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The Six of Wands Tarot Card Guide For Beginners

This is a blog post describing the different meanings of the Six of Wands tarot card in the Minor Arcana of the standard Rider-Waite deck. Read on to discover the different meanings of the Six of Wands upright and reversed for money, love, and other situations in your life.


Six of Wands Tarot Card Keywords

six of wands

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Upright: Victory, success, winning, triumph, praise, acclaim, awards, applause, goodwill, fame, celebrity, fans, supporters, huge crowds, spotlight, riding high, leadership, strength, stability, confidence, self-esteem, campaign, political success, the crown, public recognition, financial success, complete victory


Reversed: Underachievement, failure, disappointment, lack of support, no confidence, losing, disgrace, being banned, ostracized, treachery, backstabbing, disappointment, diva, arrogant, egotistical, following the crowd, not trusting yourself, loss, quitting, broken promises


Six of Wands as Feelings

Upright, the six of wands represents feelings of success, victory and having the upper hand.

Now is your time to shine!

You feel confident that you can do anything you put your mind to, and you know that you have so much support.

Maybe you’ve recently made some changes in your life that have made a huge difference, and now you can finally see the results.

You feel wanted and appreciated, and you know that all of your hard work is paying off.

Reversed, the six of wands can represent feelings of failure, lack of achievement, or not being able to keep up with others.

Maybe you feel self-conscious or unworthy. Or you have the sense that you can’t trust those around you.

In some cases the six of wands reversed represents a huge ego that has been deflated.


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Six of Wands as How Someone Sees You

When the six of wands appears upright in your reading, it means that someone sees you as the ultimate winner or prize.

This could be good because it means they place you on a pedestal and see your worth, or it could mean they desire you because of something you can do for them.

Regardless, they see you as a winner in their eyes.

When the six of wands is reversed, it can mean that someone sees you as less than or not important.

Maybe they don’t believe your abilities are up to par or think that you’re trying too hard to impress them.

They could also be feeling jealous of your accomplishments and see you as an obstacle to their success.

Either way, the reversed six of wands can signal that someone may not have good intentions towards you.

Be sure to pay attention to those around you and stay true to yourself so that no one can take advantage of you.


Six of Wands as What Someone Wants From You

When the six of wands appears upright, it means that someone wants something from you that will bring them success or recognition.

They may want to collaborate with you, use your skills and talents, or even just bask in the glory of being associated with you.

The reversed six of wands can mean that someone wants a piece of the pie.

Keep an eye out for people who may be taking advantage of you because they think you will bring them good fortune.

Be sure to stay in control and choose your collaborations wisely.

The six of wands reversed can also mean that someone wants something from you that you are unwilling or unable to give, so be aware of any opportunities that may not be in your best interest.


Upright Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Generally speaking, the upright Six of Wands brings an overwhelming energy of victory, success and accomplishment.

You are the celebrity, everyone wants a piece of the pie, and you are riding high.

You have the confidence, the stability and the strength to achieve anything you put your mind to and in turn you will be praised, applauded and celebrated for your hard work.

As a result of this energy, huge opportunities may open up for you; ones that could bring great fortune or recognition into your life.

This is a great card to receive if you are working on something that could bring you recognition, such as a contest, campaign, or writing project.

The Six of Wands encourages you to share your victories with others, and it also reminds you that it is ok to be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.


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Upright Six of Wands Card For Love

If you’re in a committed relationship and the Six of wands shows up in your reading, it means that the relationship is thriving to the fullest degree.

Others may even see you as “couple goals” and could even turn to you for advice on what they should do in their relationships to create something as good as what you’ve got.

It’s a great space to be in so embrace it. And make sure that you don’t lose sight of the qualities that make your relationship special.

If you’re single and the Six of wands appears in your reading, it is generally a sign that your love life is turning up for the better.

Especially if you’ve taken the time to work on yourself and heal from any past wounds, this could represent you coming out of your shell and shining like the star you are.

Your confidence shines through, and you are almost like a magnet for potential suitors. This could be a sign that you are about to embark on a great new journey in love.

Be sure to stay true to yourself and protect your heart so that the right person can find their way into your life.


Upright Six of Wands For Money & Career

If your main concern is your career path when the Six of wands shows up, you are about to become a star in your field, business, or industry.

You have the confidence, knowledge and experience that will take you to the top of your career ladder.

This card is a reminder to keep pushing yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks or embrace new opportunities that could bring success.

It could also indicate income increases in either salary or side-hustles, or even awards, recognition and visibility for your hard work.

This could also be a sign that you are about to hit a promotion or go on a career-altering campaign trail.

If money is what you’re worried about when the Six of Wands shows up, it could mean that you have finally achieved financial stability and that you can start to reap the rewards of your hard work.

Your investments and financial planning have paid off, and you are now in a more secure place. This card may also indicate that you are about to receive some kind of windfall or unexpected income.

Overall, the Six of Wands is a positive omen for your success in work and money and you have a lot to look forward to.


Reversed Six of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

6 of wands reversed

When the Six of wands appears reversed, it represents failure, lack of achievement, recognition, support, or confidence.

You may have encountered a great loss or have been let down by someone you trusted and now feel like you can’t trust anyone else.

It could also indicate that instead of being the star of your own life, you are allowing yourself to be taken advantage of and you’re hiding in the shadows of someone else.

Sometimes this appears when you’re suffering from impostor syndrome and it’s preventing you from achieving your goals.

It could also mean that you are beginning to feel the weight of pressure and expectations from others, or maybe there is an ill-will within your circle of friends and colleagues which is making it hard for you to progress.

The reversed Six of wands can also indicate a mob or pack mentality, where instead of standing out, you’re following the crowd and not taking any risks.

It could also mean that you are being taken advantage of by someone with more power than you who has broken their promises or been disloyal to you.

Overall, this card appears as a warning against pride before a fall and to be careful about taking on too much responsibility.


Reversed Six of Wands Card For Relationships

If you are in a committed relationship and the Six of wands shows in a reversed position, be forewarned that there may be a lack of confidence, support and recognition from your partner.

It could point to the fact that you’re feeling unappreciated or like you are playing second fiddle in your relationship.

This card often appears to highlight negative patterns such as possessiveness, fame-hungry partners, or other manipulative behaviors that can threaten not just the relationship, but also your self-concept.

Furthermore, this could represent someone playing the field because they feel they are the prize.

Disloyalty, cheating and lying aren’t off the table here.

You’ll have to use your intuition. If it seems like something is wrong, it likely is.

If you’re single and the Six of Wands shows reversed, it means that your ego may be getting the best of you and making it hard for you to connect with someone in a meaningful way.

You could also be coming off as arrogant or out of touch with reality, turning people off instead of drawing them closer.

It’s important to stay humble and work on yourself before searching for someone else. Ultimately, the reversed Six of Wands is a reminder that you can achieve success with confidence, and be loyal to those who truly deserve it. Be aware of your pride before it leads you down the wrong path.


Reversed Six of Wands For Money & Career

The Six of wands reversed in a career reading means that you are licking your wounds and healing from something that didn’t go as planned.

It might be a failed campaign or an unsuccessful negotiation.

It could also mean that you have been carrying the weight of expectations from your peers, superiors and/or clients, leading to feelings of anxiety and distress.

The card reversed can represent a lack of confidence in yourself. You may need to slow down and focus on something more achievable – but don’t fall into the trap of believing that because things didn’t work out this time that they never will.

Make sure you take the ups and downs for what they are and avoid projecting into the future too much based on this recent setback.

In terms of money, the reversed Six of Wands can represent a situation where you are in need for help but no one is there to support you.

You may feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of debt and lack the courage or resources to get out.

It’s important to remember that your financial security is within reach.

You may have to make some changes and adjustments to your approach and attitude, but it is possible to turn things around.

Take small steps towards financial freedom and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The reversed Six of wands can also point to someone in your life with a diva attitude who may prove costly in the long run – whether that’s through emotional or financial investment.

Be mindful of who you are letting into your life and if they are draining your energy or wallet.


Final Thoughts On The Six of Wands Card

Congrats on taking the first step to work with the tarot and learning to read for yourself and those you love!

The Six of Wands is a great card because it can bring positive news, good luck and recognition. It also serves as a reminder to stay humble and confident in our ability to achieve success.

When reversed, however, the card warns of potential dangers such as lack of support, pride before a fall, and ill-will from unsuspecting individuals.

Either way, the Six of Wands encourages you to stay vigilant and aware of the risks of relationships, money, and career.

In the end, it will be your focus, commitment, and hard work that will bring you what you desire. Just remember to never forget your authentic self in the process.

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