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How To Manifest Anything Overnight (Even If You’ve Failed Before)

If you want to learn how to manifest anything overnight with the law of attraction, you’ve come to the right place!

Sometimes desires can take time to manifest, but there are tips and tricks you can try to speed up your manifestations.

Even if you’ve had problems with the manifestation process before, you can try some of these ideas to start manifesting and see results overnight in as few as 24 hours.

Whether you want to manifest a text from your crush, receive extra money, or just learn a few quick manifestation rituals that you can try anytime — there’s something here for you to use to improve your life.

Read on for the best overnight manifestation techniques even if you’ve failed to manifest in the past.


How To Manifest Anything Overnight

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7 steps to overnight manifestation

We’re going to cover specific situations of different things you might need to know about manifesting overnight.

But, generally, there are seven steps to manifestation that will work for just about anything you can think of.

Each step can be broken down into smaller pieces.

Or, you can tweak each piece to suit your personality, lifestyle, and preferences too!

But as a general overview, here are the seven practical steps to manifesting overnight.


1- Start prepping early

Manifesting something out of the blue as an afterthought rarely works, especially if you’re a beginner or have never had much success manifesting before.

I will say that once you have a few successes underneath your belt and you know how it works, you can do this.

But just starting out, you don’t want to decide at ten o’clock at night that you want to manifest something by tomorrow.

That’s a recipe for disaster!

What you want to do is start prepping early in the day, because manifesting is all about mindset.

It’s also just so much more respectful to the universe.

Think about it like when you’re asking the universe for something, it’s like you placing an order or asking for a favor from a friend.

How would you feel if someone called you up at near midnight asking for you to drop off money to them by tomorrow?

Especially if they obviously had given no consideration to the ask, or even planned for it to come?

You might be kind of offended, right?

You’d probably say no, in fact!

It’s the same way with the universe.

So, the first step is always to prep early!

Know earlier in the day or even in the week that you want to set aside a specific time for manifesting something that you specifically want to come overnight within 24 hours.

Even with a bit of prep work, it still counts!


2- Choose your desire carefully

Next, you must remember that you can not violate the laws of physics or the universe with the law of attraction.

That means, your desire must be grounded in reality.

This means two things.

First, it has to be physically possible.

You can’t manifest being able to fly through the sky, or to wake up fifty pounds lighter by tomorrow morning.

The laws of physics and biology run counter to those desires, so you will fail every time.

Likewise, you must have space or pathways for your desire to manifest as well.

For example, while it’s totally possible to manifest large sums of money out of thin air overnight, generally there are pathways for the universe to deliver.

If you have a business, a stock investment account, plan to go to the casino the next day, or have some other avenue for money to come quickly into your life, then yes, it’s likely you’ll succeed.

But if you have few pathways for money to flow into your life to start, you’ll have a problem manifesting large sums of money.

There always has to be an avenue or channel for your desire to flow through, or it will run into a brick wall and you’ll have blockages that keep it from getting to you.

Choose your desire carefully.

And make sure that you choose something that is practical and possible to achieve overnight.


3- Remove obvious obstacles

One of the main reasons you need to think about your desire ahead of time is that you may need to identify and remove obvious obstacles standing in your way of manifesting overnight.

For a super-simple example that illustrates the point, let’s say you want to manifest that you’re going to receive an extra $1000 overnight or tomorrow.

To do this, you’ll need to make sure all channels are open for money to flow into.

If you’re not prepared, maybe you have an old PayPal account that you’ve lost the password or login to.

Or you have issues with your bank account right now that you need to resolve.

In both cases, this will stop you from receiving the money.

What you need to do is remove any obvious obstacles before you even begin manifesting overnight.

This will ensure that when you’re ready to receive your extra money, you can in fact receive it!


4- Ask the universe

The next step is where the fun and magic begin, but I want to make sure you know that this part can be simple too!

You have to ask for your desire to manifest.

You can do this in many ways.

Write a scripting letter to the universe, try the pillow method where you write an affirmation and sleep with it under your pillow, write Grabovoi codes on your wrist, or do a meditation.

But one effective thing you can try is to just ask, politely, out loud.

Just like you would ask a friend to do a favor for you!

If your intention is strong, clear, and reasonable enough, either of these methods would work perfectly.

If you’re new to manifestation, you might like to try more than one.

Putting in more effort can feel more “solid”, for lack of better terms.

But know that if you’re short on time you don’t absolutely have to perform the elaborate rituals.

They help but they aren’t 100% necessary.


5- Visualize before bed

Next, whatever method you choose, make sure you double down on it by visualizing it before you go to sleep.

You should lay in your bed and visualize your desire as if it has already happened.

You should get a sense of how you feel when the universe delivered this desire to you.

How do you move?

What thoughts go through your mind?

How does it feel emotionally and physically?

The idea here is that visualization leads to manifestation, and doing this will help strengthen your intention because as you drift off to sleep, it will help your subconscious mind believe it is true.

Then, energies within and around you will shift to bring your desire to you.

If you’re doing this right, you will fall asleep with a mental movie playing in your head.

If you wind up dreaming about the situation, get very excited because that means it’s working!


6- Visualize when you wake up

Next, just as you’ve been visualizing before you go to sleep, make sure you visualize when you wake up also.

You should lay in bed and imagine what it would look like if your desire has manifested already.

How do things feel?

How is the atmosphere different from normal?

What emotions are being triggered?

How can you see yourself engaging with your new reality today?

The thing is, in the moments just between sleep and wakefulness, you are in what is called the hypnagogic state.

Your mind is highly receptive to what you think and sense.

It is so important to make your desires real during this time if you want them to manifest within the next 24 hours.


7- Act as if you have it

Finally, you can act as if you already have your desire.

Don’t spend the whole day frantically looking for your desire or obsessing over signs that it is coming.

Know that you have it already.

Claim it!

You must do this because you need to become a vibrational match for your desire, or it will pass you right on by!

You know how people say “it’s easy to make money when you already have money?”

The same is true for manifestation.

In fact, that is manifestation.

The attitude and energy of someone who is used to — and expects to — have the thing they want to attract more of, is the same energy that that thing is attracted to.

Believing in yourself and that you deserve, are capable of, and already have your desire is a critical step in manifesting, whether you want to manifest overnight or within any length of time.


How to manifest your ex back overnight

The best way to manifest your ex back overnight is to follow the seven steps outlined in the first part of the article, but pay special attention to steps 2 and 3.

You definitely want to prep for this.

Make sure you approach this gently, make sure your desire is rooted in reality, and also make sure you eliminate any obstacles you have in your way first.

A common problem people have when wanting to manifest their ex back is that they completely ignore very real obstacles that absolutely will hold them back.

Usually, it’s either that their ex is going no-contact, they are seeing someone else, or have completely blocked them from all communication.

Of course, if any of these blocks are present, you likely won’t manifest them back overnight.

Luckily, there’s a quick and easy solution that can help you manifest your ex back overnight, even if it seems hopeless and they’ve blocked you or are dating someone new!

This little 92-page e-book has helped countless women not only manifest their ex back, but get their ex to make the first move!

(Which is what you want when you want to manifest them back overnight.)

Can you imagine what it would be like if after struggling for so long to manifest your ex back, all you had to do was spend two hours reading a book, do a manifestation exercise, and receive a text the very next evening?

You probably think you’ll never see him again after he broke up with you, but what if he reaches out to you the next day after doing these two small actions?

What would you do if he said he missed talking to you, hanging out with you, and even the sex you used to have?

That would so be worth the time investment, would it not?

If you want to manifest your ex back overnight, make sure you get a copy of the book, follow the seven-step process above, and enjoy your new relationship with your boo!


How to manifest with water overnight

The best method to manifest with water overnight is to follow the seven-step process we’ve talked about here.

But you’ll want to focus heavily on step four — ask the universe.

Instead of any other method, you should try the water bottle method.

Usually, you use a water bottle, but I’ve had success doing it at night with a cup of hot tea.

All you have to do here is get a cup of water like for tea.

Get water bottle labels (or you can use tape or a sticky note).

Write your positive affirmation on the note and tape it to the side of your cup.

If you want to manifest money, you can write “Joyfully accept $100.”

I suggest you make a tea where the herb is associated with your desire.

If you want to manifest money overnight, you can make cinnamon tea.

If you want to manifest love, you can try lavender.

After you attach the positive affirmation, hold the cup in your hand and speak into the tea, giving it the instruction to bring you your desire!

You can just say something like “as I drink this tea I politely ask that it help attract an extra $100, or a text from my ex, or whatever you want.”

Get into a relaxed, comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy the tea!

Then follow the rest of the steps in the outline.


How to manifest money overnight

The same technique for manifesting with water overnight could apply for manifesting money.

You can make a money tea, tape your positive affirmation to it, and enjoy your tea knowing it will help draw money to you overnight.

I also recommend trying the pillow method for money, where you could also write a positive affirmation for money on a piece of paper, then fold it up and place it underneath your pillow before sleep.

Normally you don’t want to overdo manifestation rituals.

But if you want to manifest money overnight, there’s nothing wrong with drinking money tea and doing the pillow affirmation method too.

You don’t need to do all of this every night — that would be overkill!

But just once is a powerful method for manifesting money overnight.

Try it and see!


How to manifest someone to text you overnight

Again, you want to make sure you follow all the steps to manifest someone to text you overnight.

Pay close attention, again, to the obstacles and blockages here as well!

If the person you want to receive the text from has made it clear that they do not want to deal with you, you’ll need to clear that obstacle first.

The tips in this 92-page e-book can help you clear those blockages overnight in some cases, then you can move on to manifesting your text and you should receive it quickly.

The best method for asking the universe for someone to text you overnight (if you have cleared your blockages and obstacles) is the whisper method.

All you do is visualize yourself sitting next to the person you want to text you.

You can even imagine them laying in their bed at night, drifting off to sleep (this is powerful.)

Imagine you lean over and whisper in their ear “you can’t stop thinking about me. You miss me. You love me. You want to hear my voice and for me to give you all my attention and you will text me to let me know.”

You can say whatever you want, of course, but it has to be real to you.

You have to believe it.

Or it won’t work.

Have fun with this one, it’s powerful!


Final thoughts on manifesting overnight

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about how to manifest anything overnight!

Have fun with these tips and techniques, and if it doesn’t work out overnight for you the very first time, don’t give up!

Everyone will have different results, and it could just be that you need to release the need for it to come overnight, you know?

Think about it, if you really want your ex to text you back and you want it overnight, but it takes three days for them to text you, will you be mad when your phone buzzes?


Just keep a pure heart and an open mind, trust in yourself and the power of the universe, and you will win out in the end, mmkay?

Oh, and by the way, please make sure before you dive into this that you don’t have any unnecessary (and totally fixable) energetic blockages standing in between you and your goals!

Just spend a few minutes of your time up front to save you days, weeks, and months of time later.

It’s totally free — there’s nothing to buy!

Get yours now. 


With love, light, and most of all – magic,




PS. Don’t forget to clear those obstacles if you’re manifesting your ex back overnight too. It’s the #1 barrier to success and it’s so sad to lose out because of something so easily fixable! Get the book here. 


How To Manifest Anything Overnight (Even If You've Failed Before)