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5 Unique Manifestation Journal Ideas for Law of Attraction Success

Do you love the idea of using journal prompts to help activate the law of attraction and make your desires come true?

I do!

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that you can buy any old notebook and jot down all your answers (I hoard get mine from the 99c store.)

While that certainly does work, it’s not the most creative of manifestation journal ideas.

If you want to add a little spark to your manifestation journaling practice, this post is for you!

Today, I will share five super unique, high-vibe manifestation journal ideas for you to try.


5 Manifestation Journaling Ideas for Beginners

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5 Super-Cool Manifestation Journal Ideas For You To Try


1- Buy A Manifesting Journal With Prompts Included

One often-overlooked way to get started with journaling is to buy one with the prompts already included!

I’ve been journaling for years and years now and have tried every method under the sun. And I still occasionally buy manifesting journals.


Because honestly, while you can get free journaling prompts online, often you’ll find more specific, unique, creative, and targeted questions by taking this approach.

For example, if you want to manifest money, sure, you could find different journal prompts online to get the wheels in your brain turning.

But imagine having a whole collection of unique, creative journal prompts all specifically created for the sole purpose of manifesting money – in one place?

It’s just SO much better that way.

I mean, doesn’t it just make sense?

Take a look at these manifesting journals on Amazon. I’ve personally tried each of them and each has something unique to offer that you really can’t find for free online.

They really will help!



2- Private Manifestation Journal Blog

Next, while I generally do get better results with pen and paper, anybody who tells you that you can’t use your laptop to answer manifestation journal prompts is lying to you.

But instead of having random lines of text, one of the best manifestation journal ideas I found over the years is to start up a free, private journal online!

I use and have entries dating back to 2011!

All you do is open up a free account, keep it secret/private, of course, and answer one LOA journal prompt a day, or whenever you feel like it.

It’s so simple, neat, and easily accessible from anywhere (my favorite part).

So if you don’t like the idea of pen and paper journaling, give this idea a try and see how you do!


3- Vision Board Manifesting Journal Idea

Next, how does the idea of combining multiple law of attraction manifesting strategies sound to you?

Good, I hope!

If you like that idea, why not get a plain notebook for your journal prompts, cut out pictures, quotes, and other cute little bits that make you feel inspired, then paste them on the front, back, and inside covers of your journal?

That way, your manifesting journal doubles as a vision board for manifesting!

Isn’t that neat?

It’s a bit involved, so if you’re not crafty or don’t want to spend too much time on it, it may not be for you.

But I just love vision boards and find that any way I can add a little extra magic to my goals and desires does make things happen much faster.

Try it out if you have extra time or creative energy!


4- Voice Notes Manifestation Journal Idea

Next, again, if you get bored of the whole pen-and-paper thing or find you’re more of an audial person, why not use voice notes on your phone to record your thoughts and responses to different journal prompts?

I’ve tried this in the past and sometimes will light candles, take a hot spiritual bubble bath, and just… talk into the voice recorder about some of the more detailed journal prompts questions.

It’s so relaxing that way, and the idea of speaking your desires into existence gives them different energy than writing.

In a way, it can feel more liberating too, which is always a good thing for bringing your dreams to reality.


5- Index Cards Method

Finally, one of my all-time favorite manifestation journal ideas is the index card method!

It’s so simple and very different because it sort of randomizes the process.

All you do is grab a pack of standard index cards and write each journal prompt on the back of one card.

Put all the cards in a box or jar.

Then, pull out one card per day and briefly jot down your thoughts on the other side!

It’s a cute, fun method, and I like it because it forces you to be brief with your response.

Sometimes I like long, drawn-out responses (like with the voice method).

Sometimes, when you don’t have lots of time or want to go too deep into something, the index card manifestation method is excellent.

Bullet points are responses, too!


Final Thoughts On Manifestation Journal Ideas

I hope you liked these manifestation journal ideas and that you try one or more of them to supplement your other efforts.

The big idea with all of this is to throw everything you have at it.

If you get bored with one tool or technique, try another.

Just keep working on your goals and dreams and know that they are indeed on their way to you.

To help you get started, here are 50 FREE Manifesting Journal Prompts. Pair them with your favorite journaling method from this list and see how it all goes!


With love, light, and most of all – magic,




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