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What Color Pen Should I Use For Manifestation? (8 Options)

This is your complete guide to the best pen color to use when you write your manifestations on paper. Generally speaking, any color that you have is better than not doing your manifestation exercises at all. But if you have the chance, you can boost your results just by being intentional with your use of color. Read on to discover what color pen you should use for manifestation.


Don’t Let Energetic Blockages Stop Your Manifestations

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One of the worst habits that you should break immediately is walking blindly into new methods and techniques without any prep work.

Before you even begin manifesting (with any ink colors), you need to make sure you know what you’re doing, and that you’ve done your research.

So many people jump headfirst into using the quick & easy manifestation hacks without paying attention to what’s really going on.

Then, they wonder why their manifestations fall flat!

Well, the most common reason things don’t work out is that you’ve got one or more energetic blockages standing between you and your manifestation — and you likely don’t even know about them!

The truth is, if you have these blockages, you’re wasting your time!

Whether your use red ink or black, your manifestation will never come if you’re behind a wall!

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1- Red pen for manifestation

Red, the color of passion and love, is a great choice when you’re writing out any kind of manifestation on paper.

The more energy and emotion you put behind your written requests, the better!

Red is a super-fast acting color in magick, so if you need to get something going quickly, red is a great place to start.

Beyond just manifesting quickly, red will help you in matters of love, passion, lust, or anything dealing with fire energy.

It’s even better if you use red candles along with red ink with your manifestation spells if you want to manifest love or sex.

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2- Pink pen for manifestation

spiritual girl in pink with hands over her heart focusing on reality shifting affirmations.

Pink, the color of sweetness and love, can be a wonderful choice of ink when you’re writing manifestation requests that require beauty, self-love or just a little hint of softness.

If you have a crush, for example, and you want to soften them to pay attention to you, writing your manifestation letter in pink ink could help speed things up.

If you have a beauty ritual or want to use positive affirmations for beauty, you could write the affirmations in pink ink as well as use a piece of pink rose quartz crystal to help you manifest faster that way as well.


3- Orange pen for manifestation

Orange, the color of creativity and energy, is an awesome choice when you’re writing manifestation requests to help with artistic endeavors or anything that involves mental stimulation.

You can also use orange ink to manifest pregnancy or the birth of a new idea or creative endeavor.

Write your written requests in orange ink and use a piece of tiger’s eye (or another type of orange stone if you can’t find any) in order to give your creative potential a huge boost!


4- Yellow ink for manifestation

woman with red lips touches her head with hands and yellow sweater glasses pink background 1211.

Yellow, the color of willpower and energy, is an excellent color to use when writing your manifestation requests in order to help you manifest more energy and power around your intentions.

If you’re lacking focus or determination in any part of your life, this could be a good place to start using yellow ink.

You can also try using yellow if you want to manifest things that deal with your career or goals in life, or anything else that requires you to have a more dominant, extroverted attitude.

Like if you need to ace a job interview?

Use yellow ink and citrine crystal… you’ll get the job done!

Since yellow is also the color of sunlight, it’s an excellent choice for manifestation purposes when you want something positive to come through quickly.


5- Green pen for manifestation

Portrait of young relaxed woman with blond short hairstyle, closing eyes and holding hands in zen gesture, meditating, practice yoga over green background

Green, the color of nature and abundance, is a great place to start when you want to manifest money, wealth, or prosperity.

If you’re going through a dry spell and need money fast, write your written request in green ink.

Need a big promotion? Using green ink and an emerald can help with that if you’re putting energy into your request!

Another color that can help you manifest riches is gold.

Sometimes you’ll see manifestation candles with gold specks and that can also help boost your financial desires.


6- Blue ink for manifestation

redhead girl on blue background holding her hands up in the air celebrating 141 things to be happy about.

Blue, the color of peace and calmness, is a wonderful choice if you want to write out any kind of manifestation request for mental health or communication purposes.

If your mind is racing too much or you’re feeling overly scattered, blue ink can help calm things down so that you can get back on track with what you need to do.

Furthermore, blue is the color of the throat chakra, which is the energy center associated with communication and speaking your truth.

If you’re looking to manifest something that has to do with communication, using blue ink and a piece of turquoise or lapis lazuli is a good choice for integrating those energies into your ritual or writing process.

Blue ink can also help you to manifest peace and calm in your overall life.

For this, use celestite crystal for best results with your blue ink manifestations.


7- Purple ink for manifestation

cute girl in a purple and blue wig wants to connect to the universe

Purple, the color of spirituality and intuition, is an excellent choice if you’re trying to manifest something that has to do with the connection with the Divine.

Write your written requests in purple ink and use an amethyst crystal for best results.

Purple can also help boost any psychic abilities you have or are working with.

If you want to improve your tarot reading skills, or want to try astral projection, for example, writing these requests in purple ink can prove useful.


8- Black ink for manifestation

Black ink is an excellent choice if you want to put protection energy into your written requests or you want to banish something that no longer serves you.

You can also use black ink and do a reverse candle ritual, where instead of lighting the candles one at a time, you’re actually snuffing them out!

Keep in mind, however, that black is obviously a general and universal color.

You will not “undo” your manifestations if you use black in (or any color) in a general context.

You have to put the intention into the color you’re using or it really doesn’t matter.

Your intention is where the magic comes from – make sure you remember that!



Now that you know what pen colors to use to enhance your manifestations, let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions about this topic:


1- Should you journal in pen or pencil?

You should journal in pen if you can because it helps make your manifestations “stick”. If all you have is pencil that’s fine but opt for the correct color of pen that matches your desire. 


2- What’s the best color for manifesting weight loss?

It depends on your focus. To manifest weight loss by naturally eating healthier, use green ink. For more energy to exercise, use yellow. To get over emotional eating or other psychological issues, use blue.


3- What’s the best color for manifesting love?

The best color for manifesting romantic love is pink. If you’re after a more passionate, fiery affair than a soul mate type of love, then the best color for manifesting love is red.


4- What’s the best color for manifesting money?

The best color for manifesting money is green. However, if you do not have a green pen, using a black sharpie marker and charging it with your intention will work as well.


– What is the best manifestation pen?

Hands-down, the best manifestation pen is a regular Sharpie marker. Write a petition to the universe on a thick piece of paper (like a ripped-off portion of a paper grocery bag), sign it, and date it and your desire will manifest.



Final thoughts

What Color Pen Should I Use For Manifestation? (Color Magic, Manifestation, Law of Attraction)

I hope you’ve found some value in this list of ink colors to use for manifestation!

I’ve personally had excellent success using different colors to enhance my manifestations.

But don’t fret if you don’t have these colors at your disposal.

Use what you have, and keep your intentions positive and your heart pure and you can’t go wrong.

With love, light, and most of all — magic,



P.S. Make sure you get your free numerology reading if you’re serious about manifesting quicker – it’s probably even MORE important than what pen ink color you use. (At least that’s been the case in my experience!)


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