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65+ Positive Affirmations To Manifest A Specific Person

Did you know that you can use positive affirmations to manifest a specific person?

Yup, it’s true!

Positive affirmations are one of the best law of attraction and manifestation techniques that you can use to create a loving relationship with someone specific – even if there are challenges in the way!

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways you can use powerful affirmations to manifest a joyous relationship with someone specific, and you’ll get an amazing list of over 65 positive affirmations to help you get started.


Let’s go!



How to make positive love affirmations work faster

positive affirmations specific person

If you want to get positive affirmations to “gel” and actually work, here’s a secret tip for you…

You must change your subconscious beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and assumptions!

You see, the best-kept secret of the law of attraction that people frequently miss is that it’s all about your INNER world… everything on the outside stems from that!

Far too many tire themselves out repeating affirmations in the mirror or writing them down 55 times in a row for days on end, only to wind up frustrated, sad, and lonely anyway.

But why?

It’s because they’re doing all the EXTERNAL actions but failing to manage their INNER expectations, beliefs, and thoughts.

It happens so often, and that’s unfortunate because it’s so much easier to get it right than it is to get it wrong actually… 

If you know what to do, that is!

Lucky for you, you can know what to do straight away because there’s a quick & easy solution that can prevent you from getting stuck the way other people do…

If you’re serious about manifesting a beautiful relationship with your SP, then all you’ve got to do is follow the proven path laid out for you in the Specific Person Subliminal Audio Course!

In just ten minutes a day, you’ll train your subconscious mind to LIVE in the PRESENT REALITY that your specific person is ALREADY here.

You will BELIEVE and KNOW that they are already addicted to you, calling and texting you constantly, and deeply connected to you on a soul-level…

That they are just waiting with bated breath for the next time they can be with you!

(And of course you probably already know by now that this is the only way to actually manifest them into your 3D reality, do you not?)


This audio program will help you manifest your SP shockingly fast. But not only that, it will help you to:

  • Manifest them to ask you on a date
  • Make them obsess over you all the time
  • Become extremely attractive to them to the point where they can’t leave you alone

And SO much more… 


Of course, by now you can see how easy it can be to manifest your SP to do whatever you want!

And now, you can finally wave goodbye to all the doubts, frustrations, and worries that you had in the past.

You can finally begin your new life with all of the admiration and adoration you so deeply crave from your special someone will manifest.

And then you can join countless others who have found successful love manifestation after automatically reprogramming their subconscious mind too!

It’s a no-brainer, is it not?

Get your specific Person Subliminal Audio Course now.

You’ll be so happy you did!


Can positive affirmations help manifest love?

how to manifest someone to fall in love with you

Yes, in fact, they can!

Positive affirmations are very powerful when it comes to manifesting potential partners.

The more that you use them the better results that you will get.

You must be patient though because manifestation takes time and you need to have faith in yourself to see your desires come true.

That’s why it’s so important to train your subconscious mind to work with you instead of against you!

It will get you on track to attracting your special someone happens much faster.  


How do you write a soulmate affirmation?

bay leaf specific person manifestation

Writing soulmate affirmations is so easy!

You simply write out everything that you want to come true for your soulmate.

It can be any kind of affirmation but you must keep a positive outlook.

And, it must be written with the most passionate emotions possible so that they are able to manifest!

Writing affirmations is easy but making them powerful is difficult.  

That’s why I’ve included this list of positive affirmations to help you get started!

Simply pick one or more that resonate with you and your ultimate desire, and use them every day!


Can you attract someone by thinking about them?

specific person subliminals

Yes, you can!

That’s what many people do to attract their ideal relationship with a loving person. 

They think about that special person all the time and how wonderful they are, and focus on the positive emotion that comes when this specific person will manifest.

Future-oriented affirmations are so helpful with this because they help you to narrow your focus on one intention and this helps it manifest so much faster.


How long does it take to manifest a specific person?

manifest specific person

Manifesting a person takes time, but it can happen fast if you are very dedicated to achieving your goal.

It all depends on how much you focus on the specific person and what you expect to get from them after they have manifested into your life.  

Depending on how you think of them and really how your subconscious perceives the interaction, you may either be helping or harming your manifestation.

If you do the work to train your subconscious mind to live in the reality that supports your intention, you can manifest your specific person in a few weeks.

But if you’re thinking of them in a negative, obsessed way that suggests you don’t have them in your life already, you’ll struggle and it could take months, years, or you could never get there at all!

That’s why it’s so important to train your subsconscious mind straight away.

It’s the best way to get results!

(You can see improvement in as few as 27 days here.)

Now, here are the positive affirmations to manifest a specific person.


7 positive affirmations to manifest someone to notice you

manifest a text message affirmations

  1. I am so excited that my crush is paying attention to me.
  2. I feel so adored because they are always noticing me.   
  3. They only have eyes for me because I am so attractive.   
  4. I notice my crush noticing me right now.   
  5. My crush loves to pay attention to me in every way.   
  6. My crush wants to be around me more than anyone else in the world.  
  7. My specific person is always looking at me and thinking about me.


15 positive affirmations to manifest a specific person to fall in love with you now

reverse scripting get your ex back

  1. I am the person that my crush falls deeply in love with now.   
  2. My crush couldn’t resist falling in love with me because I am so irresistible.   
  3. My specific person is totally head over heels in love with me.   
  4. My crush looks deeply into my eyes and sees the love that I feel for them.   
  5. I inspire an immediate interest in my specific person because of how amazing I am.   
  6. My soulmate instantly feels a connection to me right now.   
  7. They are totally taken by me and think about me all the time.   
  8. My soulmate can’t resist me because I am so attractive to them.   
  9. They are completely captivated by me now.   
  10. I’m the most amazing person that my specific person has ever experienced in their life.   
  11. They love how special I make them feel right now.   
  12. My crush only has eyes for me because I am so amazing.   
  13. Every time my crush looks at me they feel deep, passionate love for me.   
  14. My crush only has eyes for me and wants to be with me more than anything in the world right now.   
  15. I make a lasting impression on my specific person because I’m so amazing.


12 positive affirmations to make a specific person obsessed with you

why do i still feel connected to my ex

  1. My specific person is literally obsessed with me.
  2. They are always craving my presence.
  3. They can’t get enough of me, every minute, every second, every hour.   
  4. Every time they leave me, my specific person thinks about me and misses me as soon as I’m gone.   
  5. My crush feels such a strong desire to be with me all the time right now.     
  6. They only want to spend their time with me and imagine doing things together.  
  7. There’s nothing that would make them happier than spending every moment with me.   
  8. They want to spend all of their time with me, doing everything together.   
  9. I’m the only person that my specific person thinks about and wants to be around right now.   
  10. My specific person can’t stop thinking about me because I am so amazing.   
  11. Every moment apart feels like torture for my specific person and they can’t bear it.   
  12. It’s agony for them to be away from me and they only want to be closer in every way.


10 positive affirmations to manifest a specific person totally committed to you

manifest specific person beg for you

  1. My crush feels an intense desire to put themselves in a position of commitment.
  2. My crush can’t help but feel an urgency to give me everything I need.   
  3. It makes my specific person so happy to think about being committed to me forever.  
  4. They are completely devoted to making our relationship work right now.   
  5. The love that my specific person feels for me is only growing stronger every day.      
  6. My crush feels an intense desire to commit to me right now.   
  7. They only want to be committed to me and imagine a future with my voice in their ear.  
  8. It’s all that they ever really want out of life is a committed relationship with me.   
  9. I am completely satisfied knowing that my specific person wants commitment.
  10. I love how easy it is to enjoy this committed relationship with my specific person.


10 positive affirmations to manifest a specific person to come back

can you manifest the wrong person law of attraction

  1. I am so excited to be with my specific person again.   
  2. My specific person missed me as much as I missed them, and we are both so happy to be back together.
  3. We are meant to be together forever and it was destiny that we made our way back to each other.
  4. Our time apart was an amazing experience and it only made us stronger as a couple because of everything that we learned on our own.   
  5. I am so excited to be with my specific person again, and know that it’s always meant to be just the two of us together forever.    
  6. I know that my specific person is happy to be with me again and they did everything they could to make it happen.
  7. I know that my specific person feels a divine pull towards me and they are relieved now that we’re back together.
  8. Our love is eternal and strong and we are so happy back together.
  9. I am so happy to have my specific person back in my life and it feels like destiny that we’ve been brought together again.
  10. Nothing makes me happier than being with my specific person again.


11 positive affirmations to make a specific person want to give you everything you need

manifest ex back overnight 24 hours

  1. My crush naturally feels an intense amount of love and affection for me.   
  2. They feel such an intense desire to please me right now and do anything to make it happen.   
  3. Every little thing that I say or do makes my specific person happy and they want to do more for me.   
  4. They are so grateful for what I have to offer and they feel the need to reciprocate.   
  5. My specific person is naturally giving towards me without even knowing it.   
  6. I inspire my specific person to be open with me and share everything about themselves with me.   
  7. It’s easy for my specific person to open up and have an honest conversation with me.   
  8. My crush only wants the best for me because I deserve it, and they think that everything that I want is a good idea.   
  9. I know that my specific person wants to give me everything that I want and they can’t help it.
  10. My specific person can’t stop giving towards me and it feels good to receive from them.
  11. I am so happy that my crush only wants to give me what’s best for me and it makes me love them even more.


Final thoughts

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Changing your subconscious mind is critical to finding success with manifesting your specific person into your life.

And positive affirmations can help you get there!

But beware that you just need to rewire your brain to realize that this person wants nothing more than to be with you and it’s what will eventually bring them back into your life.   

If you keep reinforcing this idea and trust that it will happen, it WILL happen.

You just need to change your beliefs and thoughts about how you feel about yourself and then everything else will follow.   

I hope that these positive affirmations were useful to you and you’ll apply them in a way that brings you closer to your goal.

Oh and by the way, if you’re looking for the easy, no-hassle, stress-free to put these positive affirmations to work for you, don’t forget to grab your copy of the Specific Person Subliminal Audio Course!

It’s the smart way to manifest.

– Alex


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65+ Positive Affirmations To Manifest A Specific Person To Fall In Love With You