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How To Manifest With Incense (Law of Attraction Ritual for Money)

This is your complete tutorial for using incense to manifest money. The very first time I tried this ritual I manifested my student loan payment. And since then, I’ve gone on to manifest bigger and bigger amounts of money over time. Read on to discover the simple step-by-step process to manifesting money with a few sticks of incense. 

How To Manifest With Incense

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How I Discovered This Money Manifestation Ritual

I first learned of this money manifesting ritual back in 2017 from Mystic At The Crossroads. It sounded too good to be true, but you know what? When you’re serious about manifesting money and attracting money to you, you’ll try almost anything at least once!

I tried it and it worked for me almost right away.

I manifested the exact amount of my student loan payment ($333 – yes it sucks) and got exactly $333.80 by the end of the week!

Watch the video for more details and a special Oracle card reading I included.

If you want to skip the Oracle reading, skip to 01:55 in the video!

(But it’s a great card for manifesting and might be just what the Universe wants you to hear in your life)!


Money Manifesting Ritual Materials

llama dinero call money incense manifesting ritual


The best thing about this ritual is that all you need is three things.

Now, I know the above photo shows way more than three things, but that’s because over the years I’ve performed many rituals for many different purposes. It has served me well to have a dedicated workspace — or altar — to store all my things and do my workings.

All the flowers and accouterments aren’t necessary for this money ritual.

However — I do recommend you get your hands on some crystals because they do enhance your workings.

Furthermore, if you plan on doing more spells and rituals in the future, it’s a good idea to invest in a few crystals you like straight away.


What Incense Is Good For Manifesting Money?

[amazon box=”B0162X78M6″ grid=”1″]

First, a special type and brand of incense, and that’s the HEM Llama Dinero Call Money brand.

It’s very important that you get this EXACT brand of money-drawing incense. No other kind will work.

Each box comes with twenty incense sticks, but if you’re doing this money ritual correctly you’ll go through that pretty fast. I know I did.

So I recommend you get the 6-pack of money incense right out of the gate, so you don’t run out!

Second, you need a bill of paper money. Any denomination works well. Obviously, the higher the denomination you can get, the better. But if all you have is $1 – use what you’ve got!

Third, you need an incense holder. Any incense holder is fine, but if you don’t have one just yet I recommend when you buy the Llama Dinero Incense, you add this one to your order! That way, you’ll have everything you need right away.


Money Manifesting Ritual Instructions

law of attraction for money


This money manifesting ritual is SO easy. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Take your paper money and place it underneath the incense holder
  • Light a stick of incense
  • As soon as it burns out, light another
  • Go back to back for as long as you can
  • Do this over a period of days or until you start to see money manifest into your life


Money Drawing Ritual FAQ

I know you probably have some questions about this ritual and how it works. So I’m going to do my best to answer them here.


1- Can I Take Breaks?

Yes, you can take breaks. It’s probably impossible with your other commitments to burn incense all day and night for days on end.

Just do what you can.

So if you wake up in the morning, burn a stick while you’re in the shower getting dressed.

As soon as the flame goes out, burn another and another until you have to leave the house.

Then as soon as you get back home, resume burning your incense until at least a box is finished.

If you haven’t received the money yet, keep going with another box.


2- How Long Does It Take To Manifest Money?

As with anything else dealing with the law of attraction and manifesting money, results will vary.

I know when I tried it I started to receive random money and gifts overnight. Like while ordering food I would get extra food or the bill would be less than expected. Small things that don’t usually happen that aren’t actual money, but do count as money savings.

Some other people say they got windfalls of unexpected cash – like a gift of $1,000 in a week or an unexpected $560 check in the mail in a few days.

So, I’d say give it a week. But you might be lucky and manifest money overnight or same-day synchronicities that let you know the Universe has accepted your request.


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3- Do I Need To Say Or Do Anything Special?

You don’t need to say or do anything special to activate this ritual, no. But making sure your intentions are strong and clear doesn’t hurt.

I’ve made it a habit to recite affirmations all the time, every day no matter what.

And when I do this ritual, I use money affirmations.

But honestly, just knowing that you want this money and why you want this money is enough.

Just putting in the effort to keep the incense burning back-to-back will keep the money on your mind, and help you manifest it faster.

That’s why this is probably the easiest money manifesting ritual ever. It doesn’t take that much work!


3- Any Tips & Tricks?

One tip that Jasmine gave was also if you have a specific bill that you want to knock out, you can fold the bill up and put it beneath your paper money and then burn the incense on top of the entire thing.

I did this to manifest extra money for a student loan payment and got good results!

I put the student loan bill underneath the money, then burned the incense on top and got almost the exact amount of the bill, with a little extra too!


Try The Call Money Incense Law of Attraction Ritual


So now that you know all about this ritual and see how easy it is, I hope you’re motivated to try it!

The Call Money Incense is pretty easy to get your hands on. And it smells really good too! At least I like it.

Give it a try and manifest money out of thin air!

Wishing you love, light, magic, and MONEY, honey!


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