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7 Best Crystals for Protection While Driving (Gemstones for Travel)

This is your complete guide on how to use crystals for protection while driving or traveling. Get one of these recommended crystals and keep it either in your car or on your body while you travel, and it should give you an extra boost of safety.

7 Best Crystals for Protection While Driving

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How To Use Crystals For Driving Protection

Crystals work best when there are clear pathways for the energy to travel. Clutter blocks energy pathways and can increase your stress and anxiety. Here are a few best practices to start with before using crystals for travel.


1- Clean Your Car

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Begin by cleaning out the interior of your car. Remove any unnecessary items that take up space, and vacuum the carpets to make sure that there aren’t any errant crumbs or wrapper pieces contributing negative energy. 

You can take the cleansing one step further by smudging sage on the interior surfaces.

If you don’t want to add smoke to your car (I don’t blame you), you can use this sage smudging spray instead.

If you’ve never used sage before, you might want to start with the spray anyhow.

Sage can have an overpowering, heavy scent that tends to linger. It’s not bad per se, but some people don’t really like it. 

This sage spray is much lighter and still carries the same energy-clearing effects that you’ll need to fully energetically cleanse your car. 

Once you are done with the inside of the car, extend the cleansing to the exterior.

Giving your car a good wash helps to remove residual energy from past negative experiences while creating a shield from any that you might encounter in the future.

As you clean, this is a good time to begin to set your intentions for protection as you drive. You can do this by saying mantras and positive affirmations as you clean (more on that later).


2- Cleanse Your Crystals

Depending upon where you found your crystals, they might have been handled by other people who have both good and bad energy.

Old crystals might still have residual energy left over from other uses, even if they are from your personal stash.

Luckily, you have several options for cleansing your crystals and restoring their energy.

Give one or more of these ideas a try before you put them in your car.


a. Smudge With Sage or Incense

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This method is fairly simple and might be one of the easiest since you are already smudging your car.

Simply extend your efforts to your crystals by running them through the smoke or spraying around them, and you can rest assured that they are purified.


b. Put Them In Water

Rinsing the crystals with water creates a clear image in your mind of the negative energy being washed away. As you use this method, visualize the negative energy running off your protection stone and down the drain. 


c. Clean Crystals in Sun or Moon Energy Before Driving

The sun and moonlight have powerful and healing benefits that also help to infuse crystals with positive energy. You can place your crystal in the sun and let it absorb the rays for several hours.

Likewise, you can put it in the path of the moonlight and allow it to soak up the vibrant energy overnight.


3- Program Your Crystal with Your Intentions

Programming crystals involves focusing your mental energy on the purpose that you want them to have. In this case, you’ll be setting your intentions for the crystal to protect you as you drive.

Start by holding the crystals in your hand, and position your body so that you are in the sunlight. You can even do this part right standing right by your car to harness more positive energy towards you and your vehicle.

Next, you’ll want to say positive affirmations out loud or meditate on them quietly. 


Here are a few positive affirmations for car protection to get you started:
•Only people with positive mindsets and energy get in my car
•I travel safely whether I’m going long or short distances
•I am strong at creating boundaries that repel negative energy
•My car is surrounded by energy that protects against harmful outside forces

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7 Crystals For Protection While Driving

Now that you know what to do with crystals for safe travel, here are the 7 best crystals to protect you while driving.


1- Black Tourmaline

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Black Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for protection while driving because it is considered to be like a bodyguard that protects you against other people’s energy.

You can grab this black tourmaline pyramid, charge it up, and place it under the driver’s seat to deflect negativity and bring positive vibes to you as you travel.


2- Selenite

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Selenite is a good protection stone for driving because one of its strongest properties is that it absorbs the negative energy of others.

While you hope to only let high-vibe passengers into your car, it’s not always possible.

In the event someone with low-vibes does make their way into your car, Selenite is the stone for you!

Place this selenite crystal wand underneath your passenger’s seat and let it get to work!


3- Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz is like the wild-card crystal because it can take on the properties of any other gemstone if you can’t get your hands on a specific one.

As another bonus, clear quartz stones also boost the power of other nearby crystals.

It’s good to always keep a piece of clear quartz with you for this reason.

I LOVE this crystal quartz keychain!

I’ve had this model for well over a year at this point so I never have to worry about staying protected while driving. 


4- Amethyst

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Tuck a beautiful piece of amethyst crystal into your glove compartment for keeping your car running smoothly.

Or hang this gorgeous amethyst ornament from your mirror for a stylish way to protect yourself while driving.

Amethyst not only increases alertness and focus, but it bonds with your energy and raises your vibration, too! 


5- Tiger’s Eye

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Tiger’s Eye is perfect for safety while driving at night.

You can think of it as an extra set of eyes watching around you and bringing your clarity as you drive.

Tiger’s eye works great on the dash, hanging from your mirror, or you can wear it against your skin to give you greater mental clarity and focus.

Tiger’s Eye is a must-have for long road trips — it’ll help you calm your nerves on those long, exhausting drives.


6- Turquoise

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If you need a beautiful bodyguard type of crystal, turquoise is going to be your best friend.

You can put this next to the tiger’s eye on your dash, hang it from your rearview mirror, or wear it, too!

Your choice.

It increases intuition and awareness, which can help you respond quickly to get out of hazardous situations.


7- Obsidian

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Finally, the beautiful black obsidian crystal first absorbs negative energy around you, then acts as a mirror-shield that reflects negative energy back to those who send it.

So, for example, if someone has road rage and flips you off after they cut you off, obsidian will absorb their negative energy so you won’t get frustrated or rattled, and send it right back to them without you having to do a thing!

Give those road ragers a taste of their own medicine. 


FAQs About Crystals for Protection While Driving


Now I’m going to answer a few of the most common questions people have about crystals for protection while traveling.


1- Which Is The Best Crystal For Protection While Driving?

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Any of the top seven crystals are great for keeping you safe, and you can include all of them if you want. But, of course, you’ll want to place them in different areas in your car.

If resources are limited or some crystals are hard to come by, grab this super-cute clear quartz crystal keychain and call it a day! 

It can serve any purpose you charge it for, and you can set it with your intentions regularly to keep it powerful.


2- How Often Should You Cleanse or Charge Your Crystals?

The easiest way to remember when to cleanse your crystals is to do it every time you clean your car. Cleaning and charging them only takes a few minutes, and you’ll feel more confident knowing that they are at their fullest power.


3- What If People Touch The Crystals In My Car?

Sharing is always great for increasing positivity but not in this case.

Letting other people handle your precious gemstones can expose them to negative energy and make them lose their power.

If you regularly drive with other people in the car, then consider hiding them.

If someone touches them, simply cleanse them and reset your intentions. Then, put them in a safer hiding place.


Crystals & Gemstones Can Keep You Safe While Driving


If you’re wondering if crystals are real, the answer is yes!

Crystals can absolutely keep you safer while driving. Investing in a few crystals, reflecting on what you’d like them to do, and placing them in your car or on your body is such a simple way to automatically weave a little magic into your daily life.

Good luck, and safe travels!


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7 Best Crystals For Protection While Driving


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