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11 Journal Prompts for Manifesting Love and Romance (LOA for Love)

If you’re single and looking to manifest love, it can be a tough journey.

We’ve all been there – feeling lonely and wishing that we could meet someone to share our life with.

But how do you go about attracting love?

One of the most powerful ways to manifest love the way you want to is through journaling.

In this post, I’ll give you 11 journal prompts and questions to help you reflect on — and then attract — the perfect relationship for you!

Then you can use the law of attraction to manifest your dream life!


11 Journaling Prompts to Manifest True Love

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Before you start your love manifestation journal

Before you start your love manifestation journal, there’s something you should know…

Far, far too many people jump headfirst into journaling to manifest love and working with the law of attraction in general without knowing what they’re really doing.

Sure, journaling can be an easy solution to getting your needs met if you’ve struggled before, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment.

Most likely, if you fail to manifest love after working with the law of attraction, it’s because you’re out of alignment.

And the worst part is most of the time you would have no clue!

If you don’t check for — and eliminate — these blockages, you’re going to waste precious time and energy hoping on a dream that’ll never come true!

A manifestation journaling practice would amount to little more than scratches of ink on a pad of paper.

The best way to move past this inconvenience is by getting your free numerology reading.

Few things are as powerful as numerology when it comes to getting in alignment and finding success in your love life.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Once you experience the life-changing insight into your love life (that includes past, present, and future), the lightbulb goes off.

Everything in your romantic life — all of the ups and downs —  suddenly make so much sense!

And now you find yourself feeling inspired, whole, at peace, and coasting through life without anything standing in between you and the love of your life.

You can just feel it now — can you not?

Get your free reading to step into your power.

That way you’ll be sure you’re not just aimlessly writing lines in a notebook for no reason.


Can you manifest love by journaling?

First, you may be wondering if you can even manifest by journaling.

Well, I’m here to tell you the answer is a definitive yes!

I know that it may seem like a silly way to go about manifesting, but if you’ve ever tried writing “Dear Universe” letters or even just filling in the blank of “Next Friday I will _______________,” then you’ll know just how powerful journaling can be.

Journaling is simple, and there’s no need for any special materials or to wait for the perfect time to try it.

The simple act of engaging your mind, body, and spirit through writing is enough to activate the energy required to connect with the Universe and start the manifesting process.


How do you use a manifesting journal?

Using a manifesting journal is so simple, you’ll realize you’ve made a big mistake by not trying it sooner!

You don’t need to do anything special unless you want to.

All you need is to pick a journal prompt (like the ones you’ll get in this post), sit down, set your intention, and write!

Just let your heart and mind lead the way.

Some people like to use healing crystals and gemstones, meditate first, or light incense and play serene music to get in the mood.

But you don’t have to do all these things.

The most important thing is that you feel good about what you’re writing.

That’s how you’ll manifest fastest.


How often should I journal?

Developing a consistent journaling practice is always a great idea. 

Making journaling a part of your daily life can help you manifest a romantic relationship that much faster! 

If you can’t make manifestation journaling part of your daily routine — that’s okay. 

You don’t absolutely have to. 

But the positive vibes you get from putting yourself in a positive frame of mind can help you manifest your ideal life with much more grace and flow.


What do you write to manifest love?

Generally, when writing to manifest (like with the scripting method), you want to write in the present tense.

Like, write as if you’ve already manifested your desire and you’re describing how excited, fulfilled, or happy you are to have received it.

However, when using a manifesting journal for love, it’s okay to answer the questions as they are.

The point of writing in a manifestation journal to attract love is to engage your imagination.

So it’s perfectly fine to just answer the questions as they are.


How many times should I write down my manifestation?

Again, in most cases, you don’t want to overdo manifesting. You would want to do the law of attraction techniques or exercises just once. Then you’d wait and see how things go.

The benefit of journaling, however, is that it’s perfectly safe and reasonable to do this every day!

Pick one new question to reflect on each day and it can only help you manifest the love you desire.


11 Journaling Prompts To Attract Love

Now that you know all the ins and outs of using a manifestation journal to attract love into your life, here are eleven journal prompts to help you out!


  1. My ideal romantic partner shows me they love me by…
  2. The thing I adore most about being in love is…
  3. In what ways do I show my ideal partner that I love them?
  4. What are the personality traits of my ideal partner?
  5. How do my romantic partner and I spend quality free time together?
  6. Do I believe I deserve a true, deep, soul mate love? Why or why not?
  7. Why would my ideal partner be lucky to be in a committed relationship with me?
  8. What does my ideal love life look like in five years?
  9. What advice does my future self, who is living my ideal love life, have to give me today?
  10. To attract and manifest the love of my life, one thing I am willing to release from my past is…
  11. To attract and manifest the love of my life, one thing I am open to experiencing in my future is…


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