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How To Do The 22×2 Manifestation Technique (5 Easy Steps)

Did you know that you can begin manifesting pleasant little things into your life in as few as two days?

Yup… it’s true!

The 22×2 manifestation technique is a quick & easy manifesting ritual that you can try when you don’t have a lot of time and you need super-fast results with very little effort.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’m going to explain how the 22×2 technique works, who it’s good for, when it’s best to try it, what you should manifest with it, and I’ll also share an example of how to use it on your manifestation journey!


Let’s go!

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Before you try the 22×2 Method…

22x2 manifestation technique

If you’re like most people, you find a new, exciting manifesting technique like the 22×2 method, and dive right in.

After all, the idea that you can manifest something in as few as two days is pretty exciting, right?

Well, the truth is that you might have success if you jump in straight away, but you’re more likely to have even better results if you do a teeny bit of prep work first.

Simply put, if you really want to make the most out of the 22×2 method and avoid wasting your time, you need to make sure you don’t have any energetic blockages standing in between you and your desire.

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What is the 22×2 manifesting technique?

2222 angel number meaning manifestation law of attraction

The 22×2 manifesting method is perhaps one of the quickest, easiest manifesting techniques if you need to manifest something quick and in a hurry, and you don’t have tons of time or resources to invest in a lengthy process.

In a nutshell, you’ll get a clear image of what you want or need, create a positive affirmation that represents that desire, and write it 22 times in a row for 2 consecutive days.

Then, you wait for it to arrive!

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is.

And yes, it really does work.

But there are a few things you should know to determine if it will work for you and your specific desire.

We’ll explore more in the following sections, then I’ll give you an example of how to do the 222 method.


Who is the 22×2 method for?

222 angel number meanings

Anyone who wants to work with the universe to bring an intention is a good candidate to work with the 222 manifesting technique.

But, you must make sure you have the right mindset for it to work.

If you are feeling desperate, have frantic energy or don’t believe it’ll really work for you, then you probably need to do some mindset work first.

You don’t have to be in a super-positive mood or have insanely high vibrations for this to work, but you do have to have a reasonable level of calmness and the ability to detach from the outcome.

A good example of someone the 222 method would benefit is someone who wants to manifest communication from a specific person within a few days.

Whether or not the person contacts them won’t make or break their life, right?

It would be nice to get this call or text, but it isn’t that big of a deal.

On the other hand, a bad candidate would be someone who is on the brink of eviction and they have three days to pay rent or get out.

The desire or need is very strong, and there’s probably a bit of desperation behind this request.

There may also be a bit of doubt as to whether or not this will work.

Hopefully this illustrates the difference and now you can tell if you should give this a try or not.


When is the best time to try the 22×2 technique?

40 Positive Affirmations for Peace & Serenity (In Difficult Times)

One of the great things about this technique is that you can use it pretty much whenever you need a quick win.

But, when it comes to timing, some times are better than others for working with it.

When you’re feeling calm and centered, like when you wake up before the hustle and bustle of the day begins is an excellent time.

Just before bed as you wind down for the night is good as well.

If you’re out and about and your attention is being pulled in many different directions all day long, you probably should wait until you have a bit more space and calmness to try it.

But if that’s the only time you have, it’s best to use whatever time you have than to not do it at all.

You could also use lunar energy and manifest with the moon for this one.

Generally speaking, the new moon is great for setting intentions to draw things to you.

So, if a new moon is coming soon and you can wait for it, you might want to wait for it and it’ll give your intention a little boost.


What should you manifest with the 22×2 method?

There are technically no limits to what you can manifest with the 22×2 technique.

You could manifest something big just as easily as you can manifest smaller things.

The limitations that exist are those that come from your mind.

Someone who already has systems in place to generate income may have an easier time manifesting larger sums of money in just a few days, simply because they believe it’s possible and can see a direct avenue for the money to show up.

Whereas someone who has no channels for manifesting money probably doesn’t believe it’s possible.

And, as such, that limiting belief will prevent the second person from success.

That’s why, if you can, it’s a great idea to start with something small — something that you will experience very little resistance to.

Just freeing up that emotional energy will make your desire come faster.


An example of the 22×2 method

manifestation list

Here’s a quick step-by-step example of how to use the 22×2 method.

For this example, we’ll manifest a text or phone call from a specific person.


Step 1: Determine what you want

how to manifest someone to text you positive affirmations

In this case, let’s say you want a specific person, J, to contact you.

That’s clear intention — it’s specific, it’s just one small thing, and there’s room for the contact to come through any means. Call, text, social media, e-mail, drop by your house, whatever… perfect!


Step 2: Create a positive affirmation

positive affirmations

All you need is a short, positive affirmation that you can easily write 22 times.

You want to write it in present tense as if it’s already happened.

So let’s go with this:

“I’m so excited that J has contacted me!”


Step 3: Ground into the moment

meditate, meditation, visualization, meditating, visualize

You don’t have to do a full-out meditation session or anything, but it’s a good idea to ground into the present moment for a little while.

It’ll help you stay calm and centered in the positive energy of your intention long enough to manifest it.

You can just take a few deep breaths and focus your attention on what you’re doing in the moment.

No mind wandering!


Step 4: Write out your affirmation 22 times

how to use loa scripting

Take a pen and paper and write your positive affirmation 22 times in a row.

While you do this, make sure you try to connect with the feeling you’ll have when J contacts you.

Will you have butterflies? Does your heart skip a beat? Do you feel excited?

Whatever it is, embody that feeling as you write 22 times.


Step 5: Do it again the next day

17 seconds manifesting

Finally, set aside time to do this again the following day.

It’s very important that you do it the very next day or you’ll break the energetic chain.


And that’s it for the 22×2 technique!

law of attraction scripting method goals

That’s really all there is to the 22×2 manifesting method.

It’s super simple and quick if you don’t have the time to invest in longer, more in-depth techniques.

Just make sure you have the right mindset, that you’ve selected a goal that isn’t too far out of reach or too important, and you should be good to go!

Good luck and I hope you have fun and get a quick win with it!

Oh, and by the way…

Make sure you get your free numerology reading because it’ll set you up for success straight out of the gate.

You definitely don’t want to be wasting your time (and a bunch of ink and paper) otherwise!


Happy manifesting-




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