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How To Burn Bay Leaves To Manifest Weight Loss (Dream Body Goals)

Burning bay leaves is a quick and easy law of attraction manifestation ritual that can help you lose weight, slim down, and reach your dream body goals. In this post, you’ll learn how to jumpstart your weight loss process in five minutes or less, using a bay leaf.


How To Burn Bay Leaves To Manifest Weight Loss
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Before You Try The Bay Leaf Spell

me in my wedding dress after manifesting weight loss

Before you get started with the bay leaf weight loss ritual, there’s something you need to know…

It is critical to ensure that there is nothing in your “energetic profile” that is contradictory to the ritual — otherwise, you probably won’t be able to manifest your dream body — and the ritual could even backfire!

You see, most people dive headfirst into the bay leaf spell, completely unaware of what they are doing.

It’s like trying to drive a car with no brakes, no airbags, and no idea where you’re going.

It’s absurd!

If you’re serious about working with the universe to attract what you desire, you should first understand what you’re doing.

Then you can perform rituals and spells like this one with complete confidence that they will work!

Downloading a free copy of your numerology report is the best way to discover your natural gifts and limitations.

Knowing these will help you decide what direction to lean in, and what things you need to avoid when it comes to taking action on your manifestations.

Which means that you’ll get to escape the pain of wasting time and energy trying weight loss tactics that are all wrong for you and would keep you weighing more than you’d like.

It only takes two minutes, and you’ll have all the information you need to proceed with the bay leaf spell with complete confidence that it will work perfectly as intended.


How To Manifest Weight Loss With A Bay Leaf

First, you get a large bay leaf.

Then, you write a short, positive intention on the leaf with a permanent marker.

Take the leaf outside, close your eyes and visualize your dream body manifestation coming to pass.

Then, light the bay leaf on fire and allow the ashes to blow into the wind, thereby setting the intention.

I’ll go over each step in greater detail below.


1- Get a large bay leaf

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First, you need to get a large bay leaf.

Depending on your grocery store, you may have these at your local market.

Some bay leaves are too small and dry to use for this ritual, so I recommend ordering the right kind online so you’ll be sure to have the right one.


2- Write a weight loss affirmation

Next, you’ll want to write a short message, affirmation, or statement you’d like to see come to pass.

Of course, you want the message to be short enough to fit on one side of the bay leaf.

But you also need to make it a positive statement, written in present-tense, affirming that you have already reached your goal.

So, you don’t want to say “I’m no longer fat.”

Instead, you’ll want to say “I am slim, fit, and healthy at my goal weight.”

You want to add a statement including “health”, however.

Because a warning about manifesting weight loss is that you don’t always have control of how you lose the weight.

You could manifest losing ten pounds, right?

But a way of manifesting ten pounds could be by losing an arm!

Definitely not what you expect or desire.

So I always like to add a message of health and wellness in my positive body affirmations just to make sure things go according to my desires.

I suggest you do the same.


3- Visualize your dream body manifestation

The third step of the bay leaf manifestation ritual is to simply close your eyes and imagine your dream body as if it’s already come to pass.

This is a critical step of any manifestation process, because we can’t attract what we don’t know how to visualize in our minds.

If you struggle with visualization, don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be perfect!

If you can’t visualize, just imagine that what you desire is happening.

It may be helpful to imagine a specific setting that feels good to you.

Maybe you want to manifest your new body by your birthday party in a few months.

You’re surrounded by a group of friends who are singing happy birthday, and you’re wearing a beautiful new dress.

What does the dress look like?

How does it fit your body?

How do you feel physically and emotionally?

Are people complimenting how you look?

Are you more confident and vibrant?

You don’t have to spend tons of time on this unless you want to.

A few minutes getting into the feeling of this new body is plenty.


4- Burn the bay leaf

The next step is to light the bay leaf on fire.

I recommend going outside for this.

But if it’s too windy, you can do this inside.

Just make sure you collect the ashes because you want to let the ashes blow into the wind.

This is symbolic of releasing your intention into the universe, and it’s an important next step!


5- Pay attention to signs

Finally, you’ll want to remain conscious of any sign that your dream body manifestation is coming to pass.

Don’t ignore the signs, but don’t focus on them excessively, either.

Above all, do what you can to move closer towards realizing your dream body goal.

And pay attention to any nudges or intuitive hits you get.

For example, if a friend invites you to go for a hike on a Sunday morning instead of out for drinks on a Friday night — that’s one way you could be naturally pulled toward changes that help you manifest your dream body.

Another example is if you stumble upon a new weight loss or diet program that seems promising — maybe it’s a sign that you try it this time and devote serious time and energy to making it work.

Anything new that you try once you perform the bay leaf spell will have an extra boost.

So even if you’ve tried something and failed in the past — use the bay leaf spell as a kickstart to get up off the couch and try again!

And try to have fun with the whole process because now is your time and you’re ready to manifest the body of your dreams!


Final Thoughts

Burning bay leaves is a quick and easy law of attraction manifestation ritual that can help you lose weight, slim down, and reach your dream body goals.

Hopefully, you feel inspired to take action and try this super-easy, incredibly fun ritual and it helps you get where you want to go.

Don’t forget to get a free copy of your numerology report if you’re serious about using the law of attraction to help you reach your goal!

It can take some of the confusion out of the process, give you increased faith that this will work for you, and seriously boost your likelihood of success.

That way you’ll know you’re not wasting your time.

Good luck and happy dream body manifesting!


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