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How To Manifest A Car (Law of Attraction Method)

This is your complete guide to how to manifest a car with the law of attraction. You may believe manifesting small things is easier than manifesting something big like a car – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all up to your beliefs and willingness to follow the proven path. Read on to discover the simple process to manifest a new car.


How To Manifest A Car (Law of Attraction Method)

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Is it possible to manifest a car? 

First, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to manifest a car.

As someone who has done it myself, I’m here to assure you that the answer is yes!

The thing about the law of attraction and manifestation is that you can apply it to anything at all – no matter how big or small.

The principles are the same whether you want to manifest a cup of coffee or a new Corvette!

By taking these six steps, you will be able to get started with using your power for good in order to attract the exact car you desire.


1- Get clear on your intention

The first step to manifest a new car is to get crystal clear on your intention.

It’s not enough to just “want a car.”

Nope — you need to know the exact car you want.

I’ve said so many times all over the blog that the Universe rewards clarity.

Messy intentions receive messy results.

If you say you want “a car,” you might manifest a toy car like what you’d get in a McDonald’s Happy Meal!

(Yes, this has happened before — funny but not so funny at the same time lol.)

But the point is, you need to know what type of car you want, the model.

The price, the tint on the windows. The interior, the color, everything!

But not just the type of car — you also need to get clear on your reason why.

Your reason why you want this specific car could be anything.

No reason is better than another.

If you just want to look and feel rich and beautiful and get lots of attention — feel that. Own that.

If you want a reliable car to get to work and back home — own that too!

The thing is you can’t lie. Whatever your reason is, get clear on that, because that’s what will bring your result. It’s the feeling of the thing just as much as the physicality of the thing.


2- Declutter things in your way

Next, you want to think about anything that is blocking you from manifesting a car.

The Universe can and will help you manifest anything you desire.

But if you have blocks in your way (ones that you can control), you’d better work on clearing them out.

Do you have some credit issues that could prevent you from manifesting a car?

This could easily prevent you from success. I’m sure I don’t have to go into great detail here.

But here’s something else…

Do you have physical items in your way that could keep you from energetically attracting a car?

I once dated a guy who wanted a new car so badly, but he kept his old classic car (that no longer worked) sitting in his driveway because he “was gonna fix it up someday.”

What do you think happened when I finally got him to get rid of that car taking up space?

He manifested a new car!

You have to do some thinking here because it may not always be obvious what you need to declutter.

Old debts, physical items in your garage if you have one, or even negative people who might tell you you can’t manifest a car…

Any number of things could stand in your way.

If you can remove these obstacles but choose not to — the Universe will not give you a new car.

It’s almost rude to ask for help when you refuse to pave the way for yourself.

Declutter first, then ask!


3- Visualize yourself having the car

Once you know the car you want to manifest, why you want to manifest it, and have cleared all obstacles in your way?

Then you’re ready for the next step!

Visualize yourself having this car in your life.

It’s true that you want to visualize yourself physically driving it and what that feels like.

But beyond that, you’ll need to go back to your reasoning in step one.

Something that beginners to manifestation often miss is the emotional impact behind receiving.

You need to feel the sense of safety and security when you drive this new car that maybe you don’t have when you have to take the bus home from work late at night.

Or maybe you visualize how much fun you have going on long road trips with your friends in your new SUV, if that’s what you want to manifest a new car for.

Or if you want to be the hot girl with the luxury car and get all the attention — imagine how you’ll feel pulling up in your new Benz.

That energy is what matters most.


4- Write a scripting letter for the car

Next, you want to write a scripting letter to the Universe that describes in detail exactly how you felt during this visualization!

This is one of the many law of attraction exercises you can do. But I believe this is the most powerful one. I always get good results from scripting.

You write a letter to the universe dated sometime in the future, explaining how it feels now that you have this car.

Talk about how you feel so safe, secure, responsible, rich, luxurious, happy, etc…

Describe what it feels like when you get inside your car and all the places you go.

Let your imagination get the better of you, and all those wonderful thoughts will start flowing.

Get really into this exercise! You only have to do it once, so make it count!

=> Read the scripting tutorial and download a free scripting template!


5- Take inspired action

Next, you will need to act upon your desire for this car.

This could be anything from finding a dealer that has the car, checking the price, and seeing what you need to do to afford it.

Or, you could go to the dealer and test drive it. (This is extremely helpful.)

Filling out an application for a loan is another next step.

Renting a fancy car for a day or two is another.

Anything you can do to bring yourself closer to this car will help you.

The thing is, sometimes manifesting is magical.

But sometimes, it’s also very practical!

When you take practical steps to get what you want, the Universe has so much more to work with and can help you the rest of the way.


6- Express gratitude

Finally, it’s critical that you express gratitude for the things you already have.

This will raise your vibration and attract more awesome into your life!

I see so frequently people completely miss this step and it blocks their manifestations so much!

Gratitude is so important.

You must feel good as frequently as possible, and learning to appreciate things is a very real, very grounded, and very down-to-Earth method of getting there.

You don’t need to use your imagination, willpower, or magic to feel grateful.

You express gratitude for very real things in your life.

It’s so easy, takes minutes a day, and can transform your life (including helping you manifest a new car!)


Common Questions About Manifesting A Car

Now that you know the six steps to manifest a new car, I want to take some time to answer some common questions.


1- How long will it take to manifest a car?

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It will likely take a few weeks to a few months to manifest a new car.

Remember, manifestation is not a race or competition, and you can’t control how quickly things come to fruition when you use this law of attraction technique.

The most important thing is that your focus stays on the car itself, rather than any specific time frame for obtaining it.

This way you are less stressed and frantic.

Frantic energy with manifestation gets you nowhere. And can even set you back if you’re not careful!


2- Does the car have to be free? 

No, a manifested car does not have to be free to count!

The fastest way to manifesting something is actually to just go out and buy it!

You might manifest a great deal or discount that you weren’t expecting or an unexpected source.

You can also absolutely manifest a free car, too — so don’t count that out!

But if you pay for something outright it still counts as manifesting.


3- How often do I try to manifest a car? 

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Generally, you want to ask the Universe just once for a new car.

If you follow the instructions in this guide, you will only write one scripting letter to manifest the car.

If you choose different manifesting exercises, some of them you can do more frequently (like the 369 method).

But regardless, it’s always a great idea to practice visualization!

Visualization does not count as an “ask”.

Visualization and gratitude are two practices that you should do for at least five to ten minutes each day, in fact, for best results.


4- Why do I have to take inspired action to manifest a car?

You have to take inspired action when manifesting because you still have to put in the effort.

I’ll admit — sometimes things do manifest out of thin air without trying. But relying on that 100% will leave so much on the table.

Manifesting is more about “co-creating” the life you want with help.

However, you will find that once you start working with the law of attraction, the steps you take sometimes are things you would never have thought.

That’s the difference between taking action and taking inspired action.

Following this tutorial, don’t be surprised if you randomly get a nudge to take a different path to work, and you drive by a random car lot that just so happens to have your dream car for sale.

If you saw that and chose not to follow up on that lead, you’d be missing out!


5- What are signs that manifesting a car is working?

A few signs that manifesting a car is working would be intuitive hits or nudges, angel numbers that relate to manifesting abundance or new beginnings, seeing feathers or other sacred signs, and seeing the exact car you want more frequently.


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