need.

The tools are always there for you whenever you need them. And you won’t lose points if you don’t.


4- You Might Feel Stupid At First

This one is huge!

I never really saw anybody talk about this part when I first got started with visualization and meditation. But it’s so true for me.

I come from a Southern Baptist family, and all we ever did was go to church (forcefully, but that’s a different story for a different day lol) and pray when I was younger. Nobody in my family or friend circle growing up meditated. Nobody taught me how to visualize, manifest, and discover my power and unique gifts.

So when I began learning of it on my own, I felt out of my element and honestly? Dumb as hell for sitting there trying to see something.

If it feels foreign and foolish – take that as part of a new experience and keep trying.

Think about when you first learned to drive.  Didn’t it feel insane the first time you merged onto the freeway?

Or the first time you pulled into the middle of the street to make a left turn? Child, I thought I was going to die!

But over time, we get used to things. They start to click and make sense, and it’s onward and upward from there!

So don’t feel stupid. You’re learning a new skill and technique. Probably something nobody around you is really talking about all that much (at least not openly.) Cut yourself some slack, give it a little time.

It’ll take some time to find your footing, but oh – once it clicks, you’ll be so happy you gave it a shot.


More Visualization Tips & Tricks To Try

Now that you’ve wrapped your mind around some of the basic ideas behind how to approach visualization, I’d like to share three tips with you that can help you visualize like a pro!


5- Read Fiction For Pleasure

First, successful visualization for manifesting is all about one main thing – imagination.

One of the best ways to strengthen your imaginative skills is to read fiction literature for pleasure!

When you’re getting into a good, juicy book, can’t you kind of see the scenes from the book playing out in your head? I know I can, and it’s fantastic!

I think that’s why so many people feel like if there’s a book that was made into a movie, nine times out of ten, the book is way better. It ignites your imagination and gets your brain working in a way that few other things can.

I highly recommend grabbing a Kindle Unlimited subscription for this exact reason!

It’s kind of like Netflix, but for books. You can check out up to 10 titles at a time, and there are millions of titles included!

Since I have an issue with lying in bed at night scrolling through the Shade Room on IG (I know, I know), at first, I was forcing myself to leave my phone in a different room before bed.

But I promised myself if I switched from social media scrolling to reading fiction and then visualizing before bed, that it was good enough.

And it is!

Click here to check out the Kindle Unlimited program and see if it might be a good fit for helping you improve visualization.


5- Try Scripting Before Visualization

Finally, one of my best tips to help with visualization is to write your own story, then visualize it happening either as you read it, or just after.

The manifesting method known as scripting is precisely this.

You visualize what you want to manifest, then select a point in time where you experience it happening, and write out your dream materializing, but as it has happened.

So, let’s say you imagine you and your fine, sexy man and all your friends and family out on the beach in Jamaica at your dream wedding.

You’d write a story about that day. What you look like, how he feels, who is there, what the weather is like, what is happening.

Write it as beautifully as you can and get into all the juicy details. It’s your dream life. Your story. Go all in.

Later, when you’re ready to practice visualizing, pull out your letter and treat it exactly as you treat other stories. Visualize the moments you describe.

Your eyes can be open for this, mind you. But if you prefer, you can read it first and then visualize separately.

Trust me, it works and will help you visualize your dreams so much better!


Final Thoughts On Visualization

If you’ve been struggling to understand visualization or see good results from it, I hope this piece gives you comfort and hope.

It may be rocky at first, and you may feel downright silly, weird, or broken. But I assure you, you’re none of those things.

You already possess everything you need to manifest your desires deep within, sis. Yet, it does take time to learn and hone new skills.

It may not come overnight, but stay persistent, keep an open mind and heart, and you will get it.

With love, light, and most of all – magic,



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