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How To Know If Someone Is Manifesting You (9 Obvious Signs)

Usually, we talk about using the law of attraction to manifest things we want in our lives. But how do you know if someone is manifesting you instead?

For the most part, manifesting is pretty harmless. It’s actually not all that easy to use the energy of the universe for bad.

So, even if someone is manifesting you, you have very little to worry about.

But it’s just a fun thing to consider, isn’t it?

In this blog post, I’m going to share 9 ways you know someone is manifesting you.

And, I’ll give you some advice on what to do if this happens to you.


How To Know If Someone Is Manifesting You

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Before you go any further…

Before you read any further, there’s something you must consider.

If you’re not spiritually attuned to universal energy, it can be really frickin’ confusing to tell if someone’s manifesting you or not.

So many signs and signals that someone may be sending vibrations your way to attract your attention can be easily mistaken for other things, and vice versa.

As you’ll see when you read this list, for example, one of the ways you could tell if someone is manifesting you is that you think about them more than usual.

The problem is this could be for any number of reasons if you’re not careful, right?

Maybe you ran into them recently, or know someone who has their same name so you’re thinking of them for that reason…

So is it that? Or is it because they’re manifesting you?

The only way to know for sure is to make sure you’re 100% tapped in to Divine energy and wisdom. And it’s so easy to do!

All you have to do is get your free numerology report!

You’ll want to do this sooner than later because it’s the only way to be sure you’re not missing any of the signs someone is manifesting you.

OR making critical mistakes thinking someone is manifesting you when they really aren’t thinking about you at all!

(How embarrassing).

Get your free numerology report here so you’ll know for sure that you’re not just wasting your time.


1- You think about them more than usual

The first way you’ll know if someone is manifesting you is if you think about them way more than usual.

I mean WAY more.

If it’s someone you used to date and you recently broke up.

Maybe your ex is trying to manifest you back.

If the breakup is still fresh and you were the one to call it off, you’re probably thinking of them a lot anyway (at least for now.) So it’s not that unusual.

However, if it’s been a long time and this isn’t someone you think about often. Then out of nowhere, you’re thinking about them all day every day, chances are they are manifesting you!


2- You dream about that person

Another way to tell someone is manifesting you is if you start dreaming about them every night.

The universe communicates with us primarily through signs and symbols. One such method is dreams.

If someone is manifesting you, they are sending signals out to the universe to have you think of them.

So, naturally, they might show up in your dreams.

So if you’re wondering “is someone manifesting me if I dream about them?”

The answer is most likely “yes!”


3- You see angel numbers related to them

Another form of sign and symbol the universe will use to show you that someone is manifesting you is angel numbers!

Angel numbers are repeating sequences of numbers that repeat frequently. These messages have hidden meaning that you’ll need to decipher.

If someone is manifesting you, you might see angel numbers related to them in some way.

If their birthday is February 12th, you might see angel number 212, for example.

Of course, you’d still need to look up angel number 212 to check any additional meanings.

But you could be reasonably certain that the person with that birthday number is manifesting you.

This doesn’t just have to be their birthday either!

It could be their phone number, their home address number — anything that’s related to them.


4- You feel compelled to text or call them

Yet another way you know someone is manifesting you to text them is if you suddenly feel compelled to do so.

This is blatantly more obvious is you haven’t spoken to or communicated with this person in a while.

Why else would you get the sudden urge to reach out?

It’s because they are trying to manifest a text from you!


5- You sense them when they aren’t around

Another somewhat spooky way you know you’re being manifested is if you start to sense different things about them when you know they aren’t around.

For example, if you are familiar with someone’s cologne, perfume, body spray or deodorant and you catch a random whiff of it?

You can be reasonably sure they are trying to manifest you.

Or sometimes you might just “sense” their presence, even when you’re alone.

There’s no reason to get freaked out — this is just something that happens when working with universal energy.

You should get excited instead because it means you are spiritually awake enough to be in tune!

This type of thing always happens because we are all connected.

Only the consciously elevated will be aware enough to even notice.

Consider yourself lucky!

(Click here to discover more physical signs someone is manifesting you!)


6- You run into them in random places

Running into someone frequently in random places is another undeniable sign that they are probably manifesting you.

It can happen anywhere, and for any length of time: from seconds-long meetings at a convenience store or airport departure terminal; to lengthy interactions with friends on vacation in some foreign city.

The person who was trying to manifest you will start showing up when you least expect them to.


7- Others mention them more than normal

Another way you can tell if someone is manifesting you would be if other people mention them more than normal.

Usually it won’t be the same person mentioning them.

But let’s say, for example, you go visit your Mom and she asks about your old friend from high school.

Then, you go on Facebook and a different friend of yours asks if you’ve heard from this same friend lately?

Then, your sister mentions that she saw the same person out a few weeks ago.

That’s three instances of other people mentioning this person who you haven’t seen in years!

That’s the type of synchronicity you will experience when someone is manifesting you.


8- You have weird emotional changes

Next, slight emotional shifts can mean someone is trying to manifest your attention.

As I said earlier, this is generally nothing to worry about. The worst that happens is you feel a little more tired than usual.

Or even that it acts as a mood swing.

You might be happy, carefree, flowing through your day, then BOOM — suddenly you feel a little “icky” for no reason.

It could be that at that moment, someone has actively chosen to connect with you and it is taking some of your energy.


9- You see other signs and symbols

Lastly, other signs and symbols can be messages that someone is manifesting you.

Feathers are common sacred signs from the universe, as are animals.

If it’s an old platonic friend who is manifesting you, you might see far more dogs than usual. As seeing dogs represents loyalty and friendship.

If it’s someone who wants to manifest a romantic connection with you, you might start to see ladybugs or doves, as they are spiritual symbols of love connections.


What to do if someone is manifesting you

If someone is using the law of attraction to manifest you, first remember that you have 100% control, here.

Unless you want to communicate with them, it’s a total waste of time on their part.

If you want to speak with them, you can. But you don’t have to do anything!

Of course, if you are open to talking to them and seeing where things go — allow these positive energy vibrations into your daily life! 

Most people who use the law of attraction use it because they want positive things in their lives. 

Don’t automatically assume you’re being manifested for bad reasons. It might be good for you! 

But of course, it’s your choice.


Can you make someone stop manifesting you?

Unfortunately just like you have free will to avoid someone who is manifesting you, people have free will to use the law of attraction for any reason at any time.

If someone wants to pull out a pen and do the 369 method to manifest your attention, there’s precious little you can do to stop them.

What you can do, however, is make sure you protect your energy.

I highly recommend if you sense someone is manifesting you against your will, that at the very least you use black obsidian or tourmaline crystal to protect your aura from unscrupulous people. 

It’s just a reality of life that sometimes immature people do things we don’t want them to do. 

But it’s more of a nuisance than anything.

Beyond that, I don’t want this post to get too long or go too far off topic, so I wrote up a list of five things you can do to stop someone from manifesting you.

Do check it out if you want to put an end to this for once and for all!


How to use crystals to protect yourself 

[amazon box=”B07FSGBYFN” template=”horizontal”]

It’s very easy to use crystals for protection.

All you do is get your crystal, take a deep breath, then charge it with your intention.

Tell it to block any harmful energy from outside forces.

Hold your crystal in your hand and envision a bright white bubble of protective light surrounding you.

Set the intention that nothing can penetrate your protective bubble.

And all negative energy reflects right back to the giver.

It sounds so simple (almost too simple), but that’s really all it takes.

You should start to feel less pressure from outside forces if you make this a regular practice.

Hopefully, if someone is manifesting you it’s someone who you welcome and would enjoy reconnecting with! 

If not, make sure you protect your energy and you have nothing to worry about.


Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve learned a lot about how to tell if somebody is using the law of attraction on you. 

And I hope if this is happening to you, it’s someone who you want to be manifesting you! 

If not, don’t forget the most important thing you can do is to protect your energy. 

And don’t forget — you can make sure that you’re not making any mistakes with figuring out if someone’s really manifesting your or not by instantly downloading a free copy of your numerology report! 

Countless people tell me all the time it’s the one best thing that helped change their relationships the most. 

Get yours now.


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