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7 Common Spiritual Scams (And How To Avoid Them)

With so much stress, tension, and anxiety in the world, many turn to spirituality for relief, support, and hope. However, you need to beware of spiritual scams.

Unfortunately, there are many people out there who will take advantage of your desire to find true spiritual guidance and use it to their own benefit. Disgusting but true.

Several times a week, I get messages from people telling me they were scammed this way or that, and it breaks my heart every single time.

Here are seven of the most common spiritual scams to beware of on your journey.


7 Spiritual Scams To Avoid (How To Protect Yourself, Dream Life Manifestation)

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1- Message from a loved one who has passed

The first spiritual scam to avoid is if someone contacts you saying they have a message from a loved one who has passed.

I know that it can be tempting when you’re hurting and missing your friends and family who have crossed to the other side. But chances are that someone who contacts you with a message is not actually connecting with your loved one.

They are preying on your sensitivity and vulnerability to make a quick buck.


2- Removing a curse

Another common spiritual scam is that someone will convince you that you have been cursed and that they are the only ones who can remove it for you.

I’ve seen this happen when someone posts in a message board or on Facebook detailing a problem.

It’s so easy for someone to read your situation, hop into your DM’s and tell you that you’ve been cursed (when that couldn’t be farther from the truth!)

Of course, they can remove the curse, but it will cost you money.

Don’t fall for this one!

It’s okay to share your stories and life experiences on forums and in other public places online. 

The spiritual path can be quite lonely, and if you don’t have others in your life who understand, engaging with others in these communities can be helpful.

However, be hyper-aware of the fact that people can “profile” you based on what you share and this can make you a target. 

Always be skeptical.


3- They can remove your blockages

Another spiritual scam is that someone says they and they alone can remove your energetic blockages – for a fee, of course!

The truth is you can have blockages (most of us do.)

But you don’t need another person to remove those blockages for you.

Anyone who tells you that you need to spend money to remove energetic blockages is lying to you, trying to scam you, and does not have your best interest at heart.


4- I feel “drawn” to you

This one is a really popular spiritual scam.

Someone contacts you and tells you that they feel ‘drawn’ to you and they can help you with your spiritual journey.

Don’t fall for it!

This is just a ploy to get your attention and ultimately, your money.

There are many legitimate healers out there who can help, but if someone is claiming that they are ‘drawn’ to you – run in the other direction.


5- Prophecies that only they know

This is another scam that can sound very convincing.

Someone will contact you and tell you about a prophecy or revelation that only they know about, and then offer to share it with you – for a fee.

Don’t fall for this one either!

There are no secret prophecies or revelations out there that only certain people have access to.

I can’t stand it when people behave as though they have some special knowledge that no one else has.

It’s all hype designed to get you to part with your money.

The best thing to do if you want to see into the future is to work on your intuition, develop your psychic abilities for yourself (we all have them!), or get a divination reading from a trusted source.


6- Unsolicited message from a priest

This is another spiritual scam to watch out for.

Someone will contact you claiming they are a priest or ordained minister, and they can perform some sort of spiritual ceremony or ritual for you.

They may even offer to give you a blessing – but only if you pay them first.

This is nothing more than a scam!

Never give money to someone who hops in your inbox, saying they have special access to the divine and can offer you a blessing.

It’s not real!


7- You need to buy more and more

Last but not least, sometimes people contact you offering services for free or very low cost because they’re “drawn to you”.

Or it could even be someone you seek out on your own.

They may even do a good job.

But there’s always “more” that you need to do.

For example, you get a tarot reading from a reader you like and respect.

And in the reading, they tell you that you have only received part of the message and that the Universe has more to share with you.

So you need to book another reading.

Or, in some other cases, you go to a psychic, and they tell you that there’s dark energy surrounding you. And, of course, they can help you clean it if you buy their special service, herbs, or oils.

You get the idea, I’m sure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve learned the top spiritual scams to watch out for, here are some of the most common questions about this topic.


1- How can I protect myself from scams?

The best way to protect yourself from spiritual scams is by doing your own research.

Read reviews, ask around in trusted communities, and trust your intuition – if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!


2- What are some signs that someone is trying to scam me?

Some signs that someone is trying to scam you include asking for money upfront, making outrageous promises, and claiming they have special knowledge or access.

If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut.


3- What should I do if I’m scammed?

If you are scammed, the first thing you should do is stop all communications with the person and contact your bank or credit card company to dispute any charges.

You may also want to report the scammer to the appropriate authorities.

Finally, take care of yourself emotionally and mentally by seeking professional help.


4- Can people really see into the future?

Yes, some people can see into the future to some degree.

However, it takes a lot of training and practice. There are no shortcuts or secret prophecies that will give you instant access to seeing into the future! If someone tells you they have special knowledge or access, be skeptical – chances are it’s just a scam.


5- Are there any legit psychics or mediums out there?

Yes! There are many legitimate psychics and mediums out there.

When seeking out a psychic or medium, do your research. Ask friends or family who they’ve had good experiences with, read reviews online, and trust your intuition.


Final thoughts

It’s so unfortunate that spiritual scams exist, but you can protect yourself by being mindful and aware of what is real and what isn’t.

I can’t impress upon you enough that while some people may know more than others about different spiritual practices, ultimately, your spiritual journey is yours and yours alone.

The best thing you can do is to study and learn for yourself, then practice.

You truly don’t need someone else to do half the things you think you do.

You are so much more powerful and capable than you know!

Trust yourself and stay wary of anyone who tries to scam you.

You can do it!

Good luck on your journey. 💗


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