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How To Create A Vision Board That’ll Actually Manifest (Two Options!)

In this blog post,  I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to create a vision board for manifestation. By the end of this post, you’ll learn what a vision board is, how to use a vision board to manifest, and two methods of creating your very own vision board that’ll actually manifest! 


How To Create A Vision Board That’ll Actually Manifest

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How To Create A Vision Board In Minutes

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I’m going to go over the long list of key elements for your vision board in this post. But if you want to skip having to collect supplies one-by-one, why not invest in a vision board kit?! Get it delivered straight to your doorstep, pop open the box, and have fun manifesting with your very own dream board in half the time! 

I’ve made so many boards over the year (and yes, they have ALL come true.) 

Sometimes it’s fun to collect all the supplies. Other times, not so much. It’s your choice, but vision board kits are effective, complete solutions to the no-fuss approach if you want to get started manifesting right away. 

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is also known as a dream board or law of attraction collage.

It is a collection of images, photos, positive affirmations, and quotes representing your biggest desires and dreams, deliberately put together, designed to serve as a visual source of inspiration.

So when you’re truly ready to make the law of attraction work in your life, a vision board is one of the most powerful tools you can have!


How Does A Vision Board Work?

Vision boards translate an abstract idea in your mind into something tangible, clear, and specific.

Through the help of pictures, affirmations, and detailed images, creating your desired future with your mind is clearer and easier.

Let me tell you, when I first heard of the law of attraction, I’m ashamed to admit now that I was so lazy!

I thought it sounded too good to be true. And I guess the way I was going about it, it was.

I had very unclear, murky goals. I would sometimes daydream about how I wanted my life to be and kinda sorta speak in positive terms like I already had what was coming to me (when I clearly did not). So it’s no surprise that nothing worked.

But when I put together my very first vision board? Things began to change!

I believe vision boards can help you manifest your desires in three key ways:


1- Vision Boards Raise Your Vibration

First, much of the time we try to manifest things from a low point. I know I did!

When you want to manifest money, usually it comes from a feeling of lack or struggle.

If it’s love and romance that you’re after? Loneliness.

You can’t manifest positive things from a negative standpoint. It just doesn’t work that way.

Creating a vision board is a fun activity that gets you to focus on what you do want, so you can attract more of that thing!

Also, it’s pretty much impossible to hold more than one thought at a time.

So, while you’re creating this amazing vision board full of things you desire, it’s impossible to be wallowing in self-pity.

This increase in vibration alone is a good enough reason to get started with a vision board of your very own!

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2- Vision Boards Help You Gain Clarity On Your Goals

Second, I know my goals weren’t very clear before I created my very first dream board.

Just like you can’t manifest from a low vibe, you can’t manifest unless your desires and intentions are clear.

Creating your vision board will give you ample time to focus on what it is you want to attract. You might be surprised at how hard it can be to decide, otherwise!

In the process of creating a vision board, the act of choosing which images to place on it, selecting which words or affirmations to use, and considering the real estate space every single image takes up in your vision board’s limited area, all play a factor in helping you to get clarity on what you really want.


3- Vision Boards Serve As Anchors

Third, one great thing about vision boards is that if you play your cards right, you’ll see them daily. Sometimes multiple times a day.

A great manifesting technique I talk about from time to time is anchoring.

Anchoring is just a simple term for cementing your desire in an effortless way.

Creating a digital vision board that serves as the background for your computer screen or laptop is a perfect anchor!

It keeps your desires “in your face”.

You’ll see it multiple times a day, feel inspired, and stay on track toward achieving your goals.


Digital Or Physical Vision Board – Which Is Better?

Both physical and digital vision boards have their benefits and drawbacks. 


Physical Vision Boards

With physical vision boards, you have a stronger energetic connection. Your intention flow through your body and out through your hands. The creative energy you spend during the process is unmatched in helping keep you in alignment. And if you find it fun, that adds to the emotion behind it too!  

But one drawback is that it can be challenging and sometimes expensive to collect all the vision board materials you’d need. Another problem is if you’re not very artistic or creative, you might grow frustrated that your dream board isn’t as attractive as you’d like. This can work against your manifesting efforts.


Digital Vision Boards

Digital vision boards are an excellent option, too! 

They’re so easy to create using free software online, for one.

Then it’s also good not to need to go on a shopping spree to get your first vision board created, too.

Also, if you need to change or update things, it’s a lot easier to do so. You can swap out images in seconds if you need to, and that flexibility is lovely!

Finally, the portability is unmatched! You can have your vision board on all your devices at the same time, create different vision boards or images for different locations.

And you can still print the images out and frame them if you so desire, which converts them into physical dream boards too!

At the end of the day, you’ll have to decide which method you prefer. 

Both work well for manifesting. Just pick whatever you find most pleasant and you’ll be all set!

Next, I’m going to show you how to create both digital and physical vision boards though. That way, you’ll have everything you need to make your choice!


Physical Vision Board Supplies

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As I shared earlier, the fastest, easiest way to make a physical vision board is to grab a vision board kit from Amazon! These vision board kits have everything you need to get started right out of the box. 

But if you think you want to go the other route and get your vision board supplies separately, here are the main key elements of vision board creation: 


1- Poster Board

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The first thing you’ll need to make your dream board is, well, board! 

I recommend getting an inexpensive board. You can choose any color you’d like. White works well but if you like a pop of color for your vision board, go for it! 


2- Pictures Of What You Want To Manifest

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Next, you’ll need high-quality images of things you’d like to manifest. 

If you already have magazines, those are some of the best images to use. But if you do not have photos already, magazines can be pretty expensive to come by! 

I recommend a cute vision board clip art book that will have a variety of images common for dream boards all in one place! 

Sometimes you can get away with printing images you find online, but that has its own issues as well. 

Vision board quotes and affirmations are good to use as well! You can print these out online, but if you get a vision board clip art book you’ll already have tons of options to choose from.


3- Scissors

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Next, you’ll need scissors to use for cutting out the images.  You can use any scissors you have on hand.


4- Adhesive

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You’ll also need an adhesive to make the images stick to the poster board. You don’t want to use regular school glue because it tends to over-saturate the images. Trust me — it gets gunky and gross and can completely ruin your board! Even if you’re careful to use only a little bit, the glue can still wrinkle the images and it’s awful! 

Instead, use rubber cement or a glue stick. Just dab a few dots in the corners of the images and you’ll be good to go!


5- Colored Markers

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Last but not least, you’ll want a set of colored markers and pens to add any pops of color, additional designs, or words to your vision board! Make sure you get markers though and not crayons or pencils because you want bold, bright colors. 

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How To Create Your Physical Vision Board

If you’ve done it right, you’ll probably have a metric ton of pictures and words that resonate with your intentions. You’ll want to narrow it down some and pick just a few of each that most align with what you want to manifest.  

Select the items that stand out the most and put them on your board.

Don’t worry about trying to make the board picture-perfect or like a polished work of art. 

That’s not what these manifesting boards are all about!

The process of building your board is just as important as the dream board itself.

Use your board as a flexible tool to reflect your genuine desires, rather than going for perfection. 


The Ideal Order For Vision Board Photo Placement


Start with images

Once you’ve selected the images and things that you feel belong on your board, create a pre-layout.

This means you should put the images and words on your board in order of importance, but don’t glue them on yet. 

Think of it as the sketch before a tattoo artist etches in the tattoo.

Whatever is the most important to you should go to the center of your board. And other items can surround those moving outward. 

If you feel comfortable doing so, you can even put a picture of yourself at the center of your board. Then, surround yourself with the things you desire!


Use vision board quotes & affirmations next 

Once you’ve placed your vision board photos, next come affirmations and quotes

You can use one-word descriptions of what you want, or go for longer sentences. Whatever floats your boat! 

Just move things around until you’re satisfied with the overall look and vibe of your vision board. 


Glue it on!

Once everything is as you’d like — glue it all on! Simple and straightforward, don’t you think? 


Add color & design

Finally, once your images and quotes are glued on, it’s time to add a pop of color with your markers! Feel free to write additional words, draw little cute flowers and hearts, or whatever you desire. 

And that’s it! Your vision board is now complete. 

Place it where you’ll see it frequently and feel positively uplifted by your new creation! 


How To Create A Free Digital Vision Board Using Canva

canva vision board for money

Now that you know how to create a physical vision board, let’s discuss how to create a free digital vision board online! 

I recommend using Canva to create your vision board online. You can do it so quickly and easily!

First, create a free account on, then follow these instructions!


1- Select The Correct Template

canva vision board

For this illustration, I’ll create a quick and easy desktop wallpaper for my laptop just so you can see the process.

Right after you login for the first time, you’ll see a screen like the one above. Type in “Desktop wallpaper” and click the first option. 

You’ll see a blank rectangular page, where you will add text and images that you like.


2- Add Free Images

free canva vision board

The free version of Canva comes with a wide selection of gorgeous images you can use at no additional cost!

For this example I’m going to create a super simple vision board for manifesting abundance. So, I’m going to search for “money”, “wealth”, “luxury” and “travel”.

Click the images you’d like, and they’ll magically appear on the canvas.

Arrange them in any order you’d like!


3- Select The Text Tool To Add Quotes Or Affirmations

digital vision board

Finally, select the “Text” tool in the left column, and place text over your images if you’d like.

Possibilities for fonts, colors, and overlays are endless. It can take some time to play around and familiarize yourself with all the options (and if you’re anything like me you’ll get lost in it for hours)! 

But, for the sake of simplicity, I chose the affirmation “I am a magnet for abundance and joy” in a simple font, and placed it over my images. 

And that’s it!


4- Download Your New Vision Board

vision board manifesting loa

In the top right corner, you’ll see the option to download your file. Save it to your computer, then save it as a desktop background, and voila!

In less than 15 minutes, you have a super easy, totally fun vision board that you’ll see daily to keep you in alignment with what you want to manifest!


Final Thoughts

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I hope you liked this vision board explanation and tutorial, and that you have inspired fun creating a dream board of your very own! 

If you like the sample wallpaper I created, feel free to right-click the image and use it for yourself!

Have fun, and happy manifesting!


How To Create A Vision Board To Manifest With The Law Of Attraction