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A Powerful Law Of Attraction Manifesting Ritual For Self-Love

Today I thought I’d share one of the manifesting rituals that I created right before the New Year leading into 2019.

2018 had been a tough year for me in many ways, and I was in the middle of some pretty bad issues with crippling anxiety and depression. My self-esteem was in the toilet and I needed a way out.

As always, with a new year, there was an energy of hope and a fresh new start.

I’d been studying spirituality and working with different energies to find help. I was seeking some way to fill the void in my life, I guess — part of all that included the law of attraction and manifesting.

Up until that point, I usually would turn to different tutorials, bloggers, YouTubers, and even devour books and audiobooks for various rituals and spells that I could try to create change and transformation in my life.

But this time something told me to be still, be quiet and look inward for the answers.

And when I looked inward, here’s what came out.

A Powerful Law Of Attraction Manifesting Ritual For Self-Love

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  • Sage and Florida Water to cleanse your workspace and your aura
  • Rose quartz crystal to represent love
  • Candles (I buy all mine at the dollar store)
  • Incense (I used Sandalwood but any is fine)
  • A black Sharpie marker
  • Thick Paper (so the marker doesn’t bleed through)
  • Inspirational music
  • Notebook
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards (more on this later)


The Power Is Inside Of You

When I went into creating this ritual, I honestly didn’t know what I’d do or what to expect. I’m not even sure I believed it would work or if I was doing it “right.”

But the results from this work that I did were so empowering that ever since then, I’ve remained convinced that we are all creators.

We all hold power to change our lives and manifest our desires, and that power comes from within.

Now, you can follow steps and rules if you want to, but if something inside of you pulls you to do things differently, you’ll only improve your result by following your own path.

I say that to encourage you to read as much as you can. Watch all the YouTubers, read all the books and blogs. Seek as much information as you can.

But prioritize your intuition and listen to the voice of your Spirit.

It won’t lead you astray.


Self-Love Manifesting Ritual Materials

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First, I’ll tell you that I already had everything for this ritual on-hand. It was pretty last-minute, so I didn’t have time to prep in advance or order anything online. Yet, I chose each element to elicit a specific emotion or vibe.

So, if you don’t have anything on this list, try to improvise with something you already have that makes you feel what you’re going for. If you need ideas for substitutions, let me know, and I’ll be happy to help!

If you have none of the items on the list, it’ll do you some good to do a little shopping so that you have what you think you might need.

Regardless, though, follow your intuition! You’re capable of manifesting your desires with just your mind. The power is inside of you. The rituals and objects are just tools.

Know that and you’re halfway there!


What You’ll Need For This Self-Love Manifesting Ritual:

  • Sage and Florida Water
  • Rose quartz crystals
  • Candles to set the vibe (any color or scent is fine)
  • Incense (I used Sandalwood
  • A black Sharpie marker
  • Thick Paper (I used an old brown paper bag… it needs weight and for the marker not to bleed through)
  • Inspirational music or ambient noise (again, for the vibe)
  • Notebook for tracking (you could also use a document online, but I like tracking all my manifestations in a journal)
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards (see next section)


Using Tarot or Oracle Cards In This Ritual

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I want to just say that you don’t have to use tarot or oracle cards if you don’t have any or don’t want to. At that point in my life I was heavily invested in learning to read tarot for myself, so I had a strong foundation there. And I found certain cards resonated with me.

Just for clarity and transparency in case you were wondering exactly what I did, I used the Aphrodite card from the Goddess Power Oracle Deck and the Queen of Cups from the standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck (a must-have for true beginners).

I felt those two ladies were who I needed to help me draw out my feminine power, beauty and confidence. So, that’s who I used!


Self-Love Manifesting Ritual Instructions

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The entire self-love ritual from start to finish took about 45 minutes (not including shower time). And it was outstanding, to say the least. I could tell by the time I finished that something significant would happen – and it did!

Here’s what I did:

1- Cleansing

Maybe I went overboard, but I did what felt right. First, I took a shower (I don’t include this in the 45 minutes).

But after I showered, I scrubbed my desk with the Florida Water and got it squeaky clean. Then I smudged my room and my body head-to-toe with sage, setting the intention to clear any negative or stagnant energy from my space and my body.


2- Set The Scene

Next, I placed my Aphrodite and Queen of Cups cards on my desk with my lit candles, incense and rose quartz crystals. I turned on my music. Then I grabbed the brown paper bag and tore it into a square big enough to write a letter on.

I made sure the Sharpie was nearby and sat on the floor ready to visualize my desire.


3- Visualization Meditation

I spent about a minute or two deep breathing to get fully relaxed and ready to create a mental image of how I wanted my life to look.

Then, I created in my mind’s eye a picture of who I wanted to be. How I wanted to feel. Who I wanted in my life. How I wanted my days to play out. What I did for fun. The types of foods I ate. What I wore. The things I’d say and the way I’d say them.

I focused on what I wanted – not what I didn’t.

It was one of the most intense visualizations I’ve ever had.

It was so intense that I wound up crying by the time I finished!

I could literally see and feel the joy and happiness I would experience and exude once this transformation was complete. I could smell the perfume the future me would wear. She was so real.

The experience was so rich, liberating and powerful.

I knew that I would become this woman one day. I knew I would love her. I would love me.

I just knew it!

This meditation took me about 20 minutes in total. You may need to go longer or shorter, but oh… you’ll know when you’re finished!


4- Scripting

Next, while the intention was strong, and I held a picture-perfect image of my new life in my mind, I grabbed the Sharpie pen and wrote a contract to the Universe.

I dated it and signed it. I wrote it like what I imagine a legal document would be like, kinda. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know for sure, but I wanted it to feel official.

Remember, intention and feeling is everything with manifesting.


So I dated it in the upper right-hand corner. And wrote:

This document is an official binding contract between myself (insert full name) and the Universe, set in motion on the date of (insert date).

Then I wrote as many details as I could fit about the new version of myself that I saw in my visualization!

When I tell you it flowed so gracefully and beautifully from my hands, I mean it!

It brought me to tears just how beautiful the whole experience was!

I believe this is where the magic happened.

I wrote straight from a full heart and an open mind, signed it with my signature, folded it and stored it in a safe, hidden place. Then it was time to close out the ritual.


5- Gratitude & Closing

To close out the ritual, I simply expressed gratitude to the Universe for hearing me out and supporting me. Then I gave thanks for the transformation that I knew was coming.

I then put out the candles and cleaned up.

Finally, I wrote about the session briefly in my notes, and that was it!


Results Of The Self-Love Manifestation Ritual

So, now time for the great, epic self-love manifestation ritual results – my favorite part!

I received some incredibly strong transformations, then some that were more subtle. I’ll explain in detail below.


Stronger Self-Love Manifestations

Among the strongest realizations of self-love from this ritual are the kinds of people I began to attract, how much more confidence I gained to go after what I wanted.


Better Friendships

For example, I don’t know if you can relate, but I had some “friends” in my life who were kinda “meh”.

It was like I was more of a friend to them than they were to me.

I noticed my energy would be drained when around them and I didn’t get the sense that they really had my best interest at heart.

Well, these friendships started to fade away but I noticed lots of new people came to me like magnets.

In my visualization, one of the things I saw was me deeply connecting to other people who saw the value in me that I would have for myself. And one of the things I heard someone say in the visualization was “the purpose of our friendship is to love one another and support one another.”

Well – on April 2, 2019 – one of the new friends I made said that EXACT thing!

We were talking outside of our Reiki class about how we had so much in common. We shared that we thought we met each other for a reason and she said, “I know our friendship is pretty new, but I feel like we’re meant to be in each others’ lives – like we’re meant to love and support each other.”

The way my jaw hit the floor with shock…!



A big part of self-love is putting a high value on yourself and having the confidence to go after what you want in life. For me, I’ve always been somewhat timid.

Never feeling like my best was good enough, I’d shy away from opportunities and shrink away to stay small, never draw attention to myself and stay in my lane.

Well, you know what? Playing small doesn’t get you very far.

If you shrink away from who you are, you know all those people who doubt you and say, “she’ll never make it”? They win!

I always say the difference between those who are successful and those who are not really boils down to one thing – audacity!

Many people who succeed aren’t the best, the smartest, the funniest or the prettiest.

They are just the ones who put themselves, their work, and their ideas out there for the world whether anybody else liked it or not.

They believe in themselves and have the sheer audacity to show up and show out anyway.

This manifestation ritual transformed my self-confidence in that way.

I began to speak up for what I wanted. To share my opinions even if I knew they wouldn’t be popular. I started sharing my magic with others and starting business ideas and side projects.

And the more I shared, the more I grew comfortable sharing.

That little seed of intent to grow self-love in that manifesting ritual grew to be a whole garden of love, possibility, and hope.


Subtle Self-Love Manifestations

On the more delicate side, today – just over a full year later – I can say that I have an improved sense of wellbeing and I feel comfortable with my place in this world.

I used to compare myself to others a lot. Like, am I too old, too fat, teeth too crooked, is my skin the wrong color? Am I smart enough? Funny enough? Cool enough?

I’d tell myself that I should wait to buy new quality clothes until I lost weight. Or save my expensive perfume for when I was going somewhere special.

But now I feel worthy of the best of the best ALL the time.

I invest in myself and show up just the way I am.

And I don’t compare myself to others. I’m just confident in me and who I am, and I know that I genuinely LOVE myself.

The same can happen for you too!


Give This Self-Love Manifesting Spell A Try

So what do you think? I know I’ve gone on longer than expected, so I’ll wrap up here. But if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Self-love is one of the most important things you can have. We have messages flooding us from every angle, telling us we’re not good enough unless we look a certain way. Or that we have to be something better, more or different than who we are to succeed, receive love, respect, and admiration.

None of that is true!

You are worthy. You are deserving. And you can do anything you put your heart and mind to.

If you struggle with self-worth issues, gather your supplies from the list at the top of this page, and block off an hour of your time to try this ritual.

I bet it’ll change your life.



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