7 Signs Your Manifestation Is Close (& The LOA Is Working)

by Alex

You know how you put your intentions out into the Universe but sometimes you have no idea if your manifestation is close or if the law of attraction is working? Well, today I’ve got something super-special to share with you! 

I want to show you how to tell your manifestation is close!

If you complete a manifestation ritual or exercise and then have one or more of these, you know your manifestation is close and you should have it in no time! 


But Before We Get Started…

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Great! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go!


7 Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming


1- Angel Number Signs Of Manifestation

The first, most obvious sign your manifestation is coming soon is that you start to see angel numbers.

Angel numbers are special numbers that often occur in a repeating sequence.

Each has its own meaning.

Numerology is an ancient sacred science that can help you gain a much deeper understanding of where you are with your manifestations. But you must know what to look for!

The most common angel number that you’ll see while waiting on manifestations is 1111, which means you’ve been heard and your manifestation is on its way.

So if you start to see 1111 after asking the Universe for help, get excited! Your desires are coming! 

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2- Experiencing Synchronicities

The next way to tell your manifestation is on its way is if you start to have synchronicities.

It’s better for me to show you an example rather than explain it.

So, let’s say you want to manifest more money. You try the 555 method, or maybe the scripting technique. You have no idea how this money is coming to you.

But then, seemingly out of the blue, a friend tells you about this contest you can enter to win money.

This is more than a coincidence.

Rather, this is an example of synchronicity that might come right after you activate the law of attraction. It’s a clear sign that the Universe is trying to open new pathways to make your desire a reality.


vision board manifest loa


3- Someone In Your Life Receives Your Desire

Next, perhaps one of the most frustrating signs that your manifestation is coming is that someone in your life might manifest your desire.

It kinda sucks because if you don’t know this is actually a positive sign, it can throw you into a spiral of feeling more lack.

That’s why you need to know this! Expect it.

Keep your vibration high.

Celebrate their success and know that it means great things are headed your way too.

It’s the Universe bringing your desire into your orbit.

It means your energetic frequency is starting to match.

At this point, it’s your job to welcome more and more of it and it will find its way to you soon.


4- You Stop Worrying About Your Intention Manifesting

Another sign your manifestation is coming is that you simply stop worrying about it.

You may even forget about it from time to time.

This is a good thing.

Part of matching the vibrational frequency of your desire is for it to be natural. Think about it. Do you think about your current state all that much? Let’s say you want a new relationship. Initially, you may focus so hard on it.

But you’ve been in a relationship before, right? When you were in this relationship, you didn’t wake up every morning and think about your relationship.

It just WAS.

When you start to forget about wanting and needing and desiring so much and move on with your life, it makes things more natural and normal.

So, when you leave it alone and start to have moments where you realize you’ve totally forgotten about it — you know your manifestation is close. 


manifest money out of thin air


5- You Naturally Shift Your Behavior To Support It

Another sign your manifestation is close is that you notice natural, subtle shifts in your behavior that support your desire.

For example, if you want to manifest your soul mate, you might find yourself subconsciously making space for someone new in your life.

You clean off the side of your bed where they would sleep.

You stop talking to toxic exes just because you’re bored.

You’ll notice you naturally and easily prepare for this thing to enter your life, and it feels so good to do!

That’s definitely another sign your desire is coming. You make space.


6- The Universe Tests You

Another of my least-favorite signs manifestations are on their way is that you might experience adversity.

Sometimes people think the law of attraction always works positively straight away, but that’s not always the case.

Frequently, things get worse before they get better.

It’s just a test, however.

It’s a test of your preparedness and readiness to receive your desire. It also is a way of making sure you really want what you’re asking for. You have to be ready and willing to take the good with the bad.

So, if you want to manifest something and the first thing that happens is the polar opposite?

Don’t worry.

Keep your vibes high, have faith in yourself and the Universe, and get ready — success is often right around the corner!


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7- You Get Intuitive “Hits”

Finally, one of the most fun ways you can tell you’re on the verge of manifestation will be unique to each person. But, you’ll have to be very in tune with yourself and trust your intuition.

It’s when you get weird, intuitive “hits” or nudges to take actions that may seem strange to outsiders (or even to yourself!) For instance, let’s say you need extra money.

You put a call out to the Universe to bring you extra cash and then you forget about it. One day, you’re cooking a meal and for some reason, you remember an old bank account that you had forgotten about from a long time ago.

Curious, you figure out the “lost password” for this old account, log in, and see that there was a little extra money in there! That’s only one example but I hope you get the idea!

It’s a random hunch that appears out of nowhere that leads you down the right path.

These happen to me ALL the time and they are definitely a part of manifesting your goals.

When they happen more frequently, you know you are deep in the manifestation process and that is awesome. 

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Final Thoughts

manifest faster raise your vibration

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you’ve found value in it! The most important thing is to keep the faith and stay positive. Know the Universe has your back and wants your manifestation to show up in your life. You were put here to experience the best life you can!


With love, light, and most of all — magic,




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