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How To Use An Orgasm To Manifest (The O Method)

If you’ve yet to use the powerful force of orgasm to manifest, let me tell you – you’re missing out big time! Today, we’re going to talk about sex magick – the process of using one of the most natural, primal forces to bring our desires to fruition.

This may be a bit taboo, but it’s important to understand that there is nothing wrong with sex. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The more you embrace your sexual and sensual power, the more aligned you become with your higher self.

That said, this topic is not for everyone. So, if you are uncomfortable or offended, feel free to stop here.

If you’re ready to learn something that can potentially completely transform your life – read on!


How To Use Your Orgasm To Manifest

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Why Does Orgasmic Manifestation Work?

Orgasmic manifestation works because by default there is so much energy released during an orgasm.

The exact moment of an orgasm is such a powerful time because when you put that intense focus into your intention, you are applying overwhelming force and energy to magnify your manifestation tenfold.

While it’s true that sex creates life, it’s so much deeper than that.

Sex is a more comprehensive creation tool.

Think about fantasies… how creative are you getting when you visualize a scene that is desirable to you?

How does your physical body change – your heartbeat, your sexual organs, maybe even your breath… just from a sexual thought?

When you consider that visualization is a key tool of fantasizing but it is also a key tool of manifestation (most manifestation exercises require visualization of some kind,) you can start to put two-and-two-together.

It’s the same thing.

The same tools of creation and manifestation.

You just have an automatic surge of energy applied to your manifestation when you use your orgasm to bring your desire to fruition.

Now, we’ll discuss two ideas for how you can try sex magick to manifest your goals.


Solo Sex Magick For Orgasmic Manifestation

The first way you can use your orgasm to manifest is through masturbation.

Nope – you don’t even need to have actual sex with another human being to reap the benefits!

The way this works is you masturbate as you usually do, but try to visualize your desire coming to fruition as you orgasm.

You want to almost fall into a trance here – and to help you could focus on a mantra or affirmation while you’re doing this.

This can be challenging at first because you’ll likely have a tendency to wander back to your original fantasy that brings you pleasure.

But it’s kind of like meditation – it’s hard to “let your mind go blank” and focus on your breath, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working or not worth doing!

The more you practice, the better you get.


A little tip for you…

A little tip that I can share is to try to find some way to alter your sexual fantasy to include some aspect of your manifestation.

If you’re manifesting a specific person this could be easier because you can often just imagine you are being intimate with that person.

If you want to manifest something else like more money, there are different ways you can do this…

You could somehow add money or wealth to your fantasy like maybe include actual money or visualize a setting or location that suggests you are wealthy.

If you want to manifest a new house – visualize your fantasy taking place inside of the house you want to manifest.

If you’re manifesting physical changes like weight loss, this can also be easy.

Often weight loss or body change desires are easily attributed to an emotion.

What emotion do you want to feel when you manifest this goal?

Visualize yourself in your new state while experiencing these emotions and you’ll have an easier time.


Tantric Manifestation (Sex With A Partner)

You probably already know by now that manifestations are supercharged when multiple people hold the same intention at the same time.

Therefore, if you have a partner (or a few partners – no judgment over here 😉) and are comfortable doing this together, you can get even stronger and better results.

The only thing is you have to agree on your intention and focus on it together as you both orgasm.

The shared focus and energy will propel your manifestation to new heights (and it’ll work wonders for your relationship as well.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have an idea of how to use your orgasm to manifest, here are a few frequently asked questions about this topic.


1-      How often do I visualize my desire when I orgasm?

You don’t have to do this every time you masturbate or have sex. Just pick one or two times for each intention and see how things go.


2-      How fast will orgasmic or sex manifestation work?

You can see results from orgasmic manifestation as fast as 24 hours or as long as several months. It depends on what you’re manifesting, how clear your intentions are, and any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.


3- Do sex magick and orgasmic manifestation really work?

Yes, using an orgasm to manifest really does work! Give it a try and see how it goes for you. And have fun trying!


4- What if I am celibate – can I still manifest?

Yes, you can still manifest if you are celibate. If you engage in masturbation you can manifest using orgasms from solo sessions. If you do not orgasm at all, there are tons of different manifestation methods you can try.


Final Thoughts

Congrats on taking the first step toward learning about a somewhat taboo but really fun manifestation method that can totally transform your life!

I hope you learned something from this article and get good results from this.

And that you enjoy the process!

With love, light, and most of all, magic-




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