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7 Best Healing Crystals for Libra Season (Astrology Crystals)

Gracious, elegant, artistic, and diplomatic, yet indecisive, unable to pick a side and somewhat dishonest at times.  Yup — I’m talking about those born under the zodiac sign of Libra! If you are a Libra, want to enhance or mute positive or negative traits of Libra, or even have a lovely Libra in your life, this post is for you. Today, we’re going to talk about the seven best healing crystals for Libras!


7 Best Healing Crystals for Libra Season

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What Are The Characteristics Of Libras?

Libra is the zodiac sign for people born between September 23 and October 22 of any year. Sometimes people born within a few days on either side can also exhibit many Libra qualities.

Libras sometimes are walking contradictions. They value personal space but also hate being alone. They are in love with the idea of love and can sometimes seem a bit clingy, but also get antsy when people cling to them

Libra, represented by the Scales, always seeks balance and harmony. But an out-of-balance Libra is nothing to mess with! 

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, many Librans desire the finer things in life. 

If you plan to date a Libra, be prepared for extravagance. 

Keep in mind the extravagance doesn’t always have to do with money.

Think bold colors, gorgeous decor, beautifully plated meals, and pleasant fragrances. 

While Libras have their good sides, that’s not to say they are perfect!

They, like everyone else, have their negative traits too!

Commonly, Librans have a hard time making decisions — any decisions. 

Whether it’s what to eat for dinner or where to go on vacation, you can count on Libra to have no idea whatsoever!

Furthermore, to avoid taking sides in arguments, Libra can gain a reputation for being dishonest, straddling the fence, or saying whatever they must to keep the peace while getting what they want. 


Why Use Healing Crystals For Libra Season?

Crystal healing is an inexpensive, fun, beautiful way to channel positive energy, manifest your desires, and bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual changes in your life.

When you pair the right crystals with proper intentions, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips. 

Yes, you can and will create magic!

Your date of birth is the biggest indicator of what crystals will work best for you.

So by finding what crystals align with your date of birth, you’re automatically giving yourself a big boost! 

But that’s not the entire story.

You see, all signs share elements of traits from all other signs.

While the crystals on this list are best for Libras, there will be some overlap.

You don’t have to be a Libra to work with energies during Libra season.

Furthermore, your sun sign is only the beginning, anyway…

I highly suggest you get this free personalized reading about your Moon Sign and discover even more about your personality and your life!

Overall, crystal healing is an excellent way to balance or re-balance your Libran traits.

And if you have Libra friends and family and would like to find unique, meaningful gifts for them — crystals are always an excellent choice.

You can never have too many crystals in your life!

Okay, without further ado, here are the seven best healing crystals for Libra season.

Now you’ll have a super-easy time making a decision about which gemstones to buy!


7 Best Healing Crystals For Libra Season

1- Opal

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First and foremost, the all-time best gemstone for Libra is Opal — the birthstone for October.

Opal, unlike many other crystals, is excellent for physical manifestation.

Meaning, while many other crystals are good for spiritual or metaphysical energy, Opal helps your physical body.

Opal helps strengthen your immune system as well as block negative energy on a spiritual level.

Two levels of protection!

Furthermore, Opal balances masculine and feminine energies, which is critical for Libra season and those who crave balance in their lives.

Moreover, Opal helps sharpen critical thinking abilities and aids in focus and thought clarity.

Indecisive Libra can benefit from such a stone. 


2- Moonstone

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For spiritual growth and bringing out feminine energies, turn to moonstone.

Moonstone encourages traditionally feminine qualities such as grace, elegance, harmony, and nurturing.

Usage of moonstone can stimulate new beginnings if you’re seeking a unique experience in your life, like a relationship, partnership, or union. 

Moonstone is also great for manifesting physical beauty and attraction. Use it in glam rituals for an additional boost of feminine seduction power. 

You can’t go wrong with moonstone during Libra season.


3- Angelite

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Next, Angelite crystal helps with the throat chakra and communication issues.

Envision speaking the truth, communicating effectively, being more compassionate with others, and having enough courage to stand up for yourself even if you have an unpopular opinion. 

Angelite crystal will help you gain more self-confidence as you deal with interpersonal relationships. 

The best thing about angelite is that it helps with communication and ALL relationships. 

If you need to communicate better with business, with dating, with your family members, in social situations, or even dealing with difficult phone conversations (like bill collectors), angelite can help!


4- Apatite

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Next, Apatite quells excessive worry and anxiety, while quieting quiet the mind and increasing introspection.

Apatite is an excellent choice for the Libra who wants to explore their third eye chakra and experience spiritual awakening.

If you want to explore higher-level experiences such as astral projection and lucid dreaming, apatite is one of the go-to crystals you should consider.

Additionally, perhaps you want to explore divination on your own, like tarot reading, pendulum readings, and oracle cards.

If so, you might consider using apatite crystal before or during your sessions to boost clairvoyance and help you receive clearer messages about the future.

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5- Turquoise

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Next, Turquoise is another excellent gemstone for Libra. Its cool, blue color and energy can help soothe and calm an anxious demeanor during Libra season.

Turquoise also boosts creativity, so if you feel stuck and need help with creating and communicating your ideas in beautiful and unique ways, Turquoise is the perfect gemstone for you!

Furthermore, Turquoise crystals is good for balancing and aligning all the chakras. 

The sense of calm you experience when you use or wear turquoise crystal will help you with all your manifestations.


6- Tiger’s Eye

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Next, Tiger’s Eye is another perfect crystal for Libra season as it helps with intention setting, willpower, and following through with goals and plans.

If you feel like you have a general idea of what you want to manifest, but lack clarity, focus or drive to make and execute a plan, meditating with a piece of Tiger’s Eye crystal will help.

The unique thing about Tiger’s Eye is that it does help with self-doubt and uncertainty, but it does so in a way that avoids overconfidence.

This is something virtually anybody can struggle with, so it’s good to keep as part of your crystal collection. 


7- Citrine

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Citrine is hands-down the best stone for manifestation, personal empowerment, and achieving your biggest goals.

If you feel stuck, low, or off-track in your life, Citrine can help absorb any negative energy surrounding you and keep you grounded (which is the first step to manifesting.)

Citrine, the stone of the solar plexus chakra, helps to solve problems with creativity and confidence.

Libra has lots of air energy (along with Aquarius and Gemini), but Citrine will balance that out with fire energy (typical of LeoAries, and Sagittarius) to put you into harmony.

A cool fact about Citrine is that, unlike many other crystals, it doesn’t need cleansing.

Pairing citrine with other stones can help boost their power as well. 



How To Use Libra Gemstones and Crystals

Now that you know the best crystals and gemstones for Libra, here are some ideas for using them. 


1- Use during meditation

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The best way to use healing crystals and gemstones during meditation is to choose whether you want to give or receive energy.

If you’re going to send energy, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and focus on sending your intention into the crystal.

If you have an already-programmed crystal and want to receive the benefits, hold it in your non-dominant hand and focus on receiving its energy while meditating. 


2- Surround yourself while working

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You can reap the benefits of crystals while working by setting them on your desk or even in your lap. 


3- Wear on your body

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You can always wear beautiful crystal jewelry to gain the benefits of crystal healing.

If you can, try to wear the crystal nearest to the chakra most affected.

Since many Aquarius crystals are blue, and blue represents the throat chakra, wearing a crystal necklace is perfect.


4- Place in your car

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Keep a crystal in your car for protection while driving.

You can hang them from your rearview mirror, store them in the glove compartment, sit them on your dashboard, hide them under driver’s and passenger’s seats, or even get cute crystal keychains!


5- Use for divination

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Finally, as I said before, certain crystals work extremely well for divination work.

If you want to do your own tarot readings, for example, incorporating crystals into your routine can help with clairvoyance, spiritual connection, and heightened intuition, making divine messages come through much clearer and faster. 

For help with this, I recommend getting a book to walk you through the process!



So, What Is The Best Libra Crystal?

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Hands-down, the best crystal for Libra would be the Libra Birthstone — Opal.

But any of the gemstones on this list would work just fine. What matters most when using crystals for healing and manifestation is the intention. As long as you get, give or use your crystal with love and good vibes, you simply can’t go wrong. 

Wishing you love, light, and most of all — magic, 




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7 Best Magic Crystals & Gemstones for Libra Season (Astrology & Zodiac Crystal Healing)


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