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How To Start An Angel Number Manifestation Journal (+ Free Template)

If you haven’t yet started an angel number manifestation journal, and you’re serious about working with the universe to manifest your dream life, you’re totally missing out!

Angel numbers are some of the most common sacred signs and symbols from the universe, your angels, and the celestial realm overall.

They are secret messages hidden in repeating number sequences that will guide you along your path in life.

Most commonly, they appear when there is important information that you need to know for personal growth or to solve a problem in your life.

But did you know that angel numbers also serve as communication regarding your manifestations?

Yep… it’s true!


How To Start An Angel Number Journal

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Most people see angel numbers appear, hop online to see what the numbers mean, then go on about their day.

Usually, by the end of the day, they’ve forgotten the angel number or the message behind it.

And that’s missing out on most of the beauty of communicating with the divine!

There’s a much better way to use this sacred communication for your benefit, and that’s the topic of this blog post today.

Today, I’m going to show you how to get the most out of angel number messages by creating an angel number manifestation journal.

And, I’m offering you a FREE angel number journaling template to help you get started on the right path.


Why Start An Angel Number Manifestation Journal?

The purpose of creating an angel number manifestation journal is to have a single place where you can keep all your angel numbers in one place along with the date that they appeared when you interpreted the message.

Most people completely skip this and randomly peek at different meanings without establishing a process or pattern.

If you take it seriously, you’ll see that over time your communication gets clearer and clearer.

It becomes sort of like a guided path for you to follow.

This is how the law of attraction will start to work better for you.

And not just that — when you look up meanings online, you’ll get very general meanings and interpretations.

When you keep track of your angel numbers and see how things play out in your life, things will get so much more specific.

You’ll move beyond generic meanings and establish a real connection with the divine.

And once you do that, your intuition grows, your manifestations come through faster because you’re living a spirit-led life, and you’ll eventually stop needing to look up meanings because you’ll know what the universe is trying to tell you!

Only those who keep a written record know the story behind their numbers.  

It’s really, really cool to get to that point.

And I hope you follow the process to make it there.


How To Start An Angel Number Manifestation Journal

Starting an angel number journal is super simple, really!

You don’t really need any special materials.

In fact, if you’ve already started a regular manifestation journal (which I recommend to anyone who is serious about manifesting,) you can add angel number tracking to that journal.

Any notebook is fine (though I recommend a pretty one that makes you feel good.)


And all you’d need to include is a few key sections. Here are a few examples:

  • The dates you were receiving the angel number messages (it’s fine to guesstimate)
  • The angel number you see
  • What is the main focus of your life right now? (manifesting something specific, have a problem to solve?)
  • The different locations of the angel number appearances (on license plates, seeing it on the clock, grocery receipts)
  • How frequently the angel number is appearing


Good luck making your angel number manifestation journal. I hope it helps you get the results you crave and deserve!


With love, light, and most of all — magic,



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How To Start An Angel Number Manifestation Journal (How To Manifest With Angel Numbers)