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How To Manifest Money Out Of Thin Air (In 6 Easy Steps!)

This is a blog post that will teach you, step-by-step, how to manifest money out of thin air. Just follow these simple steps and see how easy it can be to magically see extra money start showing up in your life.

How To Manifest Money Out Of Thin Air

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How To Manifest Money Out Of Thin Air

I want to teach you how to manifest money a little bit differently than usual. 

It’s no secret that positive money affirmations are beneficial for manifesting money. 

But you’d benefit so much from establishing a strong connection between the affirmations and how they manifest money into your life. 

So, I’m going to use one money affirmation to illustrate each step of manifesting real cash. 

That way, you can see how to use them in real-life scenarios! 


1- I know the exact amount of money I want.

First, everything you want to manifest begins with clarity. You have to know how much money you want to manifest. 

One of the main problems I had when first trying to manifest money years ago was that I was too vague. 

I knew I didn’t like my job. My apartment was small, cramped, ugly, and hot. I hated taking the bus and desperately needed a new car. And I was so frustrated with making ends meet. 

So, naturally, I thought, “cool, I can just try this law of attraction thing to ask for more money!”

Boy, was I wrong! 

“More money” is far too vague. 

The Universe can send you “more money” when you’re walking down the street and find a penny or a nickel on the ground. 

That IS “more money,” but I’m sure that’s not what you mean. I know it wasn’t what I meant! 

Therefore, the first lesson for manifesting money out of thin air is that you must know the exact amount of money you need. Or what you need it for. 

If you don’t have clarity yet – that’s totally fine!

Repeat the positive money affirmation “I know exactly the amount of money I want and need.” 

Then, see what comes up for you! 

It could be an extra $100. Or, if you keep seeing the image of a new car, it could be that you want what the money represents rather than money itself. 

You could say, “I am attracting money for my new car.” 

I hope that makes sense! 


2- I am aligned with the frequency of wealth and abundance.

Next, you’re going to have to make sure your vibration is sky high! 

Another mistake I made when first attempting to manifest money was that I was doing it from a place of lack. 

That generally doesn’t work because the law of attraction and the Universe respond to your current energetic level.

The frequency of money, flow, and abundance is positive. 

I completely understand what it’s like to hate your job, detest where you live, and just feel really crappy overall. 

But trying to manifest money from that space is like trying to fill up your bathtub without the drain stopper plugged in! 

All the good stuff is going to go right through, and you’ll be left feeling empty (and with an empty bank account.) 

I know it’s not the easiest thing to keep your vibration high when you want to manifest money. But, it’s something you must do. 

I’ve found subliminal affirmations extremely useful in these scenarios.

Sometimes you can “fake it ’til you make it.” Other times, the reality is just that life sucks right now, and it isn’t much you can do! 

During those times, it’s helpful to have a shortcut. Subliminal affirmations are that shortcut! 

These mp3s will alter your brainwaves and bypass your subconscious mind, automatically putting you on the right frequency to manifest money! 

Try it free.


3- I am what a wealthy woman looks like. 

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Third, this positive affirmation comes from an incredibly successful manifesting mentor of mine, Denise Duffield-Thomas

One of her big ideas to help women get unstuck and manifest more money is to release harmful stereotypes of what it means to be wealthy. 

Rich women don’t all look, dress, or live a certain way. 

You can wear yoga pants, t-shirts, and flip-flops every day and be rich, spiritual and rich, fat and rich, or any other thing! 

Once you believe that you’re worthy of wealth just as you are? It starts to flow out of thin air!

Repeat this affirmation to yourself every single day as you gaze into the mirror.


4- I live a life of quality and ease.

The next part of manifesting money out of thin air is that you already have to act as if you already have it! 

The reason why “I live a life of quality and ease” is the perfect affirmation to absorb is that it means you are acting as if, already. 

You see, most of the time, when we want to manifest more money, it is to improve our lives in some meaningful way. 

It is either to improve our quality of life (upgrade our surroundings, appearance, social status, life experiences) or to make our lives easier (eliminate worry, pay for services and upgrades that help us, etc…)

So, if you internalize the belief that you live a life of quality and ease, you will make subtle changes in your life that reflect that belief. 

It is a shortcut to letting the Universe know that “hey, this lady does live a good life, let’s send her more of that good!”

When you treat yourself well, respect yourself, and appreciate what you already have in your life, you only attract more of the same.


5- Opportunities to receive money are everywhere.

The next step is to open your eyes, ears, and heart to endless opportunities to receive money! 

The truth is, “manifesting” both is and is not some magical force. 

There are metaphysical energies at play that you can work with and manipulate to make lasting changes in your life. 

But honestly, it’s not, too, because the fastest ways to get more money usually have nothing to do with magic at all. 


Here are a few of the most obvious (yet overlooked) ways to manifest money: 

  • Ask for it
  • Earn it
  • Rediscover it
  • Accept it


That’s not to say you shouldn’t also do all the things in this article (and more!) 

But if you want to manifest money out of thin air, consider all your options, honey! 

Look inside your purse, old pockets, under your car seat, in between car cushions. 

Accept offers for coffee dates, small gifts from others. 

See if you can exchange some service or talent for some extra coin.

Ask your significant other to just… give it to you lol. (Sometimes what you want manifests for people close to you, so this is not entirely unusual to receive money through your partner!)

At the end of the day, the point of repeating “opportunities to receive money is everywhere” is believing

If you want to manifest money out of thin air, you MUST believe you can. 

This is a shortcut for how!

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6- I gratefully accept all amounts of money that come my way.

Finally, the last step to manifesting money out of thin air is to accept it when it comes.

But that’s not all!

You also have to accept ALL of it with gratitude!

I know I said earlier that finding a penny on the street isn’t exactly what we mean when we want “more money.” 


Once you have followed all the steps above, you will know for sure how much money you want. 

You will feel confident that you can and will have it. 

You’ll be open to receiving it from multiple channels — “magical” or not. 

And that’s when you start to see hints and trickles of money coming into your life. 

It may be that you do start to notice pennies, nickels, and dimes on the ground. 

You’ll start to receive coupons, gifts, and refunds on things. 

Other little synchronicities may occur as well to let you know the energy is shifting and your manifestation is coming

For me, I remember one time in particular when I was in line at Starbucks, and the gentleman in front of me randomly paid for my coffee (no, he wasn’t even trying to get my phone number lol!) 

When things like that start to happen, you do not chalk it up as “whatever.” 

You do not get frustrated because it’s not the exact amount you requested. 

Your job is to accept it, get excited, and feel overwhelmingly thankful because it is a sign that your overall energy and frequency is shifting higher toward abundance! 

Once you enter that space, your whole life becomes an avalanche of one lucky windfall after another. 

Then they get bigger and bigger. More and more frequent. 

And that’s when you start to get more successful with specific amounts, occurrences, and situations. 

I’m telling you, life as a whole is so much more fun, abundant, and free in that space. 

It’s where you want to be! 


Final Thoughts 

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope it helped you learn how to manifest money out of thin air!

Once you have these steps down, you can add manifesting spells and rituals to the mix. 

They provide an extra boost, and they can be quite fun for turning your intentions into physical actions that you can see. 

While you can do those rituals after your mindset is already set in a way that I’ve outlined here, it doesn’t work so well in reverse. 

The rituals and spells don’t work as effectively if your mind isn’t right and your vibe isn’t already at the right level. 

So, that said, I hope you have loads of success and that you manifest all the money your heart desires. 


With love, light, and most of all — magic, 




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How To Manifest Money Out Of Thin Air (In 6 Easy Steps!)

How To Manifest Money Out Of Thin Air