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7 Tarot Journal Prompts To Become A Better Reader

This is a collection of journal prompts that will help you become a better tarot reader. Enjoy!


7 Tarot Journaling Prompts for Beginners

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How To Use Tarot Journal Prompts

Before I share the list of tarot journaling prompts, I want to give you a few pieces of advice on how to use them.


1- One Tarot Card At A Time

First, I think it’s best to focus on one card at a time.

Start with one card and work through all the journal prompts for that card before moving on to another card.

You can do this all in one sitting if you have the time or desire, but you will quickly learn that tarot is a lifelong journey.

There’s no need to rush — because you’ll never be done!

It’s a great idea to work with the Major Arcana first. Those have so much symbolism and meaning, it gives you a lot of material to work with!


2- No Special Order

Second, no need to go in order.

With all things spirituality and divination, you should do what works best for you.

Things flow so much more easily when you’re in alignment. And a huge part of being in alignment is allowing yourself space and freedom to do what feels right.

So, let your intuition be your guide.


3- Dedicated Journal And Space

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Third, make sure you have a dedicated space for your tarot work.

That’s why I love having a Tarot Journal and recommend you get one to call your own!

The Universe rewards clarity and if you have one notebook for all sorts of things, or random little pieces of paper scattered everywhere, you’ll find it hard to focus.

Respect your Tarot practice.

Keep your energy and space clean.

And you’ll have a much easier time!

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4- Don’t Forget Tarot Reversals

Cards are said to be “reversed” when they are upside down. 

Usually (but not always), this means they have blocked energy of some sort. And that alters the meaning of the card. 

While it’s possible to do tarot readings without reversals (I actually recommend this for true beginners), you’ll want to eventually learn all of the meanings. 

So, don’t forget to follow the tarot journal prompts for all of the cards — including reversals! 


11 Tarot Journal Prompts For Beginners

Without further ado, here are seven of the best tarot journaling prompts to help you become a better tarot reader!

  1. Pick one element of the tarot card you’ve drawn, and write how it makes you feel or what it makes you think of. For example, mountains make you feel uneasy. Or a house/castle makes you feel safe.
  2. If this tarot card was a person and had some advice to give you, what would it be?
  3. Think of one person, place, or thing in your present or past that this tarot card reminds you of. Why?
  4. List three things you like about this tarot card. Why do you like them?
  5. List three things you dislike about this tarot card. Why do you dislike them?
  6. If you had to name the personality of this card in one word, what would it be? (Example: angry, sad, hopeful, nurturing) Why do you say this?
  7. What is a creative way you could use the energy of this card to improve your life? For example, The High Priestess is intuitive and connected to her emotions. Maybe you could trust your gut instinct more than you have been lately.



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