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7 Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius Season (Astrology Crystal Healing)

Compassionate, kind, open-minded, and humanitarian, yet stressed out, unpredictable, and somewhat aloof.  Yup — I’m talking about those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius!  If you are an Aquarius, want to enhance or mute positive or negative traits of Aquarius, or even have an Aquarian in your life, this post is for you. Today, we’re going to talk about the seven best healing crystals for Aquarius season

7 Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius Season

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What Are The Characteristics Of Aquarians?

Aquarius is the zodiac sign representative of people born between January 20th and February 18th. Sometimes those born within a few days on either side can also exhibit many Aquarian qualities.

Aquarians value justice, compassion, and human welfare above all.

You will find Aquarians making choices that will benefit most people — not just themselves.

They are deep thinkers, deep lovers, and feel most fulfilled when helping others.

But that’s not to say they are perfect!

Aquarians, like everyone else, have their negative traits too!

Commonly, Aquarians can be prone to stress and worry. They can sometimes be unpredictable, too!

While they are likely to be extroverted, they still need time to recharge. Keep in mind, however, that they won’t always vocalize this, which can make them a bit cranky!


Why Use Healing Crystals For Aquarius?

Crystal healing is an inexpensive, fun, beautiful way to channel positive energy, manifest your desires, and bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual changes in your life.

When you pair the right crystals with honorable intentions, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips! 

Yes, you can and will create magic!

Your date of birth is the biggest indicator of what crystals will work best for you.

So by finding what crystals align with your date of birth, you’re automatically giving yourself a big boost! 

But that’s not the entire story.

You see, all signs share elements of traits from all other signs.

While the crystals on this list are best for Aquarians, there will be some overlap.

First, Aquarians are air signs, just like Libras and Geminis. If you are either of those signs, you will likely benefit from Aquarius crystals.

Furthermore, do you think Aquarians are the only humanitarians who may also deal with anxiety and worry? Heck no!

You don’t have to be an Aquarius to want to bring out those positive characteristics or suppress negative ones.

Furthermore, your sun sign is only the beginning.

I highly suggest you get this free personalized reading about your Moon Sign and discover even more about your personality and your life!

Overall, crystal healing is an excellent way to balance or re-balance your Aquarian traits.

And if you have Aquarian friends and family and would like to find unique, meaningful gifts for them — crystals are always an excellent choice.

You can never have too many crystals in your life!

Okay, without further ado, here are the seven best healing crystals for Aquarius.

Now you’ll have a super-easy time making a decision about which gemstones to buy!


7 Best Healing Crystals For Aquarius

As the sign of Aquarius is represented by the water-bearer, most crystals that work well for those born under this sun-sign are blue.

The blue chakra is the throat chakra and rules communication and clarity of speech, and in tarot, water represents intuition and emotion.

Understanding these connections will help you make the best choice when selecting the best crystals for your needs. 


1- Aquamarine for Aquarians 

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First and foremost, the all-time best gemstone for Aquarius is Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is known as the “power stone” for Aquarians.

Aquamarine is good for spiritual awareness, discovering your life purpose, and aligning that purpose to your everyday actions.

If you’re feeling out of alignment and lacking motivation and positive direction in your life, Aquamarine crystal can help you find joy and harmony in the mundane.

This gorgeous, blue gemstone will also give you a stronger sense of appreciation and acceptance for where you are in your life. 

It will empower you if you don’t have the power to change your circumstances. 


2- Angelite for Aquarians

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Next, Angelite crystal helps with the throat chakra and communication issues.

Envision speaking the truth, communicating effectively, being more compassionate with others, and having enough courage to stand up for yourself even if you have an unpopular opinion. 

Angelite crystal will help you gain more self-confidence as you deal with interpersonal relationships. 


3- Apatite for Aquarians

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Next, Apatite quells excessive worry and anxiety, while quieting quiet the mind and increasing introspection.

Apatite is an excellent choice for the Aquarian who wants to explore their third eye chakra and experience spiritual awakening.

If you want to explore higher-level experiences such as astral projection and lucid dreaming, apatite is one of the go-to crystals you should consider.

Additionally, perhaps you want to explore divination on your own, like tarot reading, pendulum readings, and Oracle cards.

If so, you might consider using apatite crystal before or during your sessions to boost clairvoyance and help you receive clearer messages about the future.

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4- Hematite for Aquarius

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Hematite is a shiny, black crystal almost looking like a black mirror.

This gorgeous, dark crystal is an excellent stone that will unite the mind, body, and spirit.

If Aquarius is experiencing a dark moment and suffers from depressive moods or low-vibrational states, hematite can help balance the mood and make you feel more grounded.

Hematite is a must-have for Aquarians.


5- Magnetite for Aquarius

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Magnetite acts as a magnet that can attract and repel energy.

This crystal is suitable for the Aquarian who has two opposing desires at the same time.

For example, let’s say you have a big presentation coming up.

You want to be alert and have enough energy to prepare, but you want to relax and feel soothed and calm as well.

Magnetite can help you achieve both states at the same time.  


6- Moonstone for Aquarius

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For spiritual growth and bringing out feminine energies, turn to moonstone.

Moonstone encourages traditionally feminine qualities such as grace, elegance, harmony, and nurturing.

Usage of moonstone can stimulate new beginnings if you’re seeking a unique experience in your life, like a relationship, partnership, or union. 


7- Sodalite Crystal for Aquarius

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Finally, for the doubtful Aquarian, we have sodalite gemstones.

While all crystals are useful for spiritual connection, sodalite has a unique property that brings out your logic and pairs it with intuition. So, sodalite will help open spiritual perception.

Still, if you doubt the woo-woo side of crystals and other spiritual practices, sodalite can help blend what’s “real” and observable with the five senses, with intuitive nudges and hints that can’t be seen, heard, or otherwise witnessed.

In other words, sodalite helps you get your brain on board with your spirit so you can have the best of both worlds.


How To Use Aquarius Gemstones and Crystals

Now that you know the best crystals and gemstones for Aquarius, here are some ideas for using them. 


1- Meditate with your crystals

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The best way to use healing crystals and gemstones during meditation is to choose whether you want to give or receive energy.

If you’re going to send energy, hold the crystal in your dominant hand and focus on sending your intention into the crystal.

If you have an already-programmed crystal and want to receive the benefits, hold it in your non-dominant hand and focus on receiving its energy while meditating. 


2- Put crystals on your desk while you work

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Put crystals on your desk while working, or set them in your lap to feel more grounded.


3- Wear crystals jewelry

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You can always wear beautiful crystal jewelry to gain the benefits of crystal healing.

If you can, try to wear the crystal nearest to the chakra most affected.

Since many Aquarius crystals are blue, and blue represents the throat chakra, wearing a crystal necklace is perfect.


4- Place in your car

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Keep a crystal in your car for protection while driving.

You can hang them from your rearview mirror, store them in the glove compartment, sit them on your dashboard, hide them under driver’s and passenger’s seats, or even get cute crystal keychains!


5- Use crystals for tarot readings

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As I said before, certain crystals work extremely well for divination work.

If you want to do your own tarot readings, for example, incorporating crystals into your routine can help with clairvoyance, spiritual connection, and heightened intuition, making divine messages come through much clearer and faster. 


6- Put it under your pillow at night

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Finally, you can put your crystals under your pillow at night before you go to sleep and let them work that way.

There’s nothing better than taking your mind off the crystal healing process and allowing it to happen while you sleep! 


So, What Is The Best Crystal For Aquarius?

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Hands-down, the best crystal for Aquarius would be Aquamarine.

But any of the gemstones on this list would work just fine. What matters most when using crystals for healing and manifestation is the intention. As long as you get, give or use your crystal with love and good vibes, you simply can’t go wrong. 

Wishing you love, light, and most of all — magic, 




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7 Best Healing Crystals for Aquarius (Zodiac Sun Sign Crystals for Manifesting & LOA)


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