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8 Nasty Habits To Avoid If You Want To Manifest Money

It’s not always about what actions you can take to draw more money into your life. Sometimes, instead, it’s about habits you can remove. It’s about the nasty habits you’ve picked up over the years that may be sabotaging your money manifesting ability without you even knowing it! Take a quick look at this list of ten bad habits to avoid if you want to manifest money, just to make sure you’re on the right track.



Habits To Avoid If You Want To Manifest Money

8 Nasty Habits To Avoid If You Want To Manifest Money

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1- Blame

First, you must accept full responsibility for your circumstances 100% of the time.

Yes, things can and will be out of your control – frequently, this is the case.

But you always have the power of your mindset and your response.

You didn’t get that new promotion or job you wanted?

There probably isn’t much you can do about that, but you have the choice to continue improving your skills and applying for better opportunities.

Likewise, you can look at it from a different perspective – maybe this wasn’t right for you and there’s something way better down the line.

A positive attitude and sense of personal responsibility is the first thing you need if you want to manifest money.

 If you have a habit of placing blame, let it go.

Affirmation: I accept responsibility for my outcomes in life and hold all the power within me.


2- Gossip

Second, while a little celebrity gossip probably won’t kill you every once in a while, a habit of continually gossiping about other people is cancerous.

All that negativity can’t do you any good, and what’s worse – if you do it enough, it could come back to harm you, squash opportunities for your advancement, damage your reputation, and more.

Besides, gossiping so much means you’re spending so much of your precious time and energy worrying about others’ lives and not focusing enough on what you need to be successful.

As tempting as gossip may be, it’s another bad habit that you need to squash if you expect to manifest money.

Affirmation: I am fully focused on my own financial growth and success.


3- Self-Doubt

Next, everyone has insecurities – some more than others. But if you have a nasty habit of beating yourself up and putting yourself down for your faults and limitations, you must find a way around that.

You see, manifesting simply means to “make real”.

It’s not this magical concept where things fall out of the sky and opportunities present that had zero chance of presenting until you did some trick.

It’s about fixing your mindset, building your self-confidence, trusting yourself to make good decisions, and putting in the effort required to bring what you desire to you.

If you’re riddled with self-doubt, you must work on that. There’s almost no way to manifest lots of money if you don’t believe in yourself.

Affirmation: I am aware of my limitations and grow beyond them more each day.


4- Complaining

Next, complaining is one of the worst habits you can have when you’re trying to manifest more money.

A positive outlook is scientifically proven to lead to improved life outcomes.

Therefore, if you’ve got a habit of complaining all the time, you can see how you’re reducing the likelihood that you’ll ever reach your financial goals!

Complaining is so negative.

You can say all the “I am” affirmations you want – but if you spend the rest of the day focused on what’s wrong in your life, you won’t get far.

Affirmation: I accept challenges as opportunities for growth and abundance.


5- Laziness

Fifth, if you want to manifest money, you can’t be lazy.

This probably goes without saying, but chances that you’ll win the lotto are pretty slim.

Sure, money can and will flow to you in unexpected ways.

Sometimes you’ll find random money on the ground, some stranger will complete a random act of kindness, or someone from your past will pop up with a big cash surprise.

But for the most part, you can’t make laziness a habit.

If you want long-lasting money, wealth, and abundance, you must put in the work!

That’s not to say that the work has to be grueling or unpleasant – quite the contrary!

Which brings me to the next point…


6- Negative Money Language

Think about how you talk about money.

Do you say “cold, hard cash”?

How about “money doesn’t grow on trees?”

Do you think most rich women are divas and bitches, and owners of large businesses are evil and don’t care about others or what’s going on in the world?

Do you believe money is exclusively the result of unpleasant, grueling work?

There are so many ways in which people speak negatively either about money itself or about those who have tons of it.

This is a horrible habit if you want to manifest money. Because why would you attract something that you subconsciously think is evil?

Just some food for thought.

Affirmation: I love money and money loves me.


7- Disrespecting Your Money

Next, you must respect your money. Care for it, treat it with love.

As it flows to you, feel good about it.

Spend it in ways that empower you and make you feel good.

Avoid wasting it in meaningless ways or squandering it – leaving you in dire straits.

The thing is, while we all want to manifest more money, we need to look hard at how we treat the money we already have.

Much of the time, we have poor money habits that result in our repeating the same mistakes over and over again as we accumulate more money.

There are plenty of stories of very wealthy people who go broke because they let the wrong people manage their money, they squander it all on unnecessary objects, they fail to educate themselves about their finances and more.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Is it easy? Nope.

It’s often easier to make more money than it is to reprogram ourselves to treat our current money better – but once you upgrade those base skills, you’ll find it even easier to manifest money, hang on to it once it’s there, and grow it!

Affirmation: I am committed to respecting my growing income and treating my money well.


8- Self Sabotage

Last but not least is the silent money manifestation killer – self-sabotage.

Do you come up with outstanding income-generating ideas, get all revved up to get going, get halfway through, then lose momentum, and the project is never seen again?

Maybe you get close to a financial goal, closing an important deal, or reach a point in your business where you’re just about to make it. Then you do something to make it fall apart – knowingly or unknowingly.

Sometimes we get so used to our current income level and subconsciously believe we can’t have anymore and wind up sabotaging the very thing that can take us to the next level.

Take a close look at your patterns when it comes to money.

Do you get close to leveling up, then something happens, and things fall apart?

Are you that something that happens?

Affirmation: I am open to receiving abundance and clear the path for its arrival.


9- Clutter

Last but not least, you’ll have a hard time manifesting money if you’re not organized. The Universe will struggle to send more your way if you don’t have space and organization.

Clutter is the enemy of abundance.

No, you don’t have to be perfectly clean all the time, but you must at least have intentional clarity in your thoughts, environment, and actions if you expect to be successful with manifesting.

Clear off your desk, put your law of attraction manifesting worksheets in one tidy binder.

Clean out your purse and organize your wallet. Pencil your manifesting activities into your to-do list and get it done!

You’ll be on your way to manifesting in no time.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you feel confident that you can now manifest money and transform your life. 

Just make sure you stay on top of your habits. 

Eliminate bad ones, and replace them with more helpful thoughts, beliefs and practices! 

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You’ll definitely want to get it sooner than later because it’ll help you identify any energetic blockages that could be standing in between you and your money.

After all, what’s the point of asking the universe for money if there’s no clear path to receiving it?!

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