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How To Use Manifestation Oil With The Law of Attraction

Have you heard about manifestation oil but need to know more about it? In this blog post, you’ll learn what manifestation oil is, the best ways to use manifestation oil to attract your desires, and the best intention oil to help you manifest money, love attraction, and even beauty into your life.


How To Use Manifestation Oil With The Law of Attraction

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What is manifestation oil?

Manifestation oils are blends of essential oils, carrier oils, and sometimes other natural materials (like crystal infusions), that have also been charged with additional energy to help you manifest your goals or intentions much faster. 

Usually, a specialist will create an oil and charge it with metaphysical energy to bring about the desired result. 

One of the most common practices is to charge the law of attraction oil with Reiki healing energy, but depending on the source, there are other methods. 

Some like to charge manifestation oils under the full moon, for example. 

But the critical component (other than intention and energy) is the careful selection and knowledge of herb magick.

Cinnamon, for example, will frequently be used in money intention oils because cinnamon is one of the herbs that attract money. 

It takes an intimate knowledge of what herbs and essences would combine at different ratios to support the proper intention.

That’s why it’s important to choose a good source for your manifestation oil. 

It’s easy to get it wrong!


What are manifestation oils used for?

Manifestation oils can be used for any purpose you desire! 

Any intention you set can be magnified by using a manifestation oil, with or without a ritual. 

You can ask for anything you’d like — for something as big as a house or as small as a gifted cup of coffee. 

You can use intention oil to manifest your soul mate, or to soften your boss toward giving you a raise.

Whatever your desire, manifestation oil can help you manifest so much faster.


What are the benefits of manifestation oil?

Manifestation oils are beneficial for so many reasons. 

First, they can supercharge your intentions by motivating, encouraging, uplifting, and recharging you to take action on your goals. 

Using your oil regularly will help create an anchoring ritual where the application of the oil automatically snaps you into an intentional space. 

Therefore, you’ll instantly transport yourself into the right vibrational space to make your desires manifest. 

Furthermore, depending on where you source your manifestation oil, the oil carries its own energy that will help attract your desires to you. 

It’s one of those things that’s hard to explain or quantify until you experience it for yourself. 

The magic of manifestation oil helps add an extra noticeable boost to your existing meditation, visualization, and manifesting practice. 

It’s such a surreal phenomenon — you must try it for yourself to fully understand the benefit. 

Once you see it for yourself, you’ll be so hooked!

The only regret you’ll have is not having tried it sooner!


How do you use manifestation oils?

There is literally no limit to the ways in which you can use manifestation oil. But here are three of the most common:


1- Anoint yourself

Anointing yourself with manifestation oil is one of the most effective methods, especially if you’re using a love attraction oil. 

Simply set your intention, dab a few drops of the intention oil on your wrist, behind your ears, and over your heart chakra (in the center of your chest,) and go out into the world with confidence!

You’ll experience a noticeable change in the amount of attention you get — it’s so fun! 


2- Anoint your manifestation ritual materials

Whether you’re doing the 55×5 method, writing a scripting letter to the universe, putting affirmations underneath your pillowor even burning bay leaves for manifestation, adding the right manifestation oil is a great move. 

If you’re manifesting on a piece of paper, anoint the paper with your oil before storing it underneath your pillow or hiding it away for later. 

For the bay leaf ritual, you can anoint the bay leaf with your oil before you burn it. 


3- Anoint candles with manifestation oil

Another way to use intention oil is to anoint candles while performing candle magick rituals. 

If you want to manifest love, you could take a red candle, anoint it with the manifestation oil and carve a symbol or signal of your desire into the side of the candle. 

You might like to try Grabovoi codes or angel numbers for love. 

Either of these would work well! 

You would burn the anointed candle until it’s all the way gone, and your candle magick spell would be all set! 

The same is true for a money magic candle spell, but you’d use a green candle, a different Grabovoi code, or angel number. 

It’s really hard to mess this up, just do it and have fun!


When’s the best time to use manifestation oil?

The best time to use manifestation oil is always whenever you feel most inspired and when your focus is high.

You don’t want to use it when you’re feeling low-vibe. 

It can help you feel even better when you’re already feeling good, but it’s not a good idea to use it when you’re in a low-vibrational state. 

Depending on the ritual you choose, you may like to wait for a specific cycle of the moon.

But this isn’t necessary. 

Generally, when working with moon magick you want to pay attention to the phase of the moon.

Since the new moon starts totally blacked out and then it grows over time, if you want to draw something to yourself, you would start a moon manifestation ritual at the new moon and let it manifest by the full moon.

You could use a manifestation oil at the new moon to attract things to you.

If you want to release or banish something from your life, you’d use your manifestation oil during the full moon, and set the intention for the object to fade from your life as the moon shrinks. 

This is totally optional, however. 

You would still have success even if you tried this at any time! 

As I said before — you really can’t mess this up too hard. 

Just set your intention, believe in the process and yourself, and have fun!

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Can you make your own manifestation oil?

You certainly can make your own manifestation oil — nothing is stopping you! 

However, from personal experience, I can tell you that it’s rather complicated and messy. 

You first need to learn what herb essences combine and at what ratios to bring your desired effect. 

Then you need to purchase all those herbs and/or oils. 

You need to have the proper carrier oil. 

You need bottles, crystals, or whatever else you want to add to the oil. 

Then, if you’re not experienced with energy modalities (such as Reiki), you might have problems charging it properly. 

At the end of the day you’d wind up with tons of little bottles of essential oils, some loose herbs, bottles, mixers, carrier oils, a huge mess on your table, and it still may not even work! 

I highly recommend you purchase your manifestation oil from a reputable seller (such as Art of The Root)! 

It’s just easier, far more affordable than going it on your own, less time-consuming, extremely effective, and absolutely magical. 

You can’t go wrong with this option.


How often to use manifestation oil?

You can use manifestation oil as frequently as you’d like!

There are no limits to how much you use and when. 

It’s my advice to start with a little at a time and see how you do. 

A little can go a long way (trust me, I know!)


What’s the best manifestation oil for money?

 [amazon box=”B081QQZ5GP” template=”horizontal”]

The best manifestation oils hands-down that I’ve found come from Art of the Root. 

Many people I know in the spiritual community swear by her oils (myself included). 

I’ve had outstanding success with Money Drawing and Wealthy Way oils. 

I haven’t tried King Midas, but I’ve heard it’s good too. 


What’s the best manifestation oil for love?

 [amazon box=”B08MV6XF4Q” template=”horizontal”]

An excellent choice for manifesting love and quite possibly getting your ex back would be Bound To Me oil. 

I’ve heard excellent reports about this one for women wanting to get their ex back. 

I’m already married but I tried it and my husband got very clingy. I meant that in a good way. 

He came home with fresh flowers for me, was drawing me candlelit baths, telling me I look slim (this is the way to my heart lol)… 

So I think it would be good if you just want to put that extra oomph in your relationship even if you don’t want to get someone back to you. 

Just probably a good idea for overall bonding and love. 


What’s the best manifestation oil for beauty?

 [amazon box=”B075WC8LSB” template=”horizontal”]

Finally, for manifesting beauty I love Irresistable Me! 

Maybe when my husband told me I looked slimmer it was because I was slimmer. 

But I do use this oil from time to time when I want to feel more glam and sexy and beautiful, and I always seem to take cuter pictures and also get more attention when I’m out. 

This oil just makes you vibe with yourself. 

I notice I come up with cuter clothes combinations and just feel swaggier

If that makes sense?! 

I don’t know, I just love this oil because it’s made me feel more womanly and on top of the world and that confidence translates well into overall beauty and attractiveness. 

So if you want to manifest beauty and attraction, I say try this oil. 

Let me know how it goes 🙂


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How To Use Manifestation Oil With The Law of Attraction (Dream Life Manifestation, Money)