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How To Charge Your Crystals With Your Intentions

Many people jump into using crystals right away, but if you don’t charge them first, you’re just working with a pretty paper weight. Luckily, charging crystals doesn’t take much time and it’s pretty simple to do. Read on to discover how to charge your crystals with your intentions.


How To Charge Your Crystals With Your Intentions

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What Does It Mean To Charge Your Crystals?

When you charge your crystals, you give them instructions for what you’d like them to do for you. 

Think of a calculator, for example.

You can have a calculator sitting on your desk, but until you turn it on and type in the equation you want it to solve, you’ve just got an expensive paperweight. 

Crystals are the same! 

Until you charge your crystals and program them with your intentions, they’re nothing more than pretty rocks. 


Can Crystals Transfer Energy?

You might be surprised, but yes — crystals do scientifically hold and transfer energy! 

You have to think — if crystals can hold and transfer energy in electronic appliances that we use every day, could they not help us achieve our goals? 

The way crystals work most, though, with our energy is not necessarily the same as with television sets and other electronic devices. 

We are much simpler. 

Read on for more information on how to charge crystals with your intentions. 

Doing so will have the most positive effect on you and your life. 




How To Charge Crystals With A Ritual of Intention

Now that you know what it means to charge your crystals, here are the steps you need to take to succeed. 


1- Clean Your Crystals

First, it’s critical that you clean your crystals of any pre-existing energy. You don’t know who handled them prior to your receiving them, where they’ve come from, or the journey they’ve had to make it into your hands. 

Cleaning crystals is simple. You can choose from a variety of methods. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Bathe them for a few hours in sunlight
  • Leave them overnight on your windowsill or in a safe place outside under the moonlight
  • Run your crystal through smoke from burning sage, palo santo, or incense
  • Cleanse them in saltwater (be careful because some crystals don’t do well in water)
  • Plant your crystals in your garden or a potted plant for a day to neutralize the energy


Don’t overthink this. Just pick a method and get it done so you can move on to the next step.


2- Create Your Sacred Space or Ambience

Next, prepare for your intention-setting ritual by setting the mood or space for the programming. Again, it doesn’t have to be some elaborate setting or anything complicated. 

But it would help if you did something to shift or change the energy of your surroundings. Doing so acts as a signal to your subconscious mind and to the Universe that something significant is about to take place. 

I like to take a shower, get comfortable, light a candle, and play some soothing, spiritual music before charging my crystals. 

You know — get your vibe going and release any negativity, worry, or stress from the moment.

You should feel pleasant, relaxed, and inspired. If you can’t achieve that state, it’s best to charge your crystals some other time.


3- Establish A Connection

Once you have your mood set, you want to establish a connection with your higher self and the Universe. 

Start with a few deep breaths. Pay attention to the in and out-breath, and gradually make each inhale and exhale longer and longer until you are fully connected.

Again, you don’t have to have a formal, lengthy meditation session (unless you want to!)

The main goal is to bring yourself outside of distraction from the outside world, get yourself present at the moment, and fully focused on what you are doing right at that time. 


4- Charge Your Crystal With Your Intention

Finally, once you are at peace, take your crystal in your dominant hand. Then, spend at least a minute or two sending the positive energy of your intention through your dominant hand into the crystal. 

It helps to give the intention two qualities — a phrase or mantra, and a form, like a light. 

For example, if you want your crystal to help you focus, you can put the crystal in your dominant hand.

Then chant either aloud or silently (I prefer a whisper), “focus. focus. focus.”

You say this over and over again while envisioning the word “focus” as a bright light traveling through your hand into the crystal. 

In my experience, I always intuitively know when the process is done.

It just feels done. 

But if it’s your first time or you are uncertain about if you’re doing it right, give it a few minutes. 

You can’t really get this wrong. 

The intention IS the magic! 

Just by you taking the time to go through all the steps, relaxing, focusing on the moment, and associating the crystal with your intention, you are already meeting the requirements. 

Again, it’s not supposed to be tricky or challenging. The Universe doesn’t want to trip you up or make you even more worried or stressed out! 

You must trust and believe in the process.

It really is that easy to program crystals with your intentions. 

Once you do it a few times and start to see how it works, you’ll be sold!


The Crystal Heartbeat Charging Method

I’m not sure if others are already hip to this method yet, as I got an intuitive nudge to just try it out one day. But, I wanted to share it with you anyway! 

I call it the “crystal heartbeat charging method.” 

Basically, you do all the same steps outlined above, but you get the crystal attuned to your sacred pulse — your heartbeat. 

It makes me feel more secure and grounded in the idea that my crystal and I are bonded together and that my energy has been successfully transmitted. 

It’s simple. All you do is get really comfy and quiet. You really do need to be alone and at total peace for this. 

You have to get so quiet, still, and calm that you can hear, feel, or otherwise notice the pulse of your heartbeat. 

You take your crystal in your dominant hand, clutch it over your heart, and as your heart pulses, whisper your one-word mantra into the crystal. 

If you want money, you could simply say “money”, “money”, “money” as your heart pulses. 

Do this, again, for however long feels right. You will instinctively and intuitively know when it’s done!


Crystal Healing & Charging FAQ’s

Now that you know how to charge crystals with your intentions, here are some commonly asked questions about the crystal healing and charging process. 


1- How do you go about choosing the perfect crystal?

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I always say “you don’t pick the crystal — the crystal chooses you!” Whatever crystal you are drawn to, is the crystal you should use at the time. If you’re totally new to crystal healing, I suggest starting with this 1-pound variety set of raw crystals. I first started with a set just like this one and liked it a lot because it gave me access to so many different crystals for one low price. You’ll appreciate setting intentions for different pieces and finding the ones you feel most drawn to. It works so much better this way! 


2- What can I do with a charged crystal?

There are so many things you can do with healing crystals once you’ve charged them with your intentions!


Here are a few quick ideas:


3- How often do I need to charge my crystals?

It’s essential to cleanse and refresh your crystals regularly. I suggest starting a habit or monthly ritual (I like the last Sunday of each month) to keep things in tip-top shape.


4- Where should I keep my healing stones?

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There is no one best place to keep your healing crystals, except someplace where others won’t get to them. It’s not a good idea to let others handle your crystals (they are energy-based, after all!) 

I use these velvet storage pouches to store my cleansed and charged crystals. 

But for crystals that I’m not actively using, I keep them in a beautiful vase in my office. 

It doesn’t matter where you keep them, as long as they are out of harm’s way. 


5- What’s the difference between cleaning and charging crystals?

It’s so easy to get cleaning and charging crystals confused. They can be somewhat similar, but not exactly the same. 

Cleaning crystals is the process of removing any old charges that they have had prior to your receiving them. 

Let’s say you just bought new crystals online. You don’t know where they came from, who handled them, how they got banged around in the back of a truck during transit. You’ll want to clear them to remove any stagnant or negative energy before use. 

Once your crystals are cleaned, they have no charge. 

To activate them, you must charge them with your intentions so that they can get to work for you.


Final Thoughts

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to charge your crystals with your intentions, and that you learned something useful! 

Again, if you haven’t already chosen your crystals (or let them choose you!,) I recommend checking out the bulk crystals set I mentioned earlier. 

You’ll have tons of options to experiment with and can start to witness the magic and power of healing crystals of all shapes and sizes.

Good luck, and happy manifesting! 


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How To Charge Healing Crystals & Gemstones with Your Intentions for Manifesting & Law of Attraction


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