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Can You Manifest The Wrong Person? (Yes, And Here’s Why…)

Can you manifest the wrong person? The short answer to whether or not its possible to manifest the wrong person is yes, you can manifest the wrong person. But the whole truth is much more complicated than that.

If you’ve been working on manifesting a specific person and it seems to be working, but you’re manifesting attention from someone completely different instead, then you’re going to want to read this article and save it for later.

We’re going to take a deep dive into whether it’s possible to manifest the wrong person, what manifesting the wrong person means, and what you can do to fix this situation.

And by the end of the post, you’ll feel confident that you can get great results manifesting the perfect person for you.


Can You Manifest The Wrong Person

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1- You’re out of alignment

The most common reason that you’re manifesting the wrong person is that you’re out of alignment.

Either you’ve fallen off-track from your life purpose or soul path, you have one or more energetic blockages preventing you from clearly communicating with the universe, or you’re unaware of your unique personality traits, gifts, and challenges and, thus, are actively working against yourself.

So many people approach the idea of manifesting a specific person as a quick, easy solution to their problems.

But, they don’t consider that there could be one or more spiritual obstacles in their path.

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2- You lack belief

The second reason you’re manifesting the wrong person is that you don’t believe your manifestation will come true.

In other words, even though you’re doing all the powerful manifestation techniques and asking for the person you desire, something deep within you doesn’t truly believe it.

You’re giving lip service to the idea of manifesting a specific person or all of the things you want while still thinking about how unrealistic it is and how hard it will be for you to get it.

This is common when you are trying to manifest someone who is already in a relationship with someone else.

You go through all the steps of doing manifesting exercises to draw that person to you, but you know they have a girlfriend and you think it’s unlikely that they’ll come to you.

You’re probably manifesting the wrong person because you don’t really believe deep down inside that the right person is available to you or will come to you.

The universe is sending you what you think you can have.

For this, you need to work on your mindset and strengthen your belief that you can have what you want.

That could shift things more in your favor, and you can manifest a healthy relationship with the one you desire.


3- You’re too attached to the outcome

The law of attraction can be tricky because while it’s important to focus on your desire, being too focused on the outcome can actually work against you.

It’s so important that you ask for what you want, but also that you “let go” and live your life a little bit.

Obsessing over whether or not your specific person is coming, always checking your phone, hoping every little buzz is them texting you, stalking their social media and other things could delay things.

And it’s common that you attract people who have this energy for you.

You always will attract the same vibrational frequency, whether you believe it or notice it or not.

So, if you’re super attached to the outcome of your manifestation to the point where you’re a little frantic and stressed about it, you’ll manifest someone who matches that energy.

And it’s unlikely the specific person you’re trying to manifest because if your energy matched theirs, you’d already be together!

So, the advice here is to check your energy and your vibration.

Take a chill pill, zen out!

Send your manifestation out into the universe, then fall back a little bit.

Live, relax and enjoy your life as if you already know your happy relationship is coming.

And you’ll start to attract more of the right thing and energy, and less of the wrong person.


4- The answer is “no”

Okay so this is one you probably don’t want to hear, but it’s something worth considering.

Just because you want someone or something doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for you or that it’s a good match.

That cute guy you want to manifest could be horrible for you.

And you’re sitting over there just smitten by him, obsessing over getting his attention, and manifesting someone else instead.

It could just be that the answer is “no”, and the universe’s way of telling you that is by sending you someone else.

In your eyes, this might be the “wrong” person, but in reality, it’s just an answer that you don’t want to accept.

Much of the time people focus on signs their manifestation is coming.

But it’s equally as important to consider the signs your manifestation is NOT coming.

You have to be open to the ebb and flow of working with the universe, and the idea that you won’t get 100% of what you want all of the time.

Not because you don’t deserve it, but because sometimes you don’t know all the details.


5- You need to take a break from manifesting

Another reason you could be manifesting the wrong person is that you’re tired and drained from manifesting.

When you do a lot of work with the law of attraction, it’s natural to craze out because you’re so excited about your manifestations coming true!

Manifesting someone requires immense energy if for no other reason than the fact that you’re essentially saying “This is who I want to be with, please bring this person into my life for the highest and best good of all.”

That’s pretty intense!

And it takes a lot out of you.

You have to really believe that in your heart, live as if you’ve already manifested them, and put the energy out there.

So, when you’re trying to manifest a specific person that requires all that with the added benefit of it being “the one”, your energy levels are going to drop.

And instead of manifesting them, you might manifest the wrong person.

This goes back to being more chill, engaging in positive thinking, and taking a break from the actual process of manifestation.

Someone wrote to me once saying that she was visualizing and meditating and doing writing exercises every single day to make her relationship with her ex more “real”.

But she kept getting text messages and tons of attention from the WRONG ex.

I told her that she needed to go on a mental diet!

To take a break from the active process of manifesting and focus on herself, do things that make her feel good and beautiful and happy in life.

And sure enough, about a week later, the RIGHT ex came around!

Sometimes, less is more.

If you’re manifesting the wrong person and you know you’ve been going full-on with the process of manifestation, take a break.

Regroup and regather yourself.

Remind yourself of how beautiful, intelligent, loving, creative, and positive you are.

Give yourself the energy you’re putting into manifesting that person and you’re more likely to find success.


6- Focusing on lacking the right person

Another problem that can cause you to manifest the wrong person is spending too much time focusing on lack.

Of course, you wouldn’t be manifesting your specific person if you already had them.

So, there’s a void to fill.

That’s totally understandable and unavoidable.

However, if you’re spending too much time down in the dumps over it, thinking about how empty your bed or your life is without them in it.

Feeling incomplete, down on yourself, wondering why you’re not good enough, or anything else like that — you’re going to manifest the wrong person.

Again, you will always manifest the type of energy and vibration you hold.

So, you will manifest the type of person who is desperate for you and feeling like they have to have you when you aren’t interested because that’s the type of energy you have for someone else!

It sounds so crazy and like it can’t be true, but the best way to manifest love from someone else is to give that to yourself first.

100% of the time.


7- You are manifesting the feeling you want

Finally, you could be manifesting the wrong person because you’re actually doing it right, and you are likely to wind up successful in the end with this result.

Much of the time people focus on the specific person they want.

But really you need to focus on the feeling the specific person gives you.

Let’s say there’s a total shallow reason why you want a specific person (I’m not saying this is even all that common, but it’s a good example that you can likely draw from.)

Let’s say there’s a super popular guy who has tons of attention from all these super hot women.

You want him to notice you and pay attention to you because it would be like you’re “winning.”

Sure, this guy is probably attractive, charismatic, and has some other good qualities.

But if one of the main reasons he’s so exciting and desirable to you is that you might feel confident or superior by “winning” him, then you might manifest someone else who gives you that same feeling, even though it’s not the original guy.

You could see this as manifesting the wrong person.

However, if this new person could potentially make you feel like a winner, and they are actually available to you, then the universe has actually fulfilled your desire because you got someone who makes you feel the way you want to feel, and has the desire to hold that position in your life.

Everything with the law of attraction and manifestation works based on feeling.

So, yes, it may be the wrong person physically.

But, you can tell by this type of result that manifesting is, in fact, working for you.

Which is still a good sign overall.


Final thoughts on manifesting the wrong person

There are many reasons why you might manifest the wrong person, and some of those reasons may be legitimate.

But understanding that the law of attraction and manifestation is largely based on feeling will help you to prevent this from happening in the future.

Give yourself a break when you’re manifesting the wrong person, re-center yourself, and consider little shifts you can make to bring you closer to the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re really serious about getting clear, specific manifestations, don’t forget to get your free numerology reading!

Few things are as powerful as numerology when it comes to speeding up your manifestations, as countless people who have benefited from their readings tell me almost every day.

You are reading this sentence right now and that means that you are already on your path.

Take the next step and watch how your life transforms.



Can You Manifest The Wrong Person With The Law of Attraction?