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A 30 Day Law of Attraction Journaling Challenge To Help You Manifest

Did you know one of the best things you can do to raise your vibration so you can manifest faster is law of attraction journaling?

Yep, it’s true!

I do it all the time, and have used a manifesting journal to manifest my current relationship, my new townhouse by the beach, luxurious vacations all over the world, a new body, and more!

Today I want to share a free 30-day law of attraction journaling challenge with you.

It’s so simple.

Pick one manifestation journal prompt each day and go through all 30.

You can’t get this wrong.

Start today and in a month you’ll have a whole new life!


30-Day Manifestation Journal Challenge

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How To Make Manifestation Journal Prompts Work Faster

Do you ever feel as if your manifestations are sent out into the universe, only to never receive confirmation of your request (let alone an actual manifestation)?

It may appear that everyone else is succeeding with the law of attraction except you!

You see people getting engaged and married, while you still come home to a cold, empty bed at night.

While others manifest new cars, dream homes, and lucrative careers, it appears that the universe ignores your request.

What’s going on?

There’s a common reason why you’re not getting the results you want.

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You see, the simple act of getting your numerology reading, receiving the information with an open heart, and acting on the advice it provides is enough to send a powerful signal to the universe that you’re ready.

It says, “I’m ready to not only ask… but also to listen and learn.”

“I am here to further my spiritual mission and my life purpose, not only to ask for fancy trinkets, free cash, or the attention of potential romantic partners,” it says.

(Though those things are totally linked to developing a positive relationship with the divine!)

So, clearly, you can see how important it is for you to get your free numerology reading, do you not?

Do it now if you haven’t yet!

It only takes a few minutes, and it’s completely free.

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30 Day Manifestation Journal Challenge Writing Prompts

Here are the journal prompts for you to use in the challenge.

I recommend you go in order, but you don’t have to.

Pick and choose what works best for you!

Have fun, and good luck!


Law of Attraction Journal Challenge Days 1-5

  • What is your ultimate goal for the next 30 days?
  • Fast-forward five years in the future. Who are you?
  • Step into the shoes of the woman you wrote about yesterday. What advice does she have for you to get to where she is?
  • How does your intuition speak to you? Through dreams? Physical sensations? Your inner “knowing”?
  • Imagine you open your bank account and see an extra $50,000. What do you do with it?



Manifestation Journal Challenge Days 6-10

  • Pick three “power” words to live by, and write what they mean to you.
  • When do you feel most at peace?
  • What would simplifying your life look like?
  • How can you cultivate more joy in your daily life?
  • What makes you feel loved and appreciated?



Manifesting Journal Prompts 11-15

  • What impact do you want to have on the world?
  • Describe your perfect romantic relationship.
  • Think about the romantic relationship you described yesterday. What role do you play? How can you become more like the person who creates that energy?
  • Describe three things in your life that you want to manifest more of.
  • Do you feel in control of your thoughts? If so, how? If not, why not?


LOA Journal Writing Prompts 16-20

  • Describe your current relationship with money.
  • Describe your ideal relationship with money.
  • You are clearly ready to manifest your dream life. What behaviors of yours prove this to be true?
  • Think about what you wrote yesterday. What additional behaviors would further prove you are ready to manifest your dream life?
  • If the closest people to you were asked to describe you in three words, what three words would they choose?



Manifestation Journaling Challenge Prompts 21-25

  • Think about your answers yesterday. What three words would you want them to choose?
  • Write three of your favorite quotes or affirmations. If you do not have any, find some and write them down.
  • Think about the three quotes or affirmations you wrote yesterday. For each, write how you can live and embody this energy more in your life.
  • Why are you so incredibly successful?
  • Why do you deserve the life you are asking to manifest?


Manifestation Journaling Challenge Prompts 26-30

  • Write a brief “thank you” letter to yourself for a recent achievement or expression of self-love or self-care.
  • Describe three ways you can or will commit to showing yourself love and self-worth every single day.
  • What does an abundant woman look like, act like, and do?
  • Think about your answer to yesterday’s prompt. If there is a gap between that and who you are, can you close that gap? (Either by changing your mind about your definition of abundance or changing your belief that you need to be different?)
  • How do you feel having completed this challenge?


Final Thoughts On Law of Attraction Journaling

Good luck on using these journaling prompts to manifest the life of your dreams!

Make sure you get your free numerology reading, too!

If you’re serious about getting the most out of the law of attraction and speeding up your manifestations, you’ll want to do this right away.


Good luck!



30-Day Law of Attraction Manifestation Journaling Challenge For Money, Love & Happiness


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