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How To Use Subliminals To Manifest Your Specific Person

Has someone caught your attention and you want to draw them into your orbit but you don’t know where to start? Subliminal affirmations can help you with that.

There are so many different law of attraction and manifestation techniques you can use to manifest a specific person. But some of them can be time-consuming, and tedious, and they may not even work that well.

Today you’re going to learn about the best way to manifest your specific person — with subliminal affirmations!

That way, you can stop the endless pining, and finally manifest all your dreams with this specific person.


How To Use Subliminals To Manifest Your Specific Person

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The most important thing to manifest your SP

The first thing you must understand if you want to manifest your SP  is that it’s all about your INNER reality.

Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings on a subconscious level shape your outer world — not the other way around.

Yes, it’s true…

Everything you’re experiencing now in your reality is only happening because it’s what you expect and believe to be true in your brain!

So, right now if you desire contact from your specific person and do not have that yet, it’s because your subconscious mind believes that person doesn’t notice you, or doesn’t want to talk to you.

You are creating that situation.

And you can absolutely get out of that and turn everything around, but only if you’re able to do one thing…

Train your subconscious mind to live in a different reality.



Why other manifestation techniques don’t always work

Once you understand that nearly 100% of your results with manifesting will come down to your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, then you can see why most other manifestation techniques don’t really work.

Well… the thing is they ALL work if you get your subconscious mind trained right.

In fact, they work so well that you won’t need them at all!

All you need is to shift your belief to manifest.

So, yes, writing your positive affirmations 55 times a day for five days does work and it works well… but only if you subconsciously create the reality that you already have what you want.

The same is true for other exercises!

They all work the same way… they take you out of the space of doubt and give you something to believe in!

And hopefully, your subconscious mind falls in line with your actions.

But that’s the slow way and it’s honestly the least effective!

Hacking your subconscious mind to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you is the best way to manifest your specific person, hands down.

Then, the other manifestation rituals will enforce the progress you’re already making.

See how that works?

It’s so cool!


What are subliminals?

Subliminal messages are specific messages hidden in a piece of media that only your subconscious mind can perceive.

In this case, these files contain positive affirmations, hypnotic suggestions, and NLP (neuro-lingusitic programming) language to help your brain uptake the messaging.

This helps you because when it comes to which part of your mind is most powerful, your subconscious mind wins over consciousness every single time.

Even if you tell yourself “my specific person loves me”…

If you’re blocked on social media then your conscious brain notices that, sees that they don’t love you, and that knowing, or doubt, will prevent the affirmations from working.

Well, these powerful messages are played at a very low volume with ambient sounds on top.

So all your conscious mind hears is pretty music!

But your subconscious mind “hears” the messages, interprets them as true, and gets straight to work creating the new reality you desire.

And the more vivid and real your desire becomes in your mind, the more likely it is you will see it in 3D.

But don’t just take my word for it…

See for yourself now!


How do I use subliminals to manifest my specific person?

Using subliminal affirmations to manifest your specific person is super simple.

All you have to do is get your headphones or earbuds, close your eyes and listen to the files to get started.

You can get results in 10 minutes a day just by playing these while you lay in bed at night as you drift off to sleep.


Where do I find specific person subliminals?

To be honest, there are a lot of places where you can acquire subliminals.

But you have to be careful because there are many ways you can be led astray.

First, you could try YouTube, but that could be risky.

Because subliminals are typically played at low volumes, you’ll frequently encounter audio files with no discernible words.

It sounds like a plain audio file and you think you’re meditating to something positive and uplifting — but you can never be sure!

One of the most popular YouTube channels for subliminals was recently found playing inappropriate messages.

People were being severely deceived and tricked because she was hypnotizing them for selfish purposes, like getting them to be obsessed with her!

Isn’t that crazy?

You’ll want to make sure you can hear the words at least a little bit wherever you go — and that you’re using a reliable source!

Another thing to consider is whether or not you have additional features such as brainwave entrainment technology, hypnotic suggestions, NLP, and other approaches that may really bring things into focus!

If your subliminals are going to work to manifest your specific person, you’ll need to make sure you have as many components as possible to get the best result!

Finally, double-check that you’ve covered all of your bases!

You may believe that all you want is for your specific person to notice that you exist.

But, love, there’s a lot more to it than that!

You’ll need to cover a variety of scenarios, including how to make them feel attracted to you, how to make them feel a magnetic pull toward you, how to develop a strong, psychic bond, and more!


The best subliminals for you

So, while it may seem simple, there’s really a lot to it.

You don’t want to wind up following the wrong path and losing out!

That is why you should check out Subliminal Guru!

These subliminals have everything you need to start manifesting your specific person.

And not only that – they will help you attract almost anything else you want into your life just as quickly.

People write to me all the time how they went from being blocked to receiving endless calls and texts — out of the blue!

Others say their SP was in a relationship with someone else but after a week or two of listening to these subliminals, now they’re single.

It’s so exciting to think that you, too, can join the others in creating your very own specific person manifestation success story, is it not?

Download your subliminals now because you don’t want to waste another minute being ignored by your specific person.

It’s time for you to get the love, attention, and admiration you crave and deserve.

Get yours free.

I wish you the best of luck, and I’m excited to hear about your new relationship with your specific person!

Love, light, and, most of all – magic,




How To Manifest Your Specific Person FAST With Subliminals (Manifest SP 3D)