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How To Manifest The Truth From Someone (7 Steps To Confession)

If you want to learn how to manifest the truth from someone who you think may be lying to you, this is the blog post for you! 

Truthfully speaking, there are a set of practical and psychological hacks that you can use to get them to tell you the truth.

However, in many cases, it will also be helpful for you to engage in the manifestation process as well.

So, we’ll cover everything you need to do from an energetic perspective as well as the practical steps you need to take to manifest the truth you seek.


How To Manifest The Truth From Someone

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1- Make sure you’re in alignment

Before you start working with universal energy to manifest the truth from someone specific, you’ll need to make sure you are in alignment.

If your energy is out of whack, you will not only have a harder time manifesting the truth, but if you are successful and it’s bad news, you’re unlikely to be able to cope or manage the fallout well.

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2- Visualize your desired outcome

Once you’ve made sure your energy is right, the next step is to gain clarity on your desired outcome.

This involves using your imagination and visualization to imagine what the outcome would look like.

Now, it’s important that you’re realistic here.

And also you can’t lie to yourself.

For example, if you suspect your romantic partner is cheating on you and you want them to tell you the truth, you can’t really “trick” your mind into having them tell you they aren’t cheating and you accept that as true.

It doesn’t work like that.

You would actually have to visualize them coming clean about the situation and visualize yourself behaving how you’d want to behave.

It’s important to note that whatever the truth is you can’t manifest that to change.

You have to visualize control over yourself.


3- Write a manifestation letter

Next, you can manifest someone to confess by writing a scripting letter, otherwise known as a manifestation letter to the universe.

It’s very simple…

All you do is write a “dear universe” letter, where you act as though you’ve already manifested the truth from your specific person.

You take cues from the visualization of your desired outcome in the previous step.

And you write out in detail exactly how it went, how you feel, and what has happened in your life since.

Even if you don’t think the truth will be something you’ll be happy to hear, you should still focus on the overall benefit to your life once you have it.

Let’s say maybe you think someone stole something from you and you want them to confess.

You wouldn’t be happy that this person has harmed you in this way, but you can feel a sense of relief and peace now that you know the truth, and maybe they’ve also apologized and you can move forward with healing the relationship.

You always want to focus on the overall net benefit from whatever you want to manifest.

This will keep your vibration high and ensure that you stay an energetic match.

The universe will not want to send you something that will bring you down even worse — even if that thing is good for you.

So remember to always try to connect with the overall positive benefit to your life.

Write this in your letter then either burn it or store it somewhere out of sight.


4- Meet with them one on one

Now that you’re energetically connected to the universe and know the outcome you want, we’ll move on to the practical and psychological steps you need to follow to manifest someone to confess.

First, you must meet with the person one on one.

This is important because it will help you to be able to pay close attention to their body language and other non-verbal cues that may give them away as they speak.

It’s very easy for people to lie to you through text or in e-mails.

It’s even easy for people to lie through the phone.

So if you want to manifest a confession, it absolutely has to be in person.

You’ll want to make sure you set up a time where you can be alone, as well.

Make sure you have their undivided attention and that they are focusing on you 100% when you do this.


5- Make sure they feel comfortable

The next critical step is to make sure they feel comfortable.

Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

You don’t want them to feel unsafe like you’ll fly off the handle, judge them, or get mad or irritated.

(This is where you visualizing your reaction and your attitude comes in handy.)

You want to make sure that you offer a safe space for them to express their truth so that they feel comfortable sharing it with you!

Put yourself in their shoes.

If you’ve been hiding something for fear of retaliation, would you come clean if you had any suspicion whatsoever that it would end poorly for you?

As backward as it seems, if you want to manifest the truth from someone who you think may have done you wrong, you need to take the high road and be a compassionate person.

It’s the only way to get them to come clean.


6- Let them know you respect their straight-forwardness

Another psychological hack you can try is to tell them one of the things you love about them the most is that they are so honest and straightforward.

You can even talk about how most people would lie and beat around the bush and say whatever just to keep the peace, but you respect them so much because they are mature and open and honest and that makes you feel so good about having them in your life.

When you give them credit in advance for the behavior you want them to display, it helps them feel safer displaying it.

You still have to make sure you really feel this way though.

It’s not okay for you to lie just to get them to tell the truth, then fly off the handle and berate them or make them feel worse for coming clean.

Again, this is why you need to make sure your energy is right and that you have visualized your outcome first.

You still want to behave with integrity.


7- Give them space and time

Next, you have two options, depending on how things go.

If you think you can manifest them to tell the truth in that one session, right away, you can simply say what’s on your mind then stop talking.

Like, stop talking completely to create an uncomfortably long pause.

People don’t like too much silent space, especially when they know it’s their turn to speak.

They will most likely start talking eventually, and this could be the whole truth, or it can give your more information that steers you in the right direction.

Either way, you’ll have the upper hand.

The less you say once you’ve initiated the conversation and made them feel perfectly safe and like you’re on their side, the better.

The other option is to give them a temporary way “out.”

You can actually prevent them from giving you a response right away and compassionately tell them that you want them to feel comfortable, not rushed, and that you want to give them time to think or sleep on the conversation.

Tell them that you’ll set up a date/time in the near future to talk again.

This serves many purposes.

It gives you the upper hand, makes them feel less pressure, and gives you time to work on your visualization and your energetic balance as well.


8- Regroup and visualize or meditate

Finally, whether you’re satisfied with the outcome of the conversation or not, you should take time to regroup and visualize your next desired steps.

If you got the confession you hoped for, it’s possible you feel angry, hurt, or let down.

This is perfectly fine and you don’t have to be happy all the time to manifest good things in your life in the future.

What’s most important here is that you find healthy ways to cope.

If you didn’t get what you wanted, that’s okay too.

This is where you’ll meditate and visualize more about what you want going forward.

Especially if you’ve set up another time to talk further.

You can visualize the outcome even better now.

You can even rewrite another scripting letter if you have more clarity on what you want your outcome to be.


Final thoughts

By now you should have a clear image of the process you’ll go through to use a combination of spiritual manifestation and psychological hacks to manifest someone to tell the truth.

It’s not always an easy process and it may be a little tough to work through the steps and even tougher to feel like you’re getting back on track if you don’t get your desired outcome.

However, know that with practice, this approach will give you much more confidence in getting the truth.

Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to get your free numerology report if you haven’t already!

If you’re serious about working with universal energy to take your manifestations to the next level, it’s definitely the step you’ll want to take.


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