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20 Positive Self-Love & Acceptance Affirmations

I’ll be honest. I used to hate the idea and terminology of “self-love”, “self-care”, and “self-acceptance.” Like, seriously, even though I’m pretty woo-woo and love weird, esoteric stuff that doesn’t always have a concrete, logical means of being scientifically proven, those terms used to make me go wtf

But as I got deeper and deeper into spirituality, manifesting, working with the law of attraction, crystals, intentional living, and everything else under the sun, I realized something important. 

It’s almost impossible to manifest positive things when you don’t simultaneously practice loving and accepting yourself.

You have to start with your inner environment and care for your personal well being.


20 Positive Self-Love & Acceptance Affirmations


How Do You Practice Self-Love & Self-Acceptance?

First I want to say that to a certain degree, we all practice some form of self-love every day. 

Grooming yourself, practicing good hygiene, spending time engaging in hobbies, communicating with loved ones — all those things count. 

But when you want to attract positive things to you, chances are you’ll need to go the extra mile and practice intentional self-love and self-acceptance. And it’s not that hard to do! 

I shared an incredible self-love ritual and spell that worked wonders for me when I was feeling down in the dumps. 

Sometimes, that’s fine. 

But let me tell you I understand so hard that we don’t always have time to do elaborate rituals and spells. 

Sometimes we only have a little bit of time to set these positive intentions and then we need to focus on other things, right? 

For that, there are positive affirmations. 

Today I’m going to share 20 super quick and easy positive self-love and acceptance affirmations to help you raise your vibes so you can start manifesting all the great things you deserve. 


Do Self-Acceptance Affirmations Work?

I suppose with anything in life, your mileage may vary, but I believe and have experienced that positive affirmations work extremely well. 

The thing is, making a daily habit of working with positive affirmations such as those for self-love and acceptance can help you to gradually overcome negative thought patterns that hold you back not just in your regular, Earthly life — but also when you work with the law of attraction, too. 

You see, your subconscious mind is such a powerful thing. 

And self-sabotage is real.

You may be running crazy trying all the manifesting tricks in the book so you can manifest a loving partner or relationship, but if deep down inside you really believe you’re unworthy, nobody will ever love you, or engage in any other negative self-talk — you will either a) keep attracting the wrong types of people or b) fail at manifesting and feel even worse

Self-Love and acceptance affirmations are actually the best to start with. 

They can help you overcome limiting beliefs and clear the chatter of negative self-talk so that you can manifest other things into your life, too!

Isn’t that neat?


How To Use Positive Self-Love & Acceptance Affirmations

Before I share the list, I want to let you in on a little secret… 

Using positive affirmations should be easy! 

I think with manifesting and the law of attraction, because it’s something we can’t truly see in front of us, we tend to overthink it and believe it has to be complicated. 

Trust me — it doesn’t! 

I wrote up a whole post about how to use positive affirmations, but use any of these methods on a daily basis (don’t overthink it) and you’ll be good to go: 

  • Repeat them daily while you look in the mirror
  • Write them in your journal (you can type but pen and paper is better)
  • Record yourself saying them and play the tape back
  • Repeat them silently when you feel low, insecure, or stressed
  • Focus on a short affirmation and repeat it during meditation as a mantra
  • Include them as part of your morning routine


20 Positive Acceptance & Self-Love Affirmations

Now that you know what to do, here’s my list of positive affirmations to set you on your path of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Start with one to three of them every day for a week and see how your positive thinking and self-image improve!

  1. I accept anything that comes to me, good or bad.
  2. I accept the feelings that come each moment and take what life brings.
  3. I shall accept and pass no judgment on others.
  4. I will accept the unconditional love of others.
  5. I choose self-confidence over self-defeat.
  6. I accept my flaws and choose to have positive self-esteem anyway.
  7. I accept everyone and everything, I will send out my positive prayers and vibes to them.
  8. I accept that we are all unique.
  9. I accept that we may disagree but we can still share love and peace.
  10. I am accepting of other’s opinions.
  11. I choose to increase my open-mindedness toward myself and others.
  12. I will always accept others for exactly who they are.
  13. I am important and I matter.
  14. I love having a strong, positive self-image.
  15. I accept the joy life has to offer.
  16. I acknowledge hard times and know I will move through them.
  17. I take full responsibility for my choices.
  18. Self-acceptance is my natural state of being.
  19. I accept my body and mind’s limitations but will always try to push for something better.
  20. I accept all of the wonderful feelings that run in my body.


Positive Affirmations Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know what to do with positive affirmations and you have a few to choose from, I want to take a few minutes to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about affirmations.


1. How many affirmations should I say a day?

You can say as many affirmations as you’d like. A person can’t overdose on positivity, after all. However, if you’re just starting out or not getting the results you desire, you should work with between one and three at a time until you start to notice some changes in your life. 



2. What are the most powerful affirmations?

The most powerful affirmations are those that resonate with you the most. Kind of like when you hear the words to a song and it makes you cry? If there are any affirmations that feel strong to you — those are the most powerful. But in terms of format, “I AM” affirmations are always a great place to start. 



3. Can positive affirmations change your life?

Positive affirmations, especially those about self-love and acceptance can cause subtle shifts in how you perceive yourself as a person. These changes can alter your behavior, how you treat others, the opportunities you go for, and how you react to both positive and negative news. As such, yes, positive affirmations can change your life. 



Daily Positive Affirmations Are An Amazing Tool For Success

I hope you enjoyed this list of positive affirmations for self-love and acceptance. Try one or more of them daily for a week and I’m sure you’ll start to manifest transformation in your life. 


With love, light, and most of all — magic,



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20 Positive Self-Love & Acceptance Affirmations to Manifest Your Dream Life


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