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How To Manifest With Water (5 Water Programming Law of Attraction Techniques)

Have you ever considered the idea that you can manifest with water? 

Yes, regular water from a waterbottle or even from your water faucet or tap! 

Ther are so many simple, fun and creative ways to use water to manifest.

And today, I’m going to explain each one to you in detail so you can take advantage of perhaps the easiest tool for the law of attraction ever! 

Here are five ways to manifest with water.

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How To Manifest With Water Overnight

636 angel number meaning

When working with the law of attraction you always have two choices.

You can do things the slow way, or manifest fast (like overnight!)

If you want to go the fast way, there’s one thing you must do, and it absolutely cannot be skipped! 

You have to get hold of your energetic and personality code that is keyed into your date and time of birth.

You see, when it comes to asking for and receiving gifts from the universe, understand that you are born with a specific set of gifts to work with and challenges to overcome.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen well-intentioned folks dive hastily into the latest new manifesting method without even considering any natural limitations to their success.

So many times these same people finally get hold of this critical information, then come back telling me how much more sense everything makes. 

How they totally understand why manifesting just wasn’t working before, and how they can now manifest overnight! 

It’s truly your “abracadabra” magical moment when the world opens up like that.

So, if you’re serious about manifesting lightning-fast, you HAVE to get your hands on a copy of your personal information.


Download a free copy of your numerology report.

This is hands-down the most helpful way to gain insight into the energetic codes that are hardcoded into your personality before birth.

Your free reading will give you answers to questions like:  

  • What is my life purpose
  • What are my natural gifts?
  • How do others see me?
  • What are my heart’s true desires?
  • What are my biggest hurdles to face?

Of course, by now you can see how having the answers to these questions will help you manifest so much faster and easier.

It’s a no-brainer, right?

Get a copy of your numerology report.

(it’s free.)


What Are The Law Of Attraction & Manifesting?

spiritual woman with flowers in her hair

Just in case you haven’t heard, the law of attraction is the principle that like attracts like. Basically, if you think positive thoughts, you will attract positive outcomes to you.

Going a bit further, it’s the idea that you have the ultimate power to influence your destiny and create the life of your dreams – just by choosing your thoughts and engaging in practices and techniques (like this one), that help you bring your dreams into reality.

The process of making your desires and intentions real is called manifesting.


How Can Water Programming Help With Manifesting?

water programming techniques

Some people think the law of attraction is all woo and has no practical or scientific backing.

While it’s true that if you want to get all woo, you totally can… but that may not be all there is to this incredible phenomenon.

Don’t believe me? 

Check this out…


Water Molecules Are Affected By Intentions

angel numbers numerology free quiz

In the mid 1990’s, Dr. Masaru Emoto used a microscope to research various water molecules from all over the world.

He discovered that fresh, clean spring water molecules were neatly organized and had beautiful structure, while those of dirty, polluted water were highly disorganized and lacked structure.

Curiously, he then began exposing water to different outside influences, from varying styles of music, phrases, and even thoughts.

He’d take several samples of water from the same source, expose the water to different stimuli, freeze the water molecules into ice, and assess them later on.

What he discovered was incredible.

The water that was exposed to negative stimuli took on a disorganized, disheveled form.

Whereas the samples that were exposed to positive stimuli were perfectly formed, beautiful, and completely organized.

Thoughts and verbalizations have the power to charge water

Isn’t that fascinating?


Download The Audio Version Of Dr. Emaru’s Book For FREE!!!

Right now, you can listen to Dr. Emaru’s book, at absolutely zero cost to you!

See for yourself how incredible this study really is.

You see, once you gain a fundamental, practical understanding of exactly how the law of attraction works, your mind accepts it as fact.

That’s when you start to manifest miracles seemingly overnight! 

Think about it… when you are kinda sorta just trying something out when you don’t really believe in it or understand how it works, you’re less likely to get a solid result.

But once the light bulb goes on and you get an “aha” moment — everything changes.

This audiobook will flip that light switch on for you. 

Do yourself a favor if you’re serious about manifesting, and get your free audiobook. You literally have nothing to lose!


Five Water Manifestation Methods (Charging Water With Words) 

water programming

Now that you know a little bit of background and can wrap your mind around why water might be a good conductor of positive intentions, here are three easy ways to manifest with water.

Keep in mind that focusing and setting an intention is always enough.

It may seem weird at first, like you need to do something more – but thoughts are SUPER powerful.

Just thinking and focusing on something really is good enough. You don’t always need an elaborate ritual to get things done (though they can be fun)!


1- How To Bless Your Water With Intentions

manifesting crystals law of attraction

First, make a habit of either thinking positive thoughts or sending positive intentions to your water anytime you come into contact with any, for any reason.


  • During your morning shower, envision anything negative being washed off of you, down the drain, then pure, golden light of positivity thoroughly coating your body for a fresh day ahead
  • Anytime you wash your hands, make a habit of thinking about something you’re grateful for in your life. This will keep you in a constant state of gratitude, which will raise your vibration, and attract more to be grateful for.
  • When you take a bath, give thanks for the soothing experience. Mentally transmit uplifting thoughts into the water, or even say out loud “I am so thankful that I get to experience this cleansing, soothing, relaxing bath”.


2- Label Your Water Before You Drink It

manifest new job with water

Secondly, one of the findings discussed in depth in  Dr. Emaru’s Book is that labeling water is enough to transform it. Even if you don’t set a formal intention.

Labeling your bottle or cup with positive affirmations before you drink is one of the most effective ways to manifest with water!

You can grab a set of water bottle labels and get to work! You can try some sort of regular tape, but you’ll run into issues, as tape generally isn’t waterproof.

Your writing will bleed and get all messy, and it’ll just be generally unattractive as a whole.

This set of 50 matte, waterproof labels is perfect for manifesting with water. They’re super affordable and will last you a really long time!

All you do is take a pen or marker, grab a label, write your affirmation on it, then stick it to your water.

Here’s an example of some short manifestation affirmations you might try:

  • Attract abundance
  • Visualize success
  • Embrace love

Keeping it short at two words or three is straight to the point, and brief enough to write on a label without being tedious or messy!

BONUS TIP: Try the water bottle manifestation method with angel numbers instead of affirmations. It’s a shortcut that works even FASTER!


3- Crystal Water Bottle Manifestation Method

The third way to manifest is super trendy and will really add a bit of sparkle to your life (not to mention attract lots of attention if you use it while out), is a crystal water bottle!

These water bottles are so delightfully adorable, and they really do boost your efforts to manifest with water.

You can find crystal water bottles many places, but this one is special. You see, most other crystal water bottles have one huge raw crystal pointer sitting directly inside the bottle.

The crystal actually makes contact with your water – and you don’t know where it’s been. Some crystals would be safe to put into your mouth, but better safe than sorry, right?

This crystal water bottle has a capsule that stores the crystals, so not only are the crystals near – but not touching – your water, but they’re replaceable AND you can have multiple crystals.

This set comes with a handful of amethyst and rose quartz crystals, great for purifying energy and inviting love and compassion into your life.

But you can swap them out for anything at will.

You’ll really come to appreciate the flexibility as you go deeper into your manifestation journey.

Another benefit is that this bottle is available on Amazon Prime, meaning you don’t have to wait long at all to receive it!

You can get started manifesting with water in style — in as little as a day or two!


4- Try The Two Cups Methodwater programming manifest

Another easy way to manifest with water is to try the two cups method! It’s a super easy and convenient way to program your water and activate the law of attraction. 

All you need is two small cups, a black sharpie pen, and some sticky tape or labels. 

Here’s what you do: 

First, think about your current situation and what you’d like to change it into. 

For example, maybe you are single and you want to manifest a great relationship. 

Once you have your two different states of being, you write each one on one of the labels. 

So, you might write “Single and lonely” on the first label. Then write “Happily married” on the second one.

Pour a little bit of water inside the first cup (about 8 ounces worth is fine — the amount doesn’t matter as much), then put the first label on it. 

Place the second label on the second empty cup, then close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to have your desired state. 

Once you’ve reflected and got the great feelings of your desire, take the water from the first cup, pour it into the second cup, then drink it. 

And that’s it! 

Go on about your day knowing and expecting your desire to manifest. Because the Universe hears you and is going to deliver your desire to you if it is for your highest and greatest good. 


5- Set Anchors

crystal altar

Finally, you can set manifesting anchors to manifest with water. 

It’s so simple and once you make it an automatic habit, you won’t even have to think twice about adding this little high-vibe manifesting ritual to your day! 

All you do is make a habit of thinking of positive affirmations or expressing gratitude every time you take a certain action. 

I suggest using something you do multiple times a day with water, like washing your hands. 

If you have trouble remembering to practice your positive affirmations every day, imagine how often you’d get to fit them in if you mentally affirmed positive things to yourself every time you wash your hands. A lot, right? 

It’s the perfect water manifesting trick that I’ve used to bring massive change in my life. 

Check out this guide I wrote all about how to use manifesting anchors with ease!


What If Water Manifesting Doesn’t Work?

charging crystals intentions


Finally, I know sometimes it feels like you’ve tried everything under the sun  and it still feels like your manifestations take forever or will never come. 

Trust me, it’s really a thing — it’s not just you!

You’re not cursed, you’re not broken, and it doesn’t mean you’ll never get there. 

It just means that you need to go back over your numerology report (go get yours now if you haven’t already!) 

Pay attention to all the details and you will see what’s wrong.

It could be anything… you could be out of alignment, you could be framing your intentions wrong, it could even just be that you’re going against your life purpose and you need to work in a way that supports your destiny.

But you’ll never know if you never open the document in the first place! 

Countless people have received mindblowing results just by doing this one thing. 

And it only takes two minutes of your time! 

You have two minutes to change your life, don’t you? 

Get your numerology reading right now (and keep the results in mind WHEN you’re trying these water manifestation exercises).

It’ll open a whole new level of understanding that’ll get you to your goal SO much faster! 


With love, light, and most of all — magic, 



P.S. Don’t let unnecessary blocks keep you from leveling up! Get your numerology report and free up some energy to let the Universe work its magic!


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