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A Simple Manifesting Spell To Get Your Ex Back Fast (5 Ingredients!)

Do you desperately need to get your ex back but don’t know how? Today I want to share a manifesting spell to get your ex back fast! I like it a lot because it’s extremely easy to do, and most likely, you already have most of  the ingredients at home. So if you’re ready, read on for one of my favorite spells to get your ex back fast!

A Simple Manifesting Spell To Get Your Ex Back Fast

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Manifest Your Ex Back In Days

Have you been struggling to find a way to get your ex to pay attention to you, but they just won’t budge.?

Maybe they blow hot one minute, cold the next, then go completely missing altogether.

Or, even worse, maybe you’ve been blocked from social media and you feel devastated because you’ve been frozen out in the cold.

Lucky for you, there’s a little-known solution that has helped countless women manifest their ex back into their life — even if they were completely blocked from all communication before!

Yep, that’s totally right. 

It happened for them, and it can happen to you too!

It’s all hidden in this easy-to-follow, book and video that you can devour in an evening, and manifest your ex back in as few as three days (not weeks, months, or never!) 

I know it sounds kind of crazy, but if you’re serious about manifesting your ex back into your life quickly, then you’d do best to avoid wasting time.

Because the more time you spend not getting him back, the more time he can spend growing deeper in love with someone else.

And once he slips the ring on her finger, he’ll be lost to you forever!

The thing about this program is that it works in connection with any manifestation rituals you try along with it. 

I’ve been told that not only did women manifest their ex to come back, but when he did return, he was kinder, more loving, more gentle, and treated her better than before. 

Doesn’t that sound so dreamy?

Can you imagine having the one you love apologizing for hurting you, then giving their all to prove their love, treating you like the Queen you are?

Do yourself a favor, take a shortcut, and try this tonight.

(there’s even a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it!)

Use it to your advantage to draw your soul mate back to you — right where they belong.


Do Manifesting Spells To Get Your Ex Back Work?

When I first found this spell on YouTube, I doubted it would work because most of the manifesting rituals and spells I use have different processes and ingredients.

But a few months later, one of my best friends called me in tears because her boyfriend of two years said he wasn’t feeling it anymore — and dumped her.

It was ugly, and I felt so bad for my boo!

So, I offered a Tarot reading to look a little deeper into their situation, and things were NOT looking good, okay?

But even though things weren’t looking great, she wasn’t ready to give up hope.

She adamantly refused to believe the door was completely shut on her love.

So, I suggested she try this quick little love spell just to see what would happen.

And guess what…?

I was a bridesmaid at her wedding six months later, and now I’m godmother to BOTH of her two adorable babies!

Isn’t that sweet?

So, yes, manifesting spells to get your ex back CAN and DO work!  

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Love Spell To Bring Back Your Ex Ingredients List

1- Mason Jar (or glass cup)

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2- Glass labels

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3- Red Marker

[amazon box=”B004YHU1KO” template=”horizontal”]

4- Milk 

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5- Honey

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Try This Love Spell To Bring Your Ex Back Fast

This love spell is super easy. There are only two points of warning here. First, you need to cast this spell at sunrise. Second, any glass cup will do. I don’t know if other materials will work (glass is always best.) But specifically, avoid using steel.


Now, here are the step-by-step instructions:

1- Write your lover’s name on one of the glass labels, then tape it to the glass.

2-Fill the glass with water.

3- Put three drops of milk in the water.

4- Put a spoonful of honey in it.

5- Repeat this phrase 8 times “water, milk, honey come back to me.”

6- Think of all the good things you love about your ex and drink the water.


Congrats, the spell is finished!


Things To Consider To Bring Your Ex Back

Now that you know how to perform this quick and easy manifesting spell to bring your ex back, I want to go over a few quick points that you need to consider.


1- Start Right Away

First, it’s good to gather all your materials and try this spell right away.

When my friend tried it, her man was back to her within a month!

And, again, they wound up getting married six months later.

So, the sooner the better!


2- Keep Your Intentions Pure

Next, you must be honest with yourself and your situation.

Technically this is a white magic spell. Meaning you have to acknowledge the free will of the other person.

If your ex has expressed that they want absolutely nothing to do with you then it is unethical to try to manifest them.

How would you feel if someone you’d rather not deal with was trying to manifest you?

Not good, right?

In my friend’s case, her ex wasn’t saying he wanted nothing to do with her at all.

He wasn’t refusing to speak to her outright or telling her to leave his life.

Therefore, it was safe for her to move forward with the spell.

Be honest with yourself about your intentions before you move forward.

This is real stuff and it can so easily backfire if your heart isn’t pure.


3- Make Sure Your Vibration Is High

Last but not least, please make sure you try this love spell when your vibration is high.

I know it’s hard to stay positive and happy when you’re hearting from heartbreak.

But, it’s difficult to manifest something good from a negative space.

You generally get more of what you are focusing on.

The solution to this is to focus on the good things you love about your ex. Meditate or reminisce on the good times you had. Think about the positive things you want to say to them when they come back into your arms.

Don’t rush into this.

I know I said start ASAP – but only if you are in the right head space to do so.

If you need help with thinking positively about your ex, I encourage you to do a writing exercise called scripting first, THEN do this love spell.

Since you have to do this spell to get your ex back first thing in the morning, I’d recommend scripting the night before and leaving the letter where you can access it.

Read the letter just before you do the ritual and you should be at the right energetic frequency to do the spell.


Final Thoughts

I hope you try this ritual and that it helps you sway your ex to come back to you.

I’ve heard great things about it from women I’ve worked with over the years. 

Oh, by the way, make sure you get your hands on a copy of the manifesting secrets to get your ex back.

You’re going to want to add these tips to your manifesting rituals and also your daily actions because it will help you attract your ex back so much faster! 

Remember, you want them to come back ASAP so they don’t have the chance to fall deeply in love with and marry somebody else…


With love, light, and most of all – magic,




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