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10 Signs From The Universe That Love Is Coming Your Way

If you’ve been unlucky in love for far too long now and are starting to lose hope, chances are, love is right around the corner for you. But you just need to know what to look out for! Here are ten spiritual signs from the universe that love is coming your way.  


10 Signs From The Universe That Love Is Coming Your Way

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1- Romantic dreams

Everyone has experienced the beauty of a dream about their perfect partner, or an encounter with them in person.

If you’ve had this happen to you, then be prepared for love coming your way! 

One of the primary ways the universe communicates with us is through our dreams.

In fact, if you’ve been having romantic dreams about your ex, it could mean that you and your ex are meant to be!

Don’t let it go to waste and miss out on one of the most obvious signs from the universe that love is on its way to you.


2- See signs of love 

If you’ve been noticing signs of love everywhere, it could be a sign from the universe that love is coming your way.

Seeing pictures or hearing songs about love might seem like nothing, but these little things mean so much!

Especially when it starts to happen way more than normal.

Imagine you are having a bad day, and you open up your Instagram to see a string of pictures with love in them.

It’s like the universe is telling you “I’ve got this.”

When we are feeling down or sad, it can be hard to stay on that positive track- but seeing signs of love could help nudge us back into having faith that we are cared for and supported in our desires.

The universe wants us to know when we’re being loved and cared for by sending these types of synchronicities.


3- Angel numbers that mean love

Next, some signs that love is coming your way could be numbers.

Angel numbers are typically seen as three or more digits in a row- and these messages from the universe usually mean something about your future or even spiritual guidance for you to follow.

You might see random repetitions of angel numbers appear on license plates, clocks, receipts, and bills, or even billboards and ads. 

Not all angel numbers necessarily mean love, however. So make sure you take the time to decode the meanings.

For help with this, make sure you download your free angel number decoder worksheet I created for you! It’ll help you make so much more sense of the angel number messages you receive.

That way, you’ll know exactly what it all means!

But, most commonly, angel numbers that mean love include or add up to six or two.

222 is a great angel number for love.


4- Running into the same person

Another way the universe can send you signals that love is coming your way is if you start running into the same person over and over again in random places.

Let’s say you just moved to a new town. One day you’re out having lunch, and there’s this guy sitting at the table next to yours who seems oddly familiar- that is, until he eventually recognizes your face too!

A lot of people feel like they’ve met before when really they just know each other from social media or have mutual friends in common. Or maybe you remind them of someone they know.

Well, if you see the same mysterious stranger in many places, take this as one of the more common signs that maybe you should get to know them better.

Meaningful coincidences like this mean that love could be coming your way!


5- Releasing emotional baggage

Another spiritual sign from the universe that love is coming your way is that you’ve healed from past trauma and released emotional baggage.

You’ve regained your sense of self, and you are no longer crippled by the past.

You’ve got a clean slate and are ready to manifest your future partner!

There’s a spiritual law that says energy can never be lost- it just changes forms.

When we liberate ourselves from difficult or dark experiences in our lives, this transforms into positive energy.

And when there is an abundance of positive energy around us, love can flow!

It’s so common to have blockages from love flowing into our lives when we have pain from the past.

But through spiritual and personal development, we can turn this around.

If you’ve been working on releasing old pain for some time and feel open to a new love, that sense of freedom from old bonds can be a sign that you’re ready for love.


6- You’ve done shadow work

Next, many people are ready for love after they’ve done some shadow work.

The term ‘shadow work’ refers to exploring our darkest and most difficult emotions in order to heal and free ourselves from them, so that we can be more open-minded about potential partners who may share these qualities with us.

When you have a good sense of self and know both the good and bad sides to yourself, you are in a much healthier space for manifesting love.

The thing is, so many times we want what we want when we want it.

We don’t take the time to consider that maybe we’re not getting it because we haven’t put in the work on our part just yet.

If you’ve recently done some shadow work and feel like you’ve gotten to know yourself better, the universe could be sending you love soon.


7- You feel at peace with whatever happens

One of the weirdest things about manifesting love is that it often comes when you don’t expect it.

You will come to find this happens a lot on your manifestation journey.

Just when you give up on ever finding love and start to enjoy your single life is when the universe will likely send you your soul mate.

You see, when you are in a state of deep wanting and lack, it’s hard for the universe to bring you someone of good quality.

You might attract the wrong people who are also desperate, or find yourself in a toxic relationship.

When you are healthy — and part of that means loving yourself and enjoying your life whether you have a partner or not — is when they are likely to show!

Love has a soothing effect on your body and mind, and the universe wants to help this happen for you.

The universe wants to send you your ideal partner. 

But if you feel yourself growing comfortable and actually starting to feel pleasant about the idea of living a happy single life, it could be that the universe will start to see this as your being ready.

Then, right when you’ve grown comfortable with the waiting process, you will manifest the love of your life.


8- You are in love with yourself

The best way to manifest love is to start by loving yourself.

If you seek a new partner but are still not able to show that self-love, then the universe will realize something is off and may be hesitant about bringing someone into your life who won’t support it.

So if this has been an issue for you in the past, but lately you’re really loving on yourself?

It could be that now is your time to invite that same love in from someone else.

You deserve it!


9- The time feels right

If you’re feeling the timing is right to start a new chapter, then it might be time.

The universe can sense when there’s an opening and will try to fill that void with something good for you.

This could also manifest as problems or hurdles in your life from which you’ll have to work through on your own.

But once you work through them and feel like you have almost everything else in place except for someone warm and cuddly to share your bed with at night — you’re probably right!

You see, so many people know deep down inside that they have lots of other areas of their lives to work through first.

From personal experience and working with both women and men through tarot readings and sessions, I find that this is a bigger problem with women.

Men often pull away from committed relationships when they don’t feel financially secure or like they have their lives together. They could be in love with a woman and still decide to back away because they want to show up as a fully “put together” man.

Women, on the other hand, will have messy lives with nothing in order, but focus really hard on a relationship, when it’s the last thing they need!

They will frequently admit to me that they know better, but they just want love so bad.

This is a sign of inner knowing that the time isn’t really right.

When the time is right, you know it, the universe knows it, and love shows up soon!

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10- You feel ready to give

Last but not least, when you feel ready to both give and receive love, the universe is likely going to send you your soul mate.

You see, it’s one thing to focus on what having a life partner can bring to your life. What you gain from it.

But when you start to think about the value you want to add to someone else’s life, and how you can show up and bring joy, love, happiness, ease, grace, and pleasure to add to others, miracles start to manifest in your life.

On a spiritual level, this is what it means to be ready.

The love you want starts coming your way when you feel and show up as a person who has their heart open enough to embrace both the receiving and the giving aspects of relationships.

Love is beautiful and portrayed a certain way on television. And sometimes you will get the butterflies and the romance and get swept off your feet.

But there’s also the low parts of merging your life and your spiritual energy with another.

No matter how hard you try, the universe will not send you a quality level of relationship with someone who is ready to go the distance if you are not as well.


So there you have it

I hope you enjoyed this list of spiritual signs from the universe that love is coming your way soon!

Hopefully, as you see more of these signs show up in your life, you grow confident that you are can manifest love and be on your way to happily ever after.



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