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The Magician Tarot Card Meanings

The Magician represents creativity and the ability to bring one’s ideas into reality. It’s the ultimate card for manifestation! In this blog post, we will discuss all the different meanings of The Magician tarot card.


The Magician Tarot Card Keywords

Tarot Card Meanings - The Magican (Major Arcana)

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Upright: Influence, willpower, manifestation, skill, logic, intellect, concentration

Reversed: Greed, confusion, wasted potential, greed, avarice, deception, conniving, trickster


The Magician Card Description

The person depicted on this card has a youthful, almost innocent-looking face, but he also has a mischievous smile and rosy cheeks that suggest that he may have been up to something.

He wears only a red cloak with yellow trim around his waist; it is drawn tight by an elaborate gold belt with two pouches attached to either side.

His hands are clasped together as if in prayer or meditation – you can’t tell which from the image- and he holds them out before him like an offering. In his right hand, there is a wand or staff.

He is seated near a table covered in open books and an assortment of magical-looking objects – including three large crystals arranged into some sort of triangular pattern, a scroll that he’s reading from, and two smaller tarot cards placed below his left hand.

This person has everything they need to create what they need. And when The Magician shows up in your tarot reading, that’s the message for you as well.


Upright Magician Tarot Card Meanings

The Magician showing up in your tarot reading gives you confidence that now is your time to manifest your desires.
You have everything you need to create what you want. You just have to put your mind to it and do the work.
There is a heavy influence on intellect, skill, and logic with this card. It may not always be easy to manifest your desires, but if you put your mind to it you can make it happen.


Upright Magician Meaning For Love

The Magician showing up in a love reading can mean that you are in control of how your relationship progresses.

As the Magician is also the start of something new, if you are seeking romance right now, you can view the upright Magician as a positive sign of something new manifesting into your life.


Upright Magician Meaning For Money

The Magician shows up in money and career readings when there are new opportunities in play.

There may be a new business venture on the horizon, and now is the time for you to realize your real potential for success.

You may need to be brave, make bold moves, and use your creativity and logic in ways that stretch your comfort zone.

But you have true potential to harness the power of creation, now. 

But think of this as the energy of “everything I touch turns to gold.”

You have so much creative energy. Turn that energy into matter.

When you apply yourself, great things happen.

The upright Magician is a positive card for abundance and money.

If you’re worrying about money — you won’t be for long, as long as you stay focused and pay attention.


Reversed Magician Tarot Card Meanings

When the Magician is reversed, it generally means your creativity and power are being blocked.

This may be due to a lack of self-confidence or another form of inner resistance.

You might need some time for introspection before you can move ahead with any plans you have in mind.


Reversed Magician Meaning For Love

When The Magician is reversed in a love reading, it means that one or both of you is being inauthentic about your wants, needs, and desires.

There is an energy of manipulation and trickery here. So be careful if you might be on the receiving end of this.

You don’t want to get taken for a ride!

If you’re single, looking for love, and The Magician shows up, it could mean that you are growing weary and in a way giving up on the idea that someone will ever come.

Don’t give up hope. Your time will come when you least expect it.


Reversed Magician Meaning For Money

When The Magician reversed shows up in a money reading, take the time to consider if you’re putting your best foot forward.

Are you being lazy, coasting along, and hoping that money will magically fall into your lap?

Is there something else you could be doing to move things along?

You could also be presented with new opportunities that seem interesting, but something could be holding you back from making a move.

Figure out what your fears are so you can work through them, if this is the case.

Finally, it could be that you are excited about a new financial opportunity, but The Magician shows up reversed to tell you to slow down.

It could turn out to be that you need to proceed with caution — if at all.


The Magician As Feelings

If you want to know what someone is feeling and The Magician tarot card shows up in your reading, it means that the person is either very good at hiding their feelings or they are very skilled at reading other people’s emotions.

This card can also represent someone who is very intuitive and can often pick up on the subtlest of cues when it comes to how others are feeling.

Yet, it may be hard to tell what this person is feeling because they are usually very good at hiding their own emotions.

The key to understanding The Magician’s feelings is to look at the other cards in the reading and see how they interact with this one.


The Magician As How Someone Sees You

If you want to know what The Magician represents when it comes to how someone sees you, it means that they see you as someone who they can work well with.

In a sense, it almost means that they think they can work magic on you and navigate any situation with you.

This isn’t necessarily in a way that they can take advantage of you, though you can’t rule that possibility out.

Essentially, they don’t view you as much of a challenge, but this isn’t necessarily bad.


The Magician As What Someone Wants

If you want to know what someone wants out of a relationship and The Magician tarot card shows, it means that this person is looking for a partner who they can easily work with.

Like the previous meaning, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to take advantage of you, but rather that they want someone who they can navigate any situation with.

The thing about The Magician is that it is the ultimate card of manifestation.

The person who The Magician represents is standing in their power and they know that they can get whatever they want as long as they stay focused.

If you have The Magician surrounded by cards that suggest high positive emotion – like many of The Cups – this is a good pairing.

However, if you have many Swords in the same spread, this could mean the person is a bit more calculating and you might be at risk of manipulation.


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