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7 Best High-Vibration Foods To Manifest Weight Loss

This is a blog post about the best high vibration foods for weight loss manifestation. By the end, you will know the best high-vibration foods to help you manifest weight loss with the law of attraction.


7 Best High-Vibration Foods To Manifest Weight Loss

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What does “high vibration” mean?

Have you ever eaten a delicious meal full of fat, sodium, calories, and processed carbs?

Maybe you are in heaven while eating it, but afterward, you feel gross and bloated.

All you want to do is go lay down!

You’re lethargic, maybe your stomach hurts, you feel so nasty and like you wish you hadn’t made that choice!

That’s because you’ve eaten a meal full of low vibration foods.

While good to your tastebuds, it depletes your energy.

When you eat high vibration foods, on the other hand, you often feel energized, light and happy.

That’s because these foods are full of life force energy- the type that comes from natural sources like sun and rain.

For the purpose of this conversation, high vibration or “high vibe”, represents the positive state of mind and peacefulness of body.

As such, high vibration foods are those which move you closer to that ideal state.


Why is vibration important for manifesting weight loss?

Keeping a high vibration is so important for manifesting weight loss because of the law of attraction, which says that like attracts like.

If you are at high vibration energy levels, you naturally attract high vibration events into your life.

If you are feeling groggy and lethargic all the time, it’s hard to be focused on anything but that rough state of mind because it consumes so much mental energy and weighs you down!

It also helps that high vibration foods are naturally lower in calories, more filling, higher in nutrients, and are thus wellness and weight-loss promoting.

But overall, staying in a high vibration state means you are going to naturally gravitate toward things that keep you in that state.

Once you get to a high vibration state, it’s only natural to want to stay there!

You should be aiming for high energy levels that make weight loss feel effortless because you’re so excited about what amazing things are coming your way, rather than stressing about what’s going wrong.


Can I lose weight in a low-vibration state?

While it’s possible to lose weight in a low vibration state, it’s certainly not going to be easy and it’s likely that the weight you lose will come back on later.

Think of how good high vibration feels.

You feel light on your feet, your digestion is perfect.

You’re not sleepy — you have enough energy to do everything you need to do each day, and you’re more motivated to move your body in ways that feel good.

Your skin is beautiful because you’re hydrated, your mental wellness is at peak performance.

You’re alert, quick-witted, and not stressed out.

It seems like you have so much extra time in your day, and you feel so deeply connected to your body so you can accurately supply its needs.

When you’re in that state, can’t you tell how effortless weight loss can be?

Then think of what it feels like to be in a low vibration state.

You feel bloated, irritable.

You have a hard time concentrating and keeping your mind focused on the task at hand.

Your skin doesn’t look as healthy and you’re extremely stressed out because you’re just out of alignment with seemingly everything.

You haven’t been sleeping well so you’re way too tired to cook nutritious meals.

Your stomach is bubbling and your digestion is not as smooth as you’d like.

Your pants fit far too tightly and this makes you feel even worse, so to console yourself you eat six donuts.

Then some wine to ease the pain.

Then you hate yourself because you’re in the low vibration state and super-heavy, and you feel even worse than before!

Maybe you can creep and crawl your way into weight loss from this place, but it’s like an uphill battle.

You’ll just keep rolling back down to nearly the bottom!

It’s no way to live, and definitely no way to enjoy the weight loss process!


How to raise your vibration through food?

The best way to raise your vibration through food is to eat high vibration foods .

They are naturally high invitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will feed your body with high vibration energy so you can feel great!

Again, high vibration is about feeling mentally and spiritually awake, alive and aligned.

Imagine how good it feels to be happy when you have just eaten a tasty meal that you love, knowing it loves you back!

It’s all about feeling high vibration feelings of love, passion, joy, appreciation while eating foods that support your health and wellness goals.


High Vibration Foods For Weight Loss Manifestation

Following is a brief list of the most common high vibrational foods that can help you on your weight loss manifestation journey.

You will find that the foods on this list are similar to a plant-based diet — and that is no surprise!

High vibrational foods generally come from the Earth, and are as unaltered as possible.

You can eat as many high vibe foods as you wish on your weight loss manifestation journey and rest assured that you are doing something that will help you reach your goals quickly and with pleasure.

Here’s the list of high vibrational foods for weight loss manifestation:


1- All food in its natural state (fresh, seasonal, local fruits and veg)

All foods that come from the Earth in their natural states are high vibe foods. Some are better than others specifically for weight loss, however.

For example, avocados and nuts are great and definitely high vibe, but because of their high-fat content, you may not want to eat tons of them if you are manifesting your dream body.

On the other hand, you do want to eat as many fresh fruits and green vegetables as you can. 


Here’s a list of the best high vibration foods to consume for a healthy body:

  • leafy greens
  • sprouts
  • berries
  • beans
  • sea vegetables
  • whole grains


2- Fresh herbs & spices

Next, raw herbs and spices are excellent high vibration food choices to add to your plate.

They are high in nutrients, antioxidants, and help flavor your food and expand your palate!

Furthermore, many of the herbs that give food their flavor are the same herbs used in manifestation rituals and magic spells.

If you’re comfortable with that level of intention, you can almost make every meal match the energetic vibrations that manifest your dream life!

It’s so cool when you can do two things at once, is it not?


3- Pure or filtered water

Next, our bodies are made up of about 75% water, so water is the highest high vibration item of all!

Drinking water helps you in every aspect of your weight loss manifestation goals, from feeling energized and well-rested to clearing out any toxins and residues from your less-than-stellar food choices and habits when you stray from your path.

Drink tons of water and you can even charge your water with your intentions for an extra boost!


4- Organic and herbal teas

Organic and herbal teas are also excellent ways to raise your vibration with your food choices.

There are so many to choose from, and just like with herbs and spices, you can get teas that match your intentions as well.

Ginger tea is especially helpful for manifesting weight loss, for example.


5- Whole grains

Finally, whole grains are excellent high vibe foods to consume in large amounts.

Whole grains — especially high-fiber or ancient grains like quinoa, farro or amaranth — help you to feel full and energized for a long time.

Try eating whole grain flatbreads with high vibration hummus instead of bread or buns!  

They are high in protein and fiber to keep your appetite at bay.

You’ll feel energized, yet light at the same time if you choose to fill up on nutritious whole grains instead of refined or processed carbohydrates.


Low Vibrational Foods That Slow Weight Loss

Now that you have an overview of the high vibration foods that help you manifest weight loss, let’s discuss low vibe foods to avoid.


1- Food treated with chemicals and pesticides

Any food treated when chemicals and pesticides is going to be on the lower end of food vibration.

Of course, if you can’t find or afford organic vegetables, eating conventional produce is lightyears better than eating other stuff that’s far worse.

But if you can, you want to avoid those extra pesticides.

I love getting my produce from the farmer’s market.

It’s a double bonus to be able to support the community as well!


2- Items with added flavors, coloring, or oils

A good rule of thumb when choosing what to eat is to stick to foods in their most natural state.

Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Therefore, the more additives a food has like high fructose corn syrup, MSG, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners, the lower its vibration.

This is why so many people choose to eat raw diets.

They are high in high vibe foods that don’t have anything added that would make them less vibrational.

But even if you don’t want to go raw (I certainly am not), eating just more raw foods is good practice!

Just making a practice to swap out all your snacks for fruits is an excellent place to start!


3- Highly-processed foods

Next, foods that are highly-processed are definitely low vibration.

Think of white bread, white rice, high fructose corn syrup laden cereals and snacks…

Or chips, granola bars, cookies — any packaged food.

They are high in calories but lack nutrition.

When you eat high-calorie foods that lack nutrition you can develop deficiencies (which means your body doesn’t have enough of a certain vitamin or mineral.)

This leads to all sorts of issues that can leave you feeling (and looking) absolutely miserable.

Stay away from these as much as possible for weight loss manifestation in a high vibe state.


4- Animal products

Finally, animal products are almost always low vibration, because you have to think about how they are prepared.

Many vegans will tell you that the way animals are raised on conventional farms is cruel and brutal, which means they feel pain.

But even when an animal is treated better (humanely raised), it still has to be slaughtered to become packaged food for your consumption.

I’m definitely not saying becoming vegan is the only high vibe way to live, but if you’re thinking in terms of energy, it’s kind of a no-brainer that some other sentient being had to die to make its way to your plate — and it wasn’t pleasant.

You have to listen to your intuition on this topic — it will speak to you and let you know what you should do.

I’m just the messenger! 🙂


How to tell if a food is high vibration?

A general rule of thumb for determining if a food is high vibe is to look at the ingredient list.

The highest vibration foods have no ingredient list, mind you!

Generally, the fewer ingredients, the better.

And the fewer of those ingredients that have “science” names, the better.

Eat as many foods as you can find without labels and you will lose weight so quickly you’ll think it’s magic!


Do I have to eat only high vibe foods to lose weight?

You absolutely do not have to eat only high vibe foods to lose weight and live a happy, healthy, energetic life.

Including as many of these foods in your meals as possible will help you maximize your weight loss success, however.

You have to think of it as a zero-sum game.

The more apples you eat, for instance, the less room you have in your stomach for chips.

You want to think of it as “crowding out” all the bad stuff with the better stuff!

You can still eat processed foods or animal products here and there, but see if you can get them to 50% of your food intake to start, then work your way up to about 80% high-vibe foods.

The other 20% should be enough to let you live a “normal” lifestyle to where you can enjoy yourself at parties, out with friends, or even just eat a pizza, burger and ice cream from time to time while still enjoying living in a slim, happy body.


Final Thoughts

before and after intermittent fasting results photos

I hope these tips and ideas gave you food for thought (pun intended!)

And that you begin to feel enthusiastic about losing weight now that you have a better idea of what food to eat while you work on your manifestations.

Weight loss manifestation, by default, is a high vibrational process.

The way it works is fully by helping you to feel good during the process of releasing excess baggage and pounds.

So, consuming foods that lift your spirit high and make you feel love, beauty and warmth is a huge part of what will make you successful.

Don’t forget to check out The Smoothie Diet if you want a naturally high-vibe, low-calorie, nutrient-dense weight loss plan that works seamlessly with the weight loss manifestation process.

I had such great success combining it with weight loss manifestation and I’m thrilled for you to try it out too!

Get it, girl! 🙂



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