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How To Manifest Inner Peace (Law of Attraction Techniques)

Just like you have the power to manifest any other thing you want into your life, you have the same ability to manifest inner peace and calmness of mind.

The best way to do this is by monitoring your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

When you can reduce the influence of your thoughts on your actions and emotions, you automatically create a calmer mental and emotional environment in which to thrive.

Stilling your mind is one of the most critical skills to help you manifest inner peace when the world around you is falling apart.  

In today’s post, I’d love to share a few tips to help with manifesting true inner peace with your mind and spirit at a time when everything seems anything but peaceful.


How To Manifest Inner Peace

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What Is Inner Peace of Mind?

Peace of mind is a mental and emotional state of calmness.

When you’re at peace, it’s so much easier to let go.

You can let go of anxiety, worry, panic about the future and other negative thought patterns that threaten your serenity.

A critical component of peace of mind is the ability to be present.

Something easier said than done – I know.

But your ability to be present and focus on the here and now is key to your ability to thrive.

You will find peace when you focus not on the past, nor the uncertain future. But focus on the now.


How To Manifest Inner Peace In Uncertain Times

Like all things else, manifesting inner peace of mind takes a little time and effort.

To manifest peace of mind, you must learn, practice, and improve.  

You won’t automatically achieve peace of mind just because you so desire.

But the good news is by regularly practicing certain strategies, skills, and techniques, you can manifest more peace and develop a soothing calmness as you experience serenity in your life.

Here are four ways to manifest peace of mind in uncertain times.


1- Manifest Inner Peace Through Meditation

First, the most important practice you can integrate into your life to manifest peace of mind is meditation.

Mindfulness is the most crucial skill you learn from cultivating a regular meditative practice. This skill is the cornerstone or gateway to all other necessary tools you’ll need for sustained peace.

Learning to meditate is crucial because you can do it almost anywhere at any time.

Once you get into the groove of things, you’ll notice fairly quickly just how much it helps you find your peace.

Meditation reshapes how your brain is wired, helping you to better cope with stress.

Meditation also helps to push away negative thoughts, preventing them from intruding on your sense of peace and overall wellbeing.

Establishing a regular meditation practice can also reduce anxiety, which is the most likely reason your mind is at unrest, as well.

If you’re completely new to meditation, try a guided meditation practice that walks you through the basics.

I absolutely love the 100% free Insight Timer meditation app. I swear by and recommend it for newbies and more experienced people alike.


2- Use The Power Of Forgiveness To Manifest Inner Peace

If you seek inner peace, now is a great time to witness the power of forgiveness.

Holding grudges for past mistakes – either mistakes you’ve made or ways in which others have wronged you – robs you of inner peace.

Release those negative emotions for true emotional freedom and see how much lighter you feel.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking forgiveness means you forget.

It doesn’t mean you let someone off the hook for damaging things they’ve done to you.

One thing to remember about forgiveness is that it’s for you – not them.

You can choose to acknowledge wrongfulness while simultaneously choosing to let it go and move on with your life.

Eliminating negative emotions – including holding grudges – frees up your emotional energy for better things.


3- Focus On Yourself To Manifest Inner Peace

When you constantly worry about what others think of you and the choices you make, you’ll find it next to impossible to manifest more peace in your life.

You can’t please everyone all of the time, so you must find true happiness that resonates from within your own soul and spirit.  

In other words, you must not fear judgment from others.

Stop caring with others think, and you’ll be much happier and at peace.


4- Exercise Patience To Manifest Inner Peace

With everything going on these days it’s so important to have patience with yourself and with those around you.

So many people are afraid, confused, uncertain, and don’t know what to do or what to expect. The thing is, it starts with you.

You must accept that most things are out of your control.

You can’t control what happens out in the world, nor can you control what other people say, think, and do.

The sooner you accept these truths, the better you are at rolling with the situations life hands you.

Whether it is the behavior of others, the pace at which the world is moving, or even how much things cost, all you can control is your reaction.

Exercising patience and tolerance allows you to focus on what’s most important – finding your sanity in a sea of turbulence.



How Will You Manifest Peace Of Mind?

I hope that this list gives you hope and shines a little bright light if you’re going through a tough time.

At the very least, give Insight Timer a try.

Commit to just five or ten minutes a day at minimum and I’m sure you’ll see some change in how you feel.


With so much love,



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How To Manifest Inner Peace with the Law of Attraction



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