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7 Best Healing Crystals for Leo Season (Astrology Crystal Healing)

Outgoing, passionate, wild, and charismatic while also a little stubborn, inflexible, and lazy at times, too? Yup — I’m totally talking about Leos! If you’re a Leo, want to manage Leo traits more effectively, or even have people in your life who were born under the zodiac star sign of Leo, this post is for you. Today, we’re learning the seven best healing crystals for Leo season.

7 Best Healing Crystals for Leo Season

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What Are The Characteristics Of Leo?

Leo is the zodiac star sign representing people born between July 23 and August 22 of any year.

Those are the dates of Leo season! 

Sometimes those born within a few days on either side will exhibit Leo’s characteristics, as well.

Being born at the beginning or end of a zodiac sign is called “on the cusp”.

Keep that in mind when picking crystals, okay?

Leos are Fire signs, along with Aries and Sagittarius.

As such, you can count on them to be very bold, passionate, bright, energetic, charming, and fun to be around.

With the Sun as their ruling planet (even though the Sun is a star, for astrology purposes both the Sun and the Moon are treated as planets), Leos are super goal-oriented and quick to act.

When they want something, they can go to extremes to get it, often choosing the path of dominance and conquering rather than simply asking. 

Some may find this frustrating, but it’s part of the Leo way!

The brave, fierce lion represents Leo. As such, you will find many of these characteristics in the Leo personality.

As such, Leos sometimes give an air of fearlessness and a strong resolve to never appear weak. 

While Leos have their positive sides, they, like everyone else, have their negative traits too! 

The flip side of the coin is that they can be extremely self-centered, bordering on conceited and over-confident in their abilities.

An out of balance Leo may seem narcissistic, but really they just need to temper all of that fire energy and find more grounding.


Why Use Healing Crystals During Leo Season?

Healing and manifesting crystals are incredible for manifesting physical, emotional, and spiritual changes in your life.

You can create magic when you pair the ideal crystals with powerful intentions.

It’s so easy and fun!

The best way to get started with crystals is to use your date of birth.

You see, your date of birth is by far the most vital determinant of which crystals will work best for you.

So, by finding what crystals align with your birthdate, you give yourself a head-start!

But remember! 

All signs share elements of traits from all other signs.

Furthermore, the Sun is only one element of your birth chart. 

You also have different planets in different locations. They all have a bearing on your personality. 

So, while the crystals on this list are the best for Leo season, there will always be some overlap. 

I highly suggest you get this free personalized reading about your Moon Sign and discover even more about your personality and your life! 

The bottom line is that you can have any astrological sun sign and still benefit from using the right crystals during Leo season.

Furthermore, if you have Leo friends and family and would like to find unique, meaningful gifts, crystals are always delightful options!

Okay, without further ado, here are the seven best healing crystals and gemstones for Leo season.


7 Healing Crystals & Gemstones for Leo Zodiac Sign

1- Peridot

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Peridot is the birthstone of Leo and is an excellent crystal that protects from negative energy.

As Leo is jolly, passionate, and has a strong personality, Peridot helps amplify these personality traits while also providing a sense of grounding.

Even if you aren’t a Leo, you can benefit from keeping a beautiful green Peridot during the season.

Another benefit of Peridot is that it boosts health, promotes speel, and brings peace to interpersonal relationships due to balancing your emotions. 

Peridot also enhances your creativity, while bringing joy and good cheer.

If you are an artist, use peridot while creating your work and you might get the best creations yet!


2- Citrine

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Citrine is the best stone for manifestation, personal empowerment, and achieving your biggest goals.

If you feel stuck, low, or off-track in your life, Citrine can help absorb any negative energy surrounding you and keep you grounded (which is the first step to manifesting.)

Citrine, the stone of the solar plexus chakra, helps to solve problems with creativity and confidence.

Leo has lots of Fire energy, and Citrine serves to light that match to create a big blaze.

If you need to mellow out, however, Citrine is not the best crystal to use.


3- Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger’s Eye is another perfect crystal for Leo season as it helps with intention setting, willpower, and following through with goals and plans.

If you feel like you have a general idea of what you want to manifest, but lack clarity, focus or drive to make and execute a plan, meditating with a piece of Tiger’s Eye crystal will help.

The unique thing about Tiger’s Eye is that it does help with self-doubt and uncertainty, but it does so in a way that avoids overconfidence.

This is something an out-of-balance Leo can struggle with, so it’s good to keep as part of a crystal collection. 


4- Carnelian

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Carnelian is an excellent stone for Leo season because it gives you the courage and confidence to take massive action toward reaching your goals.

Whether you need to ace a job interview or need the courage to ask your crush out on a date, Carnelian will empower you and encourage you to put your best foot forward and go after what you want to achieve — and win.

Whether you seek progress with money, relationships, or life in general, Carnelian can help you get where you want to go.

Another thing about carnelian is that it is a stone of passion. 

If you want to increase your libido or zest for romantic attraction, carnelian can help you there as well.


5- Amethyst

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Amethyst is another excellent crystal for Leo season, as it is notorious for boosting intuition, bringing inner peace, and providing a sense of security.

If you feel out-of-touch and could benefit from grounding, self-reflection, and introspection, amethyst is your go-to crystal for Leo season. 

Additionally, amethyst boosts psychic ability. 

If you want to open your third eye, work with divination tools, or even experience things like lucid dreaming or astral projection, amethyst should be your crystal of choice.


6- Garnet

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Beautiful, red garnet is one of the main stones for Leo. If you want to achieve massive business or financial success, garnet is your go-to crystal during the season.

Additionally, when embarking upon a new journey or venture (especially for business partnerships or anything dealing with money), garnet proves protective.

Garnet makes you more aware of potential threats and deception coming your way.

For example, after working with the garnet crystal, you might get a hunch that something just doesn’t feel right.

Follow that gentle nudge — it is garnet awakening your intuition, protecting you from otherwise unforeseen negative circumstances. 


7- Rose Quartz

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The gem of unconditional love for yourself and others rose quartz is the perfect gentle stone for passionate Leo.

Rose quartz helps forge emotional bonds, mutual understanding, and an air of softness and beauty.

This stone also helps with self-love and self-care if you’re feeling a little down, off, or out of alignment.

If you’re experiencing problems in your relationship, meditating and reflecting with soft pink quartz can help with that as well.

Another benefit of rose quartz is that it can help you naturally boost your beauty and physical attraction. 

You can’t go wrong with rose quartz if you want to experience an overall improved quality of life during Leo season.



How To Use Healing Crystals

Now that you know the best crystals and gemstones for Leo, here are some ideas for using them.


1- Meditate with magic crystals

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There are two ways to meditate with crystals.

You can either use crystals to send or receive energy.

To send energy, close your eyes, and visualize what you want the crystal to do.

Send that intention into the crystal with your dominant hand.

To receive, place the crystal in your non-dominant hand while meditating.


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2- Wear crystal jewelry

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One of the best ways to use healing crystals is to wear jewelry!

Place the crystal as close as possible to its corresponding chakra.

For example, if you want to work on your throat chakra with turquoise, wear a turquoise necklace.

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3- Place healing stones in your car

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 Keep a crystal in your car for protection while driving.

You can hang them from your rearview mirror, store them in the glove compartment, sit them on your dashboard, hide them under driver’s and passenger’s seats, or even get cute crystal keychains!

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What’s The Best Crystal For The Leo Zodiac Sign?

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Hands-down, the best crystal for Leo would be the birthstone — Peridot.

But any of the gemstones on this list would work just fine.

What matters most when using crystals for healing and manifestation is the intention. As long as you get, give or use your crystal with love and good vibes, you can’t go wrong.

Wishing you love, light, and most of all magic,




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7 Best Crystals for Leo Zodiac Sign (Healing Crystals & Gemstones for Manifesting)


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