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How To Create A Vision Board To Manifest Weight Loss

In this blog post, I am going to show you how to manifest weight loss with a vision board! Making a vision board is a fun, creative way to activate the law of attraction to manifest anything you want. The best thing is it can be so easy to do! 

By the time you reach the end of this post, you’ll know what a dream board is, how to use it to manifest weight loss, and exactly how to create a vision board of your very own.  


How To Create A Vision Board To Manifest Weight Loss

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How Do Vision Boards Work?

Vision boards are collages of pictures, drawings, art accents, affirmations, your favorite quotes, and other motivational images that represent your deepest desires. 

They work so well because they help take an abstract idea you may have in your mind, and translate it into something clear, tangible, and specific. 

Vision boards can be perfect visual representations of your health and wellness goals.

Creating your desired future life within your mind’s eye is clearer and easier with the help of a vision board — and manifesting weight loss is no different from anything else!

Believe me, when I first heard began working with manifesting and the law of attraction, I was so lazy!

I’m ashamed to admit it now, but I was!

It sounded too good to be true to me.

And I suppose it was, with my approach.

My objectives were hazy at best.

I used to daydream about how I wanted my life (in this case, my body) to be and speak positive affirmations out into the universe (knowing full-well I didn’t believe them!)

And of course, nothing worked.

But guess what happened when I made my very first vision board?

Things started to change!

Let’s explore how and why vision boards work in the next section. 


How Vision Boards Help You Manifest

Now that you know what vision boards are and have a general idea about things you’d like to add, here’s my take on how vision boards can help you manifest weight loss


1- Manifesting weight loss from a low point

For starters, most people attempt to manifest things from a low point.

Think about it, if you’ve been struggling with weight loss for a very long time, perhaps by the time you stumble upon manifesting and the law of attraction as a possible solution, you are discouraged, exhausted, and frustrated with past failure.

I certainly was!

As such, it’s so easy to approach things from a place of strife and struggle.

The thing is, you’ll have such a hard time manifesting positive outcomes when you think negatively.

That’s simply not how it works.

If you’re looking in the mirror judging your pudgy belly and chubby thighs, no number of positive affirmations will trick you into thinking you’re skinny.

Making a weight loss vision board is a fun activity that helps you focus on your end goal in a positive way. 



2- Presents a positive distraction

Another reason a weight loss vision board can help you reach your health goals is that you can’t really hold two thoughts at the same time.

You can’t simultaneously wallow in despair about how you don’t yet have your goal body while doing something fun that will help you create it!

The actual process of creating a weight loss motivation board is enough to pull you out of a funk.



3- Clarity on your weight loss goals

Third, a weight loss motivation board eliminates hazy goal-setting.

You can’t manifest weight loss if your desires and intentions are unclear, and sometimes you think you know what you want — but you don’t! 

Making your vision board will not only allow you to think about what you want to manifest, but also why you want to manifest it.

For example, a big problem I had before working with the law of attraction and creating my fitness vision board was that I thought I just wanted to “lose weight.”

The act of choosing which images to place on your vision board, choosing which words or affirmations to use, and considering the real estate space every single image takes up in your vision board’s limited area all play a role in helping you clarify your desires.

In my case, I began connecting with the emotions I wanted to experience, not just the body. 

Sure, the body is important, but some of the emotions I realized I wanted were sexiness, excitement, confidence — I wanted to feel seen and to walk in my feminine power. 

Once I was able to identify these things through creating my weight loss manifestation board, the process became much easier!

I think you’ll experience much of the same. 



4- Repetitive visual reminder

Finally, most likely, you’ll see your vision board multiple times a day every day. 

It’s kind of like a shortcut to manifesting because instead of having to try so hard to keep your goals in your mind — you’ll see them constantly!

It’s kind of like the old-school idea of putting motivational pictures of dream bodies on the fridge so you’re motivated to reach for something healthy.

A digital vision board that serves as the background for your computer or phone screen is a great reminder of what you’re trying to accomplish.

It keeps your desire to lose weight front and center.

You’ll see your dream board several times per day, get inspired, and stay on track to manifest your dreams. 


How To Create A Free Weight Loss Vision Board

I’ve created both physical vision boards and digital ones.

And while I think physical vision boards are fun, they have their drawbacks.

They’re expensive, messy, time-consuming, huge, not portable, and you can’t switch them out as easily.

Don’t get me wrong — they’re still great (especially if you do it with friends at a vision board party!)

But I LOVE digital weight loss vision boards and I want to show you how easy it is to create one.

(Plus, it’s FREE!)


Use The Free Version Of Canva

You can create a free account on and have the perfect weight loss manifestation board in just ten minutes!

For this example, I’ll make a desktop wallpaper for my computer to show you the process.

First you create your free account, login, and navigate to the home screen.


1- Select “Desktop Wallpaper”

weight loss vision board digital canva

When you first log in, you’ll see a screen similar to the one above.

Type “Desktop wallpaper” in the search bar at the top, and select the first option.

You’ll see a blank rectangular page, where you will add text and images that spark your interest.

Canva’s free version includes a plethora of beautiful images that you can use at no additional cost, so that’s a nice bonus.


2- Find Images That You Like

manifestation weight loss vision board

For this example, I’ll make a very simple vision board for manifesting weight loss. So I’m going to look up “fit woman,” “wellness,” “fitness,” and “healthy food.”

Click the images you want, and they’ll appear on the canvas.

Put them in any order you want!


3- Add Motivational Text

manifesting weight loss board

Finally, in the left column, select the “Text” tool and add text to your images if desired.

Fonts, colors, and overlays have limitless possibilities.

It can take some time to play around and familiarize yourself with all the options (and if you’re anything like me you’ll get lost in it for hours)!

But, for the sake of simplicity, I chose the affirmation “I am naturally light, lean, and healthy.” in a simple font, and placed it over my images.

And that’s it!



4- Download Your Vision Board

I am naturally light, lean, and healthy vision boardIn the top right corner, you’ll see the option to download your file.

Save it to your computer, then save it as a desktop background, and voila!

In less than 15 minutes, you have a super easy, totally fun vision board that you’ll see daily to keep you motivated to manifest the body of your dreams!


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me in my wedding dress before and after weight loss

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