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55×5 Manifesting Method Shocking Questions Revealed! (Video)

Since writing and talking about the 55×5 manifesting technique, I’ve received so many questions about how to use it most effectively.

I sent out an e-mail answering a few of those questions, but, naturally, even more queries have come in since then.

It seems like the 55×5 law of attraction technique is extremely popular, but also way more complicated than it should be!

I thought it would make the most sense to put the most common 55×5 questions I’ve received into a blog post and keep updating it as more questions come in as time goes by!

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What Is The 55*5 Manifesting Method?

If you don’t already know, the 55×5 manifesting technique is one of the most popular law of attraction methods around.

People have reportedly used it to manifest tons of money, the love of their life, new homes, new cars, free vacations, and more!

Click through to read the detailed post about how the 55×5 manifesting trick works if you need more info.

But in a nutshell, you approach it in five easy steps:

  • Decide what you want to manifest
  • Create a short, positive affirmation that represents your already having it
  • Write it 55 times in a row on a piece of paper for 5 days straight
  • Be on the lookout for signs and signals from the Universe that it’s on its way to you
  • Express gratitude once you receive it

Sounds easy enough, right?

I thought so too!

But like I said before, I’ve received tons of questions about how best to make the 55*5 technique work, so here is the ultimate 55×5 method FAQ!


1- Can I Use Different Affirmations Through The Five Days?

First, someone asked if it’s okay to write different affirmations each day during 55×5.

The answer is “no.”

You see, you need to be very specific and make sure you are only doing one intention at a time.

Otherwise, your intention and focus won’t be strong enough or clear enough for the Universe to do its job.

I know that the 55×5 method can be tedious and boring. So I have a little tip for you that helps me out!

What you should do is visualize while you write, but in your head, think of something a little extra each time.

For example, write “I’m so happy about my new job”… then think, “and now I have tons of extra money in the bank.”

Then write “I’m so happy about my new job”… while thinking, “and I love being able to contribute to society”… and so on and so on!

Maybe you don’t have a new one every line, but what you want to do is get into the feeling of how it’ll be once you have it.

It makes it so much more fun, and your intention can build so much stronger this way.


2- What Should I Do With My 55*5 Paper Afterward?

A few people have also asked what to do with the sheets you write your 55×5 affirmations on once you finish, and this is an excellent question.

It doesn’t really matter! I say, do what feels right for you!

Some of them I’ll throw away or even burn them to release the intention into the Universe if that feels right.

Others I’ll file away in my law of attraction binder.

It can be incredibly fun to file them away for later because, honestly?

The best thing you can do not just with 55*5 but all the law of attraction exercises is to finish them then totally forget.

I mean entirely forget that you even did the exercise.

Assume your request has been granted, go on about your life and move on!

Then when you stumble upon an exercise you did 6 months later and realize that it came true when you weren’t even thinking about it, it’s so exciting!

It makes you want to do more and more because you realize how powerful you are, and how it works best when you don’t work it so hard.


3- Go Longer Than Five Days Or Restart 55×5?

Third, somebody wanted to know if you get close to your intention but not all the way there, can you go longer than five days or start over.

I say going longer than five days is okay with 55×5. And you can start over if you’d like. But you don’t want to be in a constant state of endlessly doing 55×5 waiting for something to materialize.

It doesn’t really work that way.

You need to assume the Universe has received your request.

Think about it – you don’t go to a restaurant, put in an order, then keep ordering the same thing.

You wait!

But, you should also trust your intuition.

If you feel like you were tapped into the right energy and things were coming your way while you were doing 55×5, but there was a noticeable drop in movement as soon as you quit?

By all means, give it another try.

But don’t do it back to back for the same intention more than twice.

That’s overdoing it, and won’t do you any favors.


4- Use 55×5 To Remove Something From Your Life

Someone also asked if the 55×5 method might be useful in removing something from your life.

I’ve thought about this over and over, and I wouldn’t advise it.

By default, the affirmation you create must be positive. And you will only receive more of what you put out into the Universe.

You can’t really make an affirmation that talks about the lack of a person or something in your life.

If you can find a way to make a positive affirmation that focuses on what you gain once that thing is no longer present, it might work.

But I recommend trying a different exercise for this – like scripting!

The 55*5 method works kind of like a snapshot of one thing because it’s such a short, tightly focused affirmation.

With scripting, you’re writing a letter to the Universe, and you have more creative room to picture your life. Picture how you’d feel and what your experience in the world will be once you have what you want.

So the short answer here is “no – try scripting instead.”

Also, I must say right now that if you are in any danger or need to remove something or someone urgently, please do not rely on metaphysical techniques.

Call the authorities or seek professional help.

The law of attraction and manifesting is an addition to real-world handling of your affairs, not a replacement.


5- Can I Write A New Intention In The Same Book?

Next, some people wanted to know if they can use one notebook to write a new intention.

The answer is “yes”!

I highly recommend keeping your law of attraction manifesting exercises organized and putting things all in one place so that you can retrieve them later.

Your intentions won’t get muddled by remaining in the same binder.


6- How Long To Wait Before Starting A New 55×5

Finally (for now), once you finish one 55*5 manifesting exercise, how long should you wait before doing it again?

I say you want to give it at least a couple of weeks.

The whole thing is that you can’t just sit around doing manifesting exercises back to back all day long.

You need to get out there and pay attention, be patient, live your life, and leave room to allow things to come to you.

Manifesting always takes time.

But tell me this – if you’re doing one 55×5 exercise to manifest a new job, another 55X5 sheet to manifest a new car, another 55*5 for a boyfriend, another for a new vacation or more self-confidence or $500… how can you notice what the Universe is bringing to you?

So much of tuning in to the right frequency is awareness.

Spending all that time doing 55×5 back to back is going to prevent you from being present, enjoying your life, and expressing gratitude for what you have and the little things that are coming.

It’s not healthy or good to be in the space of always asking, asking, asking.

So, maybe just one 55×5 exercise a month is a safe bet. Or at least every 3 weeks.


Will You Try The 55×5 Manifestation Method?

That’s all for the super-epic 55×5 manifesting method FAQ for now. But, I expect this document to grow!

I hope this can be an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in the method or needs help getting it to work better.

But remember it’s not the end-all-be-all of manifesting, okay?

It’s only ONE tool of many.

I encourage you to try everything because there might be something out there that works so much better for you!

I’d hate to see you limit yourself to one method because it’s popular.

Step outside the box, step outside your comfort zone, but know above all that the real magic is within.

I hope that helps, and I wish you nothing but love, light, and, most of all, – magic.



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