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How This Blog Makes Money (And You Can Too!)

Every time I meet someone new, and they ask what I do for a living, and I say, “I’m a blogger,” it’s a fun time!

Either they think I’m a little strange because they don’t quite understand it, or they ask tons of questions about how it works… because they don’t quite understand it!

If you’ve ever wondered how blogs make money, then this page is for YOU!

I’ll show you exactly how blogging works, share how much THIS blog makes, and how YOU can start a money-making blog, too! 😊


how blogs make money and you can make money blogging in your first month


How I Make Money Blogging

You know how at the top of every blog article you’ll ever see, you see something like this:

“This post contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps me keep the blog going!”

That’s how many bloggers (myself included) make money – through affiliate links!

Affiliate links are special links that connect a reader’s click with a product or service.

So basically, I write blog posts about products and services I recommend others try.

Then, I place a link to those items in my blog post.

And if a reader purchases an item using my link, I get a small commission (but the reader doesn’t pay any extra.)

It’s pretty awesome (and it’s a lot of fun too!)

In this case, everybody wins! 

Readers get recommendations that can help them reach their goals, I get paid a bit, and the company gets extra sales they wouldn’t have had before! 

Can you think of products or services that you use and recommend to your friends and family?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get paid every time they took your advice?

Well, guess what – you can!

(I’ll show you how a bit later, but if you want to dive in straight away, join my FREE BlogMoney Bootcamp course and get your blog up and running right now!)


How Much This Blog Makes

It’s natural to wonder how much an individual blog makes and how long it took to get to that level, but it varies.

I’ve been blogging since 2018 and at the time I’m writing this I have seven websites I run now (blogging is that fun)…

This little blog here is not one of my main websites, and it makes about $4,000 per month – which isn’t too bad, right?!

The best thing about this blog (other than that I really love tarot, crystals, numerology, and all that cool stuff)…

Is that once I write and post an article, it’s there forever.

It’s working for me all day, every day, earning me money even when I’m sleeping, on vacation with my family, or just need a break from it all!

What could you do with an extra $4,000 monthly AND the freedom to live your life on YOUR terms?

A lot, I bet! 🙂


How Much Does Blogging Cost?

Another thing people wonder is how much it takes to start a blog…

When I tell you how LITTLE you need to start a blog, you won’t believe me.

Starting a blog literally costs less than $3/month!

Yes. Literally!

If you have $3 per month (and I’m sure you do!), you could make thousands of dollars in return if you’re willing to share what you know and learn as you go!

This is the cheapest place to get started

The first thing to do is start thinking about cool, fun, and cute blog names you might like and see if anything is available!

find domain name dreamhost

Want to blog about your manifestation journey like I do? 

Why not try “ManifestWith(yourname).com”?

Or maybe something that has a spiritual word like “zen”, “conscious” or “enlightened” in it? 

This can be really fun so check here to see if any of your ideas are available.

From there, you can easily register your website and be posting your content in under an hour…

It’s really that simple! 🤩 


How Can I Get Started?

Now, if you’re anything like I was at first, you might find that page a little confusing after you play around with domain names.

You probably have questions like:

  • How do I actually START this thing? 
  • What should I blog about?
  • How soon can I start making money?


To help you get started the most straightforward way possible, I put together a FREE 7-day e-mail course for you.

It’s called BlogMoney Bootcamp!

If you follow all the steps, you’ll have everything you need to completely transform your life!

You’ll be able to:

  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Create an income stream that NOBODY can take away from you
  • Connect with others who have the same hobbies/passions as you
  • Make a difference in the lives of others!

I’m telling you – one of the fastest ways to manifest money is to CREATE it.

And starting a blog will help you CREATE your desired reality doing something you actually enjoy.

To get started,  

Enter your email, then click the green ‘Send It To Me Now!’ button… then go check your email. 

Let’s do this! 


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P.S. I know starting your own blog and business can be overwhelming at first. That’s why I created MoneyBlog Bootcamp to help guide you through all the steps in a simple and straightforward way. This course is designed to give you everything you need. You’re gonna LOVE it – I promise!

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